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Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1935 and is today the world’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment. The company employs 8,700 people and has more than 80 subsidiaries all over the world. The head office is located in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart.

With the aim to further optimise the company structure and its efficiency for the benefit of its customers all over the world, the former SGC Division (Sales Government Customers) has become as Kärcher Futuretech GmbH an independent company. Besides cleaning equipment Kärcher’s subsidiary Futuretech develops, manufactures, and markets products for the special needs of public customers, such as the armed forces, fire brigades, civil defence, disaster control and relief organisations.

Futuretech strives to be the world’s top performer in the area of peacekeeping and disaster relief with highly mobile, customised and compact system solutions. Innovative state-of-the-art systems and a full product range make Futuretech the world market leader in “Professional Systems for Peacekeepers”.

Together with our highly satisfied and inspiring customers, Futuretech develops and produces systems that help to solve the challenges of the future. The innovative Futuretech systems are developed together with the ministries of defence of the leading nations and their experts for world-wide missions: for the maintenance of peace and quick aid for the needy after a catastrophe.

Product Range of Futuretech:

CBRN Protection Systems

Futuretech is a worldwide leader in CBRN protection for both military and civilian applications. We provide a comprehensive system consisting of decontamination equipment including decontamination devices, modules and systems, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination agents. Prompt and effective decontamination of persons, tanks and other vehicles, air and watercraft, personal weapons, clothing and equipment as well as sensitive material ensure the ability of the concerned troop, civilian population, police, frontier guard, etc. to survive. According to the specific needs, Futuretech offers customer-designed solutions on platforms, trailers or in containers.


With the DRDS 1 (rescue and decontamination set for one person), Futuretech is proud to present the world’s first logical overall concept which not only makes the work of fire-fighters and first responders considerably easier, but above all enables patients to be rescued in a more human manner through professional decontamination.

Military Water Supply Systems

To fulfil the basic need for drinking water Futuretech has developed a range of mobile purification systems. These systems are able to desalinate sea and brackish water. They produce drinking water out of nearly any water quality without the need for chemicals. Even water from contaminated sources can be purified.


With its innovative solutions and continuous further developments in the area of mobile water supply, Futuretech has recently developed a fully automatic water bottling plant (WBP 1300) which produces and fills up to 26,000 PET bottles per day under hygienic conditions in the field. Several UV disinfection steps during the PET bottling process and sterile filtration of the incoming drinking water ensure best water quality.

Military Mobile Catering Systems

Futuretech as the mobile catering systems specialist designs, tests and produces future-oriented systems together with experts from all over the world. The systems are highly mobile and flexible in use and can be transported even to the most remote sites. Ranging from the individual module to the container kitchen, the Futuretech catering systems are designed for transport by road, sea and air.


The newly developed mobile compact kitchen KRR 50 E ensures high-quality catering everywhere, regardless of the available infrastructure, under field conditions, and can be set up in just 15 minutes. Three easy-to-carry functional boxes convert into a complete catering line in which a variety of delicious menus can be prepared for 50 persons using the most different cooking methods (stewing, frying, grilling and baking).

Military Field Camp Systems

Futuretech’s range of field camps are deployable military facilities which - after a short assembly time – provide living and working conditions similar to those in the soldier’s home country during an extended period of deployment abroad. Futuretech systems promote the well-being of soldiers and task forces and enhance their morale and motivation.


Futuretech offers a full product range with its modular structure. Components are sanitary facilities, catering systems, and laundry systems.
As an example, the Modular Air-transportable Field Camp (FLM) is designed to answer the needs of 150 people, but can also be broken down into 50 people units. The air-transportable field camps shall be used particularly for initial operations as well as NATO or EU missions of German forces.


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