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Cleeve Technology International (CTI) is a high-tech, innovative company that has developed a substantial profile in the electrical interconnect sector of the aerospace and military industries worldwide.

CTI started into business in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada in May of 1998.  The company began representing manufacturers of electrical interconnect parts and components for military and aerospace applications in Canada.  In 2005, in order to accommodate the company’s growth, we moved to our own custom built property on Colonel Sam Drive.  Our business continues to expand as the company continues to focus on providing solutions to customers’ needs and solving difficult problems.

Recognising the benefits of expanding our operations in the United Kingdom and Europe, we launched into the United Kingdom market and captured one of the largest contracts for supplying electrical interconnect components to the British Military in support of the Bowman Communication System Programme.  CTI in the United Kingdom has a shipping and receiving warehouse, manufacturing facilities and sales centre in Swindon.  CTI has a Global MRP system which allows us full visibility of our worldwide inventories.

CTI has acquired, and continues to acquire, complimentary companies and capabilities allowing us to expand into new markets such as rail and mass transit, shipboard and marine.  As a result, CTI continues to provide products and solutions with better lead times than our competitors securing our position as a leader in our field.

Even with the company’s international success, CTI continues to foster close relationships within the communities in which we live.  The company is an active participant in Aviation and Military Exhibitions and other local trade shows and recruits graduates and co-op students from local colleges and high schools.  In addition, the company supports local charities, sports organisations, cultural organisations and fosters the growth of its employees through worldwide experiences.

CTI empowers its employees to offer quality solutions to customers electrical interconnect problems and this enables our customers to mitigate risk and focus on their own core interests and capabilities.

CTI will go above and beyond to exceed our customer and employee expectations through continuous improvement.

Face to face with electrical interconnect solutions, CTI provides a full package of services, including electrical interconnect systems and components supply to industry.

CTI stock a wide range of products such as wire and cable, connectors, contacts, backshells, heat shrinkable tubing and heat shrinkable moulded parts that are used extensively in Industrial, Telecommunications, Marine, Military, Aerospace and Automotive markets.

Our manufacturing capability allows us to support the integration and supply of electrical interconnect components and assemblies to meet customer programme requirements.
We have taken a ‘systems approach’ to design, development, qualification, supply and ‘follow on’ product support.  We ensure compatibility of many of the products used in an electrical harness system, panel or box.

Cleeve Technology offers a complete package to support your needs from prototype development to component and harness manufacture to ensure total customer satisfaction.

                                         Business Focus 

Providing systems and components designed, specified and integrated into electrical interconnection systems appropriate to customer needs.


• Design of harness systems as a means of optimising value-add within harness manufacture and component supply 
• Provide rapid design and quotations for systems and components
• Provide fast and efficient services to support customer needs
• Hold ‘intelligent inventory’ to service customer needs


• Grow sales and profitability by developing and increasing market share

Target Markets

• Military Ground Vehicles
• Military Aerospace (exposed areas, under carriage, SWAMP areas etc)
• Military Marine (weapon systems, cable terminations)
• Commercial Aerospace
• Homeland Security
• Industrial/Commercial & Automotive Hi-End
• Renewable Energy

CTI offers electrical mechanical systems solutions.  CTI’s strength derives from a highly focused engineering approach to solving customer problems.  From the supply of off the shelf components such as wire and cable, connectors, accessories and circuit protection devices through to completely wired and tested systems to meet specific project needs.  From standard mil-spec qualified parts and build to print assemblies through to tested and qualified alternatives to sophisticated systems.  CTI has earned a reputation as a leader in its field.

CTI Products

• Electrical Connectors
• Heat Shrinkable Tubing & Moulded Parts
• Wire and Cable
• Shape memory alloys
• Electrical interconnect accessories
• Conduit systems
• Circuit protection devices
• Integrated harness assemblies
• Speciality test equipment
• Speciality machined components
• Sheet metal fabrication
o Boxes
o Panels
o Boards
• Connector Accessories / backshells
• Over-moulding / Mold in Place
• Braided Assemblies

Component Design and Development

Design, development and supply of application and project specific components and materials through to ancillary items supplied as a kit with assemblies
• Brackets
• Clips
• Attachment hardware
• Brackets
• Clips
• Attachment hardware

Value Added Services

Products supplied to meet customer specific requirements
• Finished tested assemblies
• Sub-assemblies
• Bulk supply
• Kits
• Battle damage repair kits

Support Services

Development Engineering Resource
• HIRF, EMI & RFI solutions
• Datasheets
• Specifications
• Prototypes and mock-ups

Engineering Services

Design engineer resource
• Drawings
• Qualification reports
• Assembly procedures

• Repair and overhaul manuals
• Codes of practice
• Tooling
• Training

Quality Accreditations and Approvals

• ISO 9001 - Certified
• AS9100 - Certified
• SC21 - Certified
• ITAR/Controlled Goods – Certified

                                         Mission Statement

• To win respect of our customers with excellent service and products

• Develop a talented community of people to work within an innovative environment
• Demonstrate integrity and professionalism in all our activities
• Promote traditional values and be proud of our people, our performance and our products
• Communicate openly and candidly
• Create value to our customers and to Cleeve Technology


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