Cubic Range Design Solutions Ltd (CRDS)

Following the  recent acquisition, Advanced Interactive Solutions Ltd are now Cubic Range Design Solutions Ltd (CRDS) – a division of Cubic Corporation,  a world leading provider of Combat Training Systems, Virtual Simulation, Cyber technologies and tracking solutions.

CRDS Ltd specialise in the design, construction, fit-out and maintenance of shooting ranges and training facilities for Police, Military and Special Forces. With over twenty years of international experience CRDS are renowned for their ability to design turnkey training solutions working directly with government departments or through locally approved contractors or consultants.

CRDS also carry full ISO 9001 certification.

Shooting Range Design and Military Training Facilities

CRDS design and deliver all categories of training complexes incorporating shooting ranges and specialist training facilities. CRDS’s experience and market knowledge qualifies us to advise Police, Military or other specialist clients on the most appropriate solution required to meet an End User’s specific needs and budgetary constraints.
Many types of specialist facilities are available including hostage recovery, anti-hijack, close protection, driver training and public order training permitting operational rehearsals and debrief within a live-fire or high fidelity simulated environment.

Shooting Range Design

Several types of ranges can be designed depending on factors including the area available, proximity of other buildings, weapons to be used and the type of training to be carried out.

Military Outdoor Shooting Ranges

These include conventional gallery and open ranges as well as baffled ranges for pistol, rifle and machine gun complete with all targetry, scoring, control and communication systems.


Indoor, Live Fire and Video Simulation Shooting Ranges

A wide variety of conventional live fire and video simulation ranges can be designed for all weapon types including targetry and live fire simulation equipment, for basic and advanced training. For example, Drive-In ranges to facilitate the use of vehicle based scenarios.

Specialist Facilities

CRDS have designed or delivered a full range of specialist facilities incorporating
•    Close Quarter Battle (CQB) houses
•    Maritime Counter Terrorist (MCT) facilities
•    Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT)
•    Method of Entry (MOE) buildings
•    Sniper and Commando Towers
•    Public Order & Driver Training Areas
•    Associated academic & training support buildings

Training Mock-ups

Specialist Mock-ups which can be designed for use with live ammunition, simulation systems or ‘training’ rounds including:

  • Aircraft
  • Trains
  • Ships

Bullet Proof Protection - Fit-out Expertise

CRDS undertake internal fit-out/build of numerous fully defended structures to prevent the escape of rounds. Initially the sizing and shape of the structure ensures ricochet cannot occur. Our choice of materials for bullet proof protection, anti-ricochet duty and acoustic performance are based upon test performance results and cost effectiveness.


The team has extensive experience with the design of lightweight, movable bullet proof and non-bullet proof partitions, production of various bullet traps and knowledge of ballistic and environmental performance and maintenance attributes of the majority of bullet traps available on the international marketplace.

Prefabricated Military Modular Ranges

CRDS present QuickRange™, this is a complete, full service, prefabricated modular shooting range that can be delivered to your location ready to use within 180 days. QuickRange™ eliminates the problems associated with building a traditional shooting range (design, construction, installation, etc.).making it the ideal solution for military law enforcement, and security agencies that do not have their own purpose-built facilities for live-fire training. Each QuickRange™ is a self-contained, two-lane shooting range in a bulletproof container, complete with shooting stalls, target-retrieval system, bullet traps, lighting and HVAC system. QuickRange™ modules can be linked together to provide a complete range building with multiple lanes and in lengths ranging from 12m to 50m or beyond.


QuickRange™ is built to the highest specifications and delivered fully assembled and due to its customizable size, you can locate it almost anywhere. Local regulations for safety, noise reduction and air-quality are not only met but exceeded in every QuickRange™ through the use of sound absorption materials and HVAC systems with HEPA filters.

Installed within QuickRange™, the PRISim® judgemental simulator is a live-fire, interactive, training judgment and evaluation tool and gives trainee feedback to learn and confirm correct behaviours to grow more confident in their ability to make decisions when under extreme pressure.

Shooting Range Maintenance and Operation

CRDS offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services for all types of military and law enforcement outdoor and indoor ranges.

Our specialist skills ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and that maximum utilization is gained from the equipment and facilities. CRDS is able to supply spares and service for most types of targetry in use today.  CRDS also have a team of specialist technicians who are able to assist in setting up training scenarios, manage day-to-day range operations and assess maintenance needs.

CRDS also maintain offices in Abu Dhabi and Singapore.


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