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The provision of an integrated capability that includes situational awareness pictures and a seamless Command and Control (C2) solution which is a force multiplier for military operations, homeland defence, crisis management and conflict resolution.

C4I Defence


Northrop Grumman offers an end-to-end capability for command and control (C2) and situational awareness (SA), including decision aids, planning tools and Blue Force Tracking (BFT).  Our Integrated Command and Control Framework (IC2F) capability integrates and scales to meet the full range of deployment options from Infantry Section to large scale Joint Force deployments. IC2F is made up of two integrated capabilities each of which deliver a complete solution including software, hardware and the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS).  I-JOCCS provides the capability to manage military tasking at the Operational level and I-TaCCS provides tactical capabilities either mounted or dismounted in the tactical domain.  Combined I-JOCCS and I-TaCCS provide a seamless and integrated C2 capability.

The flexibility of our architecture enables the specific needs of the customer to be delivered in a timely manner. Our hollistic approach to communications combined with our cross-domain security capability allows us to tailor solutions to meet the requirements either within an existing infrastructure or a completely new architecture and design. The extensible architecture allows the maximum use of COTS products and the incorporation of third-party applications to deliver mission specific services.

Over and above technology itself Northrop Grumman can provide full Integrated Logistic Support and Through Life Capability Management (TLCM).


  • Strategic to Tactical Command and Control with flexible architecture for all C4I system requirements
  • Robust, battle proven capabilities, supporting J1 to J9 staff instructions
  • Interoperability between principle allied/coalition force systems
  • Shared understanding across the military enterprise, leading to rapid and consistent decision making
  • Embedded simulation and training within I-JOCCS allows for individual and coalition training for operators at both fixed and deployed systems.
  • Our fully air deployable operational command system is able to provide joint command to all the capabilities needed for out of area operations whilst still operating in challenging climates
  • Maintenance of the integrity of the national borders, including the protection of the National interests in adjacent maritime areas (Exclusive Economic Zone – EEZ)
  • Enhanced capability to counter terrorism or other insurgent forces
  • Co-operation with other nations in humanitarian missions and support regional stability



The system offers a scalable, flexible, secure, reliable, user-friendly solution that meets the demands of networked command, control and situational awareness.

  • Scalable: I-TaCCS based systems represent a scalable solution from the dismounted soldier up to the permanent command centre, providing comprehensive data and voice solutions at all levels.  Filters, guards and dispatch mechanism can be provided to address security and data volumes across the network.
  • Flexible: The system supports a range of platforms, from hand held computers, through rugged tablets to desktop computers, providing an effective form factor for all levels of command.  Operating over a variety of deployed communications networks, it is suitable for a wide range of operational scenarios.
  • Secure: The system is designed and built with security as a principal requirement, both on the deployed platform and throughout the communications stack.
  • Reliable: In operational use with UK, US, NATO and allied nations and coalitions, it provides a robust solution that has been tested in combat conditions.  I-TaCCS is based on the combat proven C2PC technology family.
  • User Friendly: I-TaCCS offer familiar mobile and desktop user interfaces, minimising training requirements


C2PC is the key ‘tactical’ software within the IC2F capability providing the core Command and Control services across the command structure.

  • Easily Scalable providing a shared picture to multiple tiers of command.
  • Co-existence and visualisation of near real-time and planned environments.
  • Effective operation in unreliable tactical communications environments.
  • Geospatial awareness of battlefield in near real-time, blending digital maps, tactical objects and plans.


ICS is the key ‘operational’ software within the IC2F capability providing the core Command and Control services across the command structure.

  • Information from multiple data sources combined into a single Common Operational Picture (COP).
  • Mapping interface supporting operational and intelligence planning.
  • Interoperability with other key allied force systems.
  • Improved sharing of situational awareness data in support of Operations in Joint environment or individual component command.
  • Provision of framework and services needed for network-centric warfare.

C2PC Tactical

Tactical Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC Tactical) is a variant of Northrop Grumman’s C2PC product, developed in close cooperation with combat experienced Special Forces and armoured soldiers.

C2PC Tactical provides a soldier-focused, easy to train-and-use interface to the extensive capabilities of the operationally proven and fielded C2PC product.

C4I Civil & Security


Northrop Grumman can offer an integrated Security, Policing & Public Safety architecture to support event & major incident management, site security, and border protection.  The capability offers a comprehensive solution including the integration of live sensor feeds (camera, IR etc), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), consequence analysis, asset tracking, command & control (C2), CBRN monitoring & reporting, and voice/data transfer.

Northrop Grumman believes that our integrated Security, Policing and Public Safety solutions offer capabilities that can benefit a wide range of situations including disaster prevention, monitoring/planning, counter terrorism, business continuity and modelling and simulation.



A state-of-the-art net centric data aggregation, situational awareness, and decision support system. It fuses knowledge of current operational status with powerful consequence analysis functionality, delivering a real time geospatial framework used to manage critical fusion centre operations. MIDAS is accessed using an intuitive geospatial display and can be deployed in less than 60 days.

Provides fusion centres with a comprehensive set of tools to address command and control, communications, and intelligence sharing and analysis. The user-friendly touch enabled display allows the use of intuitive gestures to adjust imagery and access data and associated analysis.

Readily integrates security tools, databases, internet feeds and other information your fusion centre may be using. And better yet, as your needs expand, MIDAS allows you to establish performance specifications for expanded capabilities and seamlessly integrate best in breed advanced tools.


Capabilities include Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Automated Field Reporting (AFR), Map, Law Enforcement records management System (RMS) and Fire RMS. Describing each in turn:

  • CAD:  Features include Microsoft .NET client architecture, More consistent functionality due to fewer forms increase in speed in execution of commands
  • MOBILE:  The application interface between the command centre and the field units provides ease of use in accessing data and unit statusing
  • AFR:  An automated field reporting package that enables law enforcement units to complete reports quickly and accurately, thus increasing their time in the field
  • MAP:  The mapping application designed for real-time command and control situations supporting Automatic Vehicle Routing and Recommendation (AVRR)/ Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Law Enforcement RMS:  A law enforcement records management system utilising the latest in technology to get information into and out of the system to assist in better decision making
  • Fire RMS: A fire records management system that provides ease of use in collecting, sorting, and managing data for fire reports, inspections, and NFIRS reporting. CommandPoint is much more than an integrated first responder application suite


  • Flexible multi-layer solution for the effective monitoring of a CBRN incident.
  • Collects relevant CBRN sensor data and provides local situational awareness that can be shared with all authorised users.
  • Easily interfaced to third party applications e.g. hazard analysis software and personal monitoring equipment.
  • Man portable version allows ultimate in deployment flexibility.
  • Independent of sensors selection made by user.
  • Vehicle mounted or man pack configurations available.


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