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EOS Defence Systems is the defence division of Electro Optic Systems and one of Australia’s largest defence export companies.

EOS designs and manufactures high precision remote weapon systems (RWS), turrets and sensor systems for infantry fighting vehicles, combat reconnaissance vehicles, armoured and non-armoured support vehicles and naval vessels. Capable of mounting combinations of medium cannons, machine guns and missiles, EOS RWS take an existing weapon and ammunition family and makes it more accurate, improving lethality and survivability.

EOS’ product strategy is focused on designing an improved system based on operating the heaviest weapon possible on the lightest vehicle possible at the least cost possible. Five years of research and development produced the current R400 capable of mounting a 30mm cannon and hitting moving targets from a moving vehicle at 2000m. No other 'like system' in the world can do the same.

In terms of product development, we have designed our key technologies to include best-in-class components. Systems are architecture-agnostic – able to be integrated with Victor, GVA or customer-specified systems as well as being platform agnostic and not tied to any specific weapon, sub-system or interface systems.

Modularity is key, allowing EOS to tailor systems that exactly meet customer requirements, while the employment of common line replaceable units and operator interfaces keep acquisition, training and life-cycle costs down, but not at the expense of operational efficiency or reliability.

World leading lethality systems for the modern battle-space

  • R150S: a light stabilised RWS capable of accurately firing the 12.7 mm M2HB heavy machine gun;
  • R400S: a mid-range RWS capable of mounting weapons up to medium cannons with coaxial secondary weapons and missiles;
  • R600S: a heavy RWS with dual weapon configuration capable of mounting twin automatic weapon configurations and a single cannon up to 30 mm;
  • R800S: a large calibre cannon system delivering greater firepower than legacy fighting vehicle turrets but in the weight and form of an RWS;
  • T2000: a fully integrated turret solution with an EOS RWS, active protection, through-armour vision and embedded simulation;
  • Additional Options: meteorological sensors, independently stabilised sensor unit (4th axis stabilisation), and other multi-mission cuing and detection solutions.

Multi-Mission Enhancements (Stryker)

By integrating further sensors, such as radars, passive Radio Frequency (RF) sensors, automatic movement detection, and acoustic shot detectors, the RWS transforms into an even more flexible system that can perform many more missions than originally intended.

The Multi-Mission Enhancement kit developed by EOS, for an installed, protected and loaded weight of less than 500kg delivers a mission package that can tackle soft targets to 1,500 metres with machine guns; armoured targets to 2,000 metres through the use of anti-tank guided missiles such as the Javelin; lightly armoured targets and helicopters at more than 2,000 metres with 30-mm cannon, and indirectly target soft targets at up to 3,500 metres with the cannon.

Counter UAS

EOS’s expertise in stabilised systems that can react rapidly and precisely under challenging conditions has placed it at the forefront of CUAS technology.

Part of the Multi-Mission Enhancement effort is to provide a highly effective CUAS capability with both hard and soft-kill effectors against small UASs at ranges of up to 1,500 metres. Some EOS RWSs have been modified with a fourth-axis independently slewing sensor unit that can move independently in azimuth to track fast-moving targets.

Hard-kill CUAS solutions come configured with 30x173-mm Bushmaster Mk44S firing Programmable Air Burst Munitions, 30x113-mm M230LF Bushmaster firing programmable proximity air-burst rounds, or a Dillon Aero M134 7.62-mm Minigun, offering a non-high explosive option.

Soft-kill options are based on RF jamming or vehicle capture, in which the UAS’s video link and control signals can be disrupted or taken over, with the vehicle forced to land or crash, or return to its operator. RF receivers also provide a means of passively detecting the UASs.

Additional Capabilities

Adding sensors to the RWS’s own imaging suite opens up many more mission possibilities. An

RF receiver suite turns the enhanced RWS into a crucial signal detection platform in the battlefield against multiple RF sources, especially when networked with other receivers. Small format active radars – typically each covering a 90° sector – give the vehicle detection capabilities against UASs and other air targets, as well as personnel and ground vehicles. Radar also provides capability against rockets, artillery, mortars and missiles, enabling the vehicle to operate in a force protection role.

Beyond these systems, EOS is also exploring the potential of directed energy effectors. Both high-power microwave and high-energy lasers can offer significant benefits in the battlefield in general, and in the CUAS mission in particular. Areas for study are not just focused on the directed energy weapons themselves, but on how they can best be employed alongside traditional kinetic systems.


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