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FUCHS Lubricants (UK) plc is a subsidiary of FUCHS PETROLUB AG, one of the world's largest manufacturers of lubricants, with 82 manufacturing and marketing companies worldwide and global sales of well over 1 billion Euros per annum.

Formed in 1996 from the amalgamation of two of the UK's most respected lubricant companies, Silkolene Lubricants and Century Oils, FUCHS Lubricants (UK) Plc is a supplier of Military Lubricants as well as being a full line supplier of Industrial Lubricants, Automotive Engine Oils, Mining Lubricants, Specialist Motorcycle Lubricants and ancillary products.

FUCHS Lubricants (UK) plc is the major supplier of military specification lubricants to the British Armed Forces. This position was achieved by having the appropriate technical expertise, being a responsive supplier and of course providing high quality products.

Military Lubricants

Quality is a way of life at Fuchs and Fuchs UK has held an ISO 9001 (BS 5750 Part 1) Quality Certificate since the mid 1980’s. Our current Quality Management System accreditations include BS EN ISO 9001:2008, Aviation & Aerospace standard AS9100 (BS EN 9100:2003) ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001

Military Lubricants Manufacturing

The blending plant in Hanley Stoke-on-Trent is the largest independent oil plant in the UK. To Fuchs, service is not just a word but a total company concept – from the point of order to final delivery. We take pride in meeting agreed customer requirements through continuous improvement of our processes to ensure the highest possible product and service quality.


Blending vessels are mounted on load cells and the whole process is computer controlled using the latest Siemens process control software. This provides greater control and visibility over manufacturing operations, more efficient use of manufacturing vessels, reduced lead times and improved first time pass rates for batches.

The company also utilises a total quality management tool called 5S which facilitates organising and managing of the workplace to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Military Lubricants Range

The Fuchs UK military lubricants range currently includes over 30 grades and over 20 of these have NATO codes. Products are available for Army, Navy and Air force applications.

Nato designation grades include: O-208, O-186, O-155, O-135, O-226, H-572, O-285, O-252, O-278, O-1176, O-240, H-576, G-412,G-403, G-366, G-460, S-757, O-1178, C-632, C-634, O-157

Specialist Military Lubricant Solutions

Fuchs Lubricants (UK) Plc can provide specialist lubricant solutions for equipment operating in extreme conditions.

Our clear focus as a lubricant specialist offers decisive benefits. Together with our customers we are always on the lookout for a better lubricant solution. We are open to new solutions , open for visions on how performance may be improved and in many cases visions are a prerequisite for innovation.

Innovation is the defining characteristic of Fuchs and around 70% of our products are less than five years old with many being individual lubricant solutions for our customers. Military equipment can often be required to operate in extreme conditions and equipment performance may well be enhanced by a special lubricant solution.

Fuchs are easy to reach, know their customers, listen to them, and talk to them and this approach puts Fuchs in a unique position to develop special optimised lubricant solutions.


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