OPEC CBRNe, a UK based business, are designers and manufacturers of high comfort, high protection Level C CBRN suits.

Our History.

Through the sale of the former Remploy organisation in 2014, OPEC CBRNe gained the rights to Remploy’s intellectual property. Remploy, a social enterprise employing mostly disabled workers, were manufacturers for the UK MoD and the UK Police. Many of our current workers are ex-Remploy, we have retained the link to them via partnerships and shared social values.

Since gaining the Remploy IP we have innovated and improved the suit systems to provide the lightest and most comfortable CBRN PPE, without compromising on protection.

The Kestrel and Falcon Suit Systems.

  • Our leading product, the Kestrel, was selected by Australian DoD as their system of choice in 2019.
  • The Kestrel strikes a balance between protection and comfort which has met the requirements of many organisations around the globe.
  • Highly air permeable it affords great user comfort by minimising thermal burden.
  • Fully launderable up to 20 times.
  • Utilising a tough rip-stop outer and a comfortable but highly adsorptive activated carbon fibre inner.
  • Available in any colour or camouflage pattern. The Falcon is a one-piece version of the Kestrel.

The Phoenix Suit System.

  • For end users where the ability to be flexible and carry out tasks with the minimum heat burden is essential we have the Phoenix.
  • Inherently fire retardant, highly air permeable, yet still meeting NATO AEP38 requirements, the Phoenix has been popular with Special Forces across the world.
  • Fully launderable up to 20 times.
  • Available with integral and separate hood configurations.

The Condor System.

We have also developed a system which provides protection against aerosol particulates, this is the Condor system, which can be incorporated into any of our suits.

The Kite Suit System.

As we have worked with key clients on bespoke solutions, we have developed suits with a more conformant fit, such as the Kite.

  • A highly comfortable suit tailored with Special Forces in mind.
  • Has been designed to provide greater flexibility to the user.
  • Lightweight and with low thermal burden.
  • Neat, conformant fit with sleek pocket and hood interface.

The Roc Suit System.

  • The Roc suit is a different suit to the rest of the range in that it utilises a tri layer fabric system.
  • Supplied in a coverall design.
  • It is highly protective against liquids and aerosol threats though the incorporation of a membrane laminated to the carbon layer.
  • Available in all colours, it is our highest protection system.   

The Osprey Undergarment

  • The flexible Osprey system has been developed for discreet and covert operations, fitting comfortably under workwear and everyday clothing.
  • Made with a light and comfortable carbon layer it is available as a one piece with integral hood, a two piece, and with a separate hood configuration.
  • Fully launderable up to 20 times.
  • Carbon socks are an additional feature.

The Harrier CBRN Glove.

  • Highly protective yet dextrous.
  • Utilises a Nomex, leather and carbon fibre construction.
  • Launderable.
  • Has ‘touch screen’ capability.
  • Available in black and sand.

Where We Manufacture.

With expertise in supplying large volumes as well as smaller MOQ’s, we have manufacturing capability across the world in locations including UK, Asia and USA.

However, our principal sample and small order making facilities are based in the UK, in Warrington, Cheshire and in Larbert, Scotland.

Our Design Capability.

Our design team are experienced in developing the right suit solution for the threat. Should you have specific requirements which need a bespoke approach please contact us and we will be pleased to help.


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