We provide a wide portfolio of 3U and 6U VPX, VME, cPCI and XMC boards based on industrial standards and high-end technologies.


COTS product ranges

  • 1, 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches and IP routers
  • Intel and NXP processor-based Single Board Computers
  • Xilinx FPGA-based boards
  • Analog and digital acquisition mezzanine cards (ADC/DAC)
  • Storage modules and 2D/3D graphic solutions
  • Mezzanine XMC/PMC carrier cards

Interface Concept leverages its 30-year expertise in COTS data communications boards and systems to provide innovative solutions with unmatched processing power, flexibility and performance fitted for the most severe environments.


HPEC Systems

We have seen the emergence of new customer application requirements, evolving towards the use of High-Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems made of several communications functions in a single equipment. We do offer all these building blocks fulfilling these functions to devise these systems: Front-End processing boards (FPGA boards), Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Back-End Processing boards (Single Board Computers). The use of these board-level products coming from a unique sourcing significantly facilitates the system integrator’s work as these products are fully compatible.


Software packages

All these open hardware platforms are delivered with low-level software packages (Board Support Packages), and with software solutions offering new features to our customers:

  • FPGA IP cores (ex: serial FPDP IP)
  • Dedicated software (MULTIWARE) simplifies API for users with services like Virtual Ethernet over PCIe, shared memory, message synchronization with DMA powered transfers, etc.
  • Sample designs for high-speed DMA data transfer (DMA engine), signal processing acquisition and signal processing
  • Dedicated management software (SWITCHWARE) supporting a rich set of Layer 2/3 features



We have a long track record in customizing our COTS products (MCOTS) and developing tailor-made solutions to meet specific applications. Our high-qualified engineers provide our customers with a responsive and long-term technical support. Other services include, product life cycle, obsolescence management and operational maintenance.

Interface Concept products comply with major environment requirements including RoHS, REACH and WEEE rules and regulations, etc. We are ISO:2015 certified.

Interface Concept is a French independent company established in 1987 and headquartered in France (Quimper).



Interface Concept has been involved in major OEMs world-class programs in the Defense, in particular in electronic warfare applications, radar systems, ground stations, sonar systems, console systems, and in the Industry (Networking, Data Centers' servers Smart Grid Command and Control systems).


Technological partners

Interface Concept has been partnering with standard organizations (VITA, PCISIG) and industry’s leading companies such as Xilinx, WindRiver, Intel and NXP,  in order to develop architectures for the next-gen computing platforms and ensure  long life cycle programs support.


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