Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground is a leading testing facility for the automotive and defence sectors. The high-security site offers 670 acres of specialist facilities including comprehensive asphalt and off-road tracks, a climatic chamber and EMC test facilities.


Automotive and Defence Vehicle Testing Grounds

The site is ideal for accommodating various battlefield missions as well as general military vehicle test and development activity, and lends itself to other activities including secure vehicle storage and driver training.

The ex-World War II airfield and US air force base is currently the largest privately owned vehicle test track facility in the UK, centrally located and close to the M1/M6 motorways in Leicestershire. The company prides itself on its responsiveness and flexibility towards providing customer solutions.
Site security is high, with the features including 24/7 manned security, 2m high perimeter fencing, ditches and thermal imaging cameras around perimeter, extensive close circuit tv coverage across site, nightly guard dog patrols, extensive tree planting around perimeter to reduce visual security risk and double security barrier and ‘stinger’ upon exit.

As an operational airfield, the site also offers the opportunity for clients to fly into the site or even have vehicles delivered by air. Both aircraft and helicopters can be accommodated.

Test Tracks for Military Vehicles

Bruntingthorpe has a number of test track facilities, making it an ideal location for vehicle trials. At the heart of the 670 acre site is an impressive 6.5km circuit, including a 60m wide, 3.2km long straight – one of the longest in the country – which offers many flexible testing options. This is supplemented by a variety of other track facilities including demanding off-road facilities, a steering pad, and a variety of small dynamic platforms. The latest track facility to be constructed offers durability testing for large platforms and construction vehicles.


Typical applications include braking system development, vehicle handling, suspension development, lane-change maneouvres, vehicle shake down, customer acceptance tests, engine mapping, on-vehicle system development, mobility trials, driver training and durability assessments.

Both wheeled and tracked vehicles can be accommodated on most of the tracks.

Off-road Vehicle Testing Facilities

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground has two off-road facilities for small to medium platforms. One facility includes a cross country track and represents a very flexible circuit with many routes of different complexities.

Features include hills, deep and shallow water, swamps and adverse cambers and are ideal for applications including suspension system development, anti-stall tests, vehicle handling and water ingress assessment as well as driver training.

The second facility is located in a segregated 11 acre part of the site. Features include a 2 acre open trials area suitable for digging and general maneouvres, a sand road, a stone moving area, high lift facilities and large vehicle workshops.

Driver Training Service

Bruntingthorpe offers a comprehensive driver training service that covers many different types of driver training requirements. Bespoke training courses are also available covering a range of courses from evasive driving techniques through to heavy vehicles driving.


There is a fleet of different vehicles available to support the training programmes allowing exposure to various types of vehicles including skid control cars and a tanker with out-riggers.

Environmental Vehicle Testing


There is a large climatic chamber capable of accommodating vehicles up to approx 40t.

This is capable of temperatures ranging from ambient to 85°C and is ideal for elements of Defence Standard 0035.

Electrical Engineering and EMC Testing

Electrical engineering and EMC test and development activity can be accommodated via our on-site partner company, Cre8 Associates.

Capabilities include specialist electrical installations, EMC filter design and manufacture, antenna and RF communications fit, electrical harness design and ECM system evaluation.

Facilities include an EMC test laboratory (6.3m x 3.5m x 3m) and an open area test site.

Unmanned Vehicle Testing

The extensive land test tracks and land envelope on the site lend themselves ideally to all types of unmanned vehicles trials including both unmanned ground vehicles (UGV’s) and unmanned air vehicles (UAV’S).


Bespoke features can often be made to accommodate specific trials requirements.

Night-vision Equipment Evaluation

The site is set in rural location with very little light pollution. With a 3.2km field of view on a secure site, the facilities are excellent for night-vision equipment evaluation.

Secure Vehicle Storage

There are 100 acres of secure allocated vehicle storage, capable of accommodating over 20,000 vehicles. The fully managed, computer controlled compound is backed up with one of the most modern vehicle refurbishment centers in the UK. 


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