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A leading U.S. manufacturer of precision crystal oscillators for over 50 years, Greenray OCXOs, TCXOs, and related signal source products meet and exceed the demands of military, defense, communications, and security customers for applications from 1Hz to 1GHz.

Precision Crystal Oscillators

Our commitment is to provide products that set the standard for low phase noise, tight stability and overall performance and reliability under the adverse conditions regularly found in aerospace, avionics, munitions, missile guidance, mobile and hand-held applications.

Vibration, Shock and Acceleration Sensitivity

Our decades-long relationships with leading defense contractors are testament to Greenray’s leadership in those performance criteria that matter most: Vibration, Shock and Acceleration Sensitivity; signal source integrity, as a function of Low Phase Noise and Tight Stability.

Building on engineering and manufacturing expertise for military and defense partners, our markets include Instrumentation, including hand-held and mobile applications, as well as Satellite Communications, Wired and Wireless Communications, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems, like GPS.

Greenray is QMS (Quality Management System) certified to the AS9100 standard, and ITAR compliant.

We are unique in our ability to draw on the expertise of two sister companies, Statek Corporation and Advanced Technical Ceramics Company(Adtech), which can provide state-of-the-art, high performance, miniature crystals and innovative, leading-edge packaging solutions, respectively.

High Performance Miniature Crystals

Our packages feature SMT options and/or ruggedized, high-reliablilty features throughout multiple product lines.

Greenray Specialized MIL Capabilities

  • Testing & Processes per MIL-PRF-55310
  • Screening per MIL-PRF-55310
  • MIL parts established reliability construction
  • IPC-A-610 & J-STD-001 trained operators
  • In-house qualification testing

Greenray Specialized MIL Capabilities (cont.)

  • Reliability calculations per MIL-HBK-217
  • Phase Noise vs. Vibration Testing for Random & Sine Vibration
  • Shock & Vibration to >50gs RMS
  • In-house qualification testing

Greenray Qualified Programs

  • Patriot & PAC3
  • Hellfire
  • Apache
  • Falcon II & III
  • NLOS

Greenray Qualified Programs (cont.)

  • DAGR
  • F-16
  • ERGM
  • Harrier
  • Raptor
  • JTRS

Contact a Greenray engineer today to discuss your particular Custom Frequency Reference requirements. Our recent engineering and compensation innovations can provide g-Sensitivity of <5 x 10-11/g in miniature, ruggedized, cost-efficient packages - truly remarkable performance, and further evidence of our commitment to re-Define frequency control solutions.

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