Hypertac is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high performance interconnect solutions for the Military Aerospace and Defence and is part of the Connector Technology Group of Smiths Group’s Interconnect sector.

Hypertac utilises the superior Hyperboloid© contact technology which offers unrivalled performance in harsh environments such as shock, vibration and extreme temperatures ranges encountered in military and commercial aerospace applications.

The superior properties of our Hyperboloid© contact system offer land vehicle customers the following benefits:

•Increased power handling when compared to standard contact technology
•Improved resistance to shock and vibration
•Low contact resistance
•High number of mating cycles
•Self cleaning action
•Low mating force

Innovative and Advanced Technological Solutions for Aerospace and Defence Projects

Hypertac is committed to developing innovative and advanced technological solutions for key aerospace and defence projects including Eurofighter Typhoon, JSF and A400M. We work closely with our customers to design and manufacture connector solutions to achieve optimal system performance with low cost of ownership.

Our continually developing engineering expertise, rapid prototyping and pre-production capabilities enable Hypertac to partner with our customers to provide current and next generation application solutions. We add value to our customers by offering:

•Unique, technically superior and flexible solutions that utilise the ultimate in contact performance and reliability
•Products which are fully project managed from initial concept through to final development
•Expert application knowledge ranging from specific products to system architecture
•Collective knowledge and expertise to maximise the value of our solutions to our customers

Hypertac has been awarded the AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality and environment assurance certifications.

Military High Power Connectors

Hypertac’s key operational strengths include rapid prototyping and global sourcing. With our world class engineering talent, these strengths enable us to respond quickly to customer requirements and provide them with the most reliable, rugged, high power connector solutions for use in harsh environments. Our key areas include:

•Civil and Military Aerospace
•Ground Military Fighting Vehicles
•Future Combat Systems
•Radar Installations and Communications
•Future Combat System
•Smart Munitions
•Marine and Naval Systems

Hypertac’s Core Competences

•High performance contact technology
•Design for manufacture
•Specific application knowledge
•Broad range of interconnect solutions including cable assemblies, power, high speed, filtering and transient suppression and integrated control functions
•Rapid prototyping and pre-production capability
•Global procurement to leverage best in class component manufacturing
•Project management aligned to industry requirements

Military High Speed Interconnect Solutions

Hypertac can offer an extensive range of connector solutions that meet the requirements of military specifications. Our application solutions feature EMI/EMP protection, high speed data transmission capability, high contact density and high power. Our ruggedized contact system is available in Twinax, Triax and Quadrax versions. Hypertac high speed contact system meets the requirements of Ethernet Class F (CAT 7). It is compliant with the latest Ethernet standards (IEE802.3).In addition, we offer bespoke solutions to meet application specific requirements.

The next generation of vehicles require advanced technologies that enhance their performance, survivability, mobility and stealth. The introduction of these advanced technologies mean that power management in military vehicles is more critical than ever.

With the introduction of electric drive servo systems and vetronics into modern military vehicles, the efficient generation, distribution and storage of electrical power is crucial to achieve mission success.

To meet this increasing power demand, we have expanded our range of standard and application specific interconnect solutions. The PCB range has been miniaturised to cope with the more sophisticated and complex electronic architecture used in modern vehicles. Our products include:

•Quick release single, double and triple pole power connectors
•High power and integrated rack and panel style connectors
•Single pole power terminals
•Custom cable to bulkhead connectors
•Miniature PCB connectors

Design, Engineering Manufacturing and Project Management

With proven core competence, we provide integrated engineered solutions that fit your needs, developed in a environment where innovation is part of our culture. We provide a flexible, reactive and dedicated service with the right level of supporting data, which is vital to the Military and Aerospace environment.

•Product & System Capability
•Applications Knowledge
•Rapid Product Development
•Innovation & Technology Integration
•Cost Awareness Open Culture

•Dedicated Engineering Resource
•Fully Integrated with Engineering
•Reactive Culture (F1 background)
•Fully functional parts
•Direct feedback (Design for manufacture)

•Contact & Connector Assembly
•System Integration & Test
•Cable assembly
•PCB & Flex assembly
•Production planning
•Ship to Stock Quality Rating

Project Management
•Aligned Processes & Methods
•Built-in Concurrency
•Delivers S.O.W. requirements
•Scalable model (product to system)
•Open and honest culture


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