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Kejo Limited was founded in 1997 in Florida and quickly established itself as a key supplier of body armor to level IV (NIJ), bomb and ballistic blankets, EOD bomb disposal suits, de-mining equipment, shields and helmets under its registered trade mark Kejo ® to the US Army, US Navy, Marines and the US Air Force. It's staff have over 30 years of experience in the business and upon request, Kejo can custom make bomb and ballistic resistant products including vehicle protection and even helicopter floor ballistic protection to your specifications.

Kejo™ Saviour™ EOD Bomb Disposal Suits


The KEJO™ Saviour ™ EOD Bomb Suit is designed to offer the maximum protection with the minimum weight making it one of the world’s most advanced high-performance cost-effective suits available. The suit aims to be the most comfortable and flexible suit available offering the highest levels of protection against blast threats. The latest material technology is used to keep the suit as flexible and as comfortable as possible whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrated protection . The suit can also be quickly donned without special assistance and incorporates a quick release system for the rapid removal of the suit.

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Kejo™ EOD Tool Kits - Non-Magnetic MRI Maintenance Tool Kit, Universal Field Service Tool Kit, 1000 Volt Insulated Tool Kit


Kejo's Custom Made EOD Tool Kits are designed with the ultimate protection and safety in mind and are excellent value for money. The Non-Magnetic MRI tool kit is built for Biomedical Service Technicians working on or near highly magnetic MRI equipment. The Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic (3-Tesla Safe), Corrosive Resistant tool kit comes neatly packaged in a hard sided plastic tool case with a custom foam tool controlled interior. It is safe for use on GE, Siemens and Philips MRI equipment. The Universal Field Service Tool Kit is a general purpose tool kit which is ideal as a Field Service Starter Kit and is designed with Field Service Engineers, Electronics Service Professionals, Computer Repair Technicians, Biomedical Repair Specialists and On-site Service Technicians in mind. Kejo has assembled the Metric 1,000 Volt rated Insulated Tool Kit to protect people, property and productivity. Double insulation provides a visual cue for tool failure. If the yellow shows through don’t use the tool near voltage!

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Kejo™ EOD Helmets, EDU Explosive Disruption Shields, Tactical EOD Suit, IEDD Search Suits


The Kejo EOD bomb helmet incorporates the latest materials technology and moulding techniques to provide a helmet that is not only ballistic superior but also shaped to fit the wearer’s head. It is also designed to fully integrate within the collar of the suit without impeding the lateral and rotational movement of the head. The EDU shield has been developed for use by explosive disposal and tactical teams to offer maximum over pressure and fragmentation protection during explosive disposal operations. The EDU is equipped with removable spring-loaded legs. In the stowed position, the legs hug the edge of the shield for easy storage and manoeuvrability. One easy motion releases the support legs into the deployed position, allowing the shield to be self-supporting. The Kejo Search Suit was designed for personnel involved in searching for and clearing of explosive devices, and has been developed to meet the specific needs of a search team. Although the suit is significantly lighter than the standard EOD Bomb Disposal Suit, it provides the user with all round protection, unmatched mobility and virtually unrestricted movement. The outer garment of the suit is constructed out of Nomex III and includes the latest Kevlar New Technology Fibers. Kejo can also supply a wide variety of EOD tools and accessories for any bomb disposal applications.

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Kejo™ Body Armor  – Military Assault Vests, Bullet Proof Vests


All of Kejo's Military and Police Body Armor is designed to meet the stringent specifications and application needed by Law Enforcement; The Kejo™ Military Assault Vest, Level IIIA, with front, back and side ballistic protection is designed as a high-mobility front opening vest to be worn over a soldier’s uniform. It protects to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) IIIA level. The Kejo™ US PASGT is a jacket style vest ideally suited for use by military or riot police. The vest provides complete protection for the front, back and sides as well as the neck. The Kejo ™ Special Forces level IIIA (NIJ) is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of elite forces of the military and police. This light tactical vest with attached collar provides full front, back and side coverage and for additional shoulder coverage the padding can be removed and ballistics can be added.

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Kejo™ Military and Law Enforcement Tactical Vests - SO-TAC Vest Special Ops Level IIIA, Light Tactical Vests, Executive Body Armor


All of Kejo's Tactical Body Armor Vests provide full tactical coverage without restricting movement. The SO-TAC is the perfect complement to your Special Ops mission. Designed with today's modern warrior in mind, this vest can be geared up to perform. Providing full front, back and side coverage this vest is designed to balance the weight of the ballistics and provide comfort for the end user. The Kejo Grizzly Comfort Cut Level IIIA - Light Tactical Vest provides the mobility and comfort of a concealable in a tactical vest. This light tactical vest provides full front, back and side coverage and is great for tactical missions where a throw-over could be used or full gear (i.e. groin, biceps, and collar) is not required. Available in level II or IIIA ballistic packages. The Kejo™  Execuvest has been designed as a discrete overt armour vest, providing full front, back and side ballistic protection. Ideal for VIPs ,Businessmen and Bodyguards. The vest that looks like a harmless waistcoat but dont be fooled by its ballistic capabilities.The ideal protection for professionals and businessmen.

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Kejo™ Custom Bomb and Ballistic Blankets – Various Sizes Level IIIA, Level IIA and Level II (NIJ) Bomb and Ballistic Blankets


All of the Kejo Bomb and Ballistic Blankets meet the various levels of protection stated and offer fragmentation protection for use in IED/EOD operations. All are made to Stanag standards and are manufactured with Kevlar Aramid to provide the ultimate protection.

The Humvee Bomb Blankets protect vehicles from blasts and ballistic threats. These blankets are made to order with price upon application.

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