Bristorm and HS Security

Bristorm Fence

Designed to meet the specific threat of penetrative/ram attack by VBIED’s (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device), the Bristorm fence can withstand vehicle ramming attacks at 90° to the fence line, absorbing energy of the impact before repelling the vehicle and maintaining vital stand off distance. The simple open design allows uninterrupted line of sight beyond the Bristorm perimeter, enabling other security measures to monitor threats without compromising the high level of protection Bristorm provides. The tensioned ropes require little or no maintenance over the lifetime of the product. Annual visual inspection and a tension check every 5 years are all that is recommended.

Interceptor Gate, Vehicle Access Control

The Bristorm Interceptor Gate is an ideal vehicle access control product to complement the Bristorm Fence. When open the gate moves behind the fence line, making efficient use of space and not hindering vehicle movement. With opening and closing speeds set from 0.2m/s to 1.5m/s, fast movement is essential in closing the gate and securing the perimeter after a vehicle has passed through. The gate can act as both anti-personnel and anti-vehicle barriers. Shallow foundation requirement, some installations can be surface mounted.


Manufactured from steel tubes the Bristorm static bollard is a very simple and economical method of providing protection from vehicle attack. Individual bollards, small groups or entire rows provide one of the most flexible means of protecting a perimeter from vehicle attack whilst still providing the ability to allow pedestrians through. Crash rated bollards are installed onto specially designed reinforced foundations. Each bollard being individually capable of withstanding the impact of a 7500kg truck travelling at 50mph. Smaller section bollards are also available and are capable of withstanding lesser impacts. These smaller options allow for amore cost effective installation, ensuring that the greatest threats are met with the strongest defence and economies can be made without compromising security.


Tested at TRL to BSI PAS 68, the Bristorm range has proven itself to be capable of stopping fast moving heavy vehicles in numerous tests.

Perimeter Security

Combinations of Bristorm fence can be used to provide a tailored level of protection to any site. The results of a site threat assessment can be used to determine the high-risk areas and the fence level increased locally as a counter measure, protecting the site at the minimum cost. A pair of Interceptor gates can be combined to provide an interlock entry system. When employed in conjunction with the Bristorm anti-vehicle fence and high security anti-personnel fence, an economical sterile interlock system is created with the minimum of products.


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