Honeywell Safety Products has become the world’s largest personal protective equipment (PPE) provider, with annual revenues of more than $2 billion. We are backed by the powerful global resources of Honeywell International and its $1.5 billion corporate R&D budget. Honeywell Safety Products draws on the corporation’s exceptional technology and innovation capabilities to develop new materials, electronics, sensors, and communication systems.

Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication Systems


QUIETPRO® QP400 is an intelligent digital communication headset and high-level hearing protector for military use. QUIETPRO® significantly improves communications and situational awareness in noisy surroundings while protecting the users’ hearing. It adds no weight to the head and is fully compatible with all military ground, vehicle and ballistic helmets and CBRN protection gear.

This unique combination of features is targeted to enhancing the capability of the soldier performing his duty in harsh and dangerous environments, and to allow for the use of one system only for all combat scenarios.

QUIETPRO® QP400 from Honeywell Safety Products is an advanced Intelligent Hearing System that provides high-levels of ‘verifiable’ hearing protection. Hearing protection that adapts to the noise environment to permit the user to hear sounds around them – when safe to do so.

Mission Safety Critical - Two-way Military Communications


QP400 ensures mission (safety) critical two-way communications are received clearly and accurately, first time in all noise scenarios.

QP400 connects to multiple two-way radio, platform intercom, soldier navigation solutions, sniper or gunshot detection systems, smart cell phones or personal music devices. With automatic configuration of the interface to the device connected, the correct equalization (matching) of the interface is assured without any user intervention.

QP400 is designed using the core processing architecture and algorithms developed for the successful QUIETPRO and QUIETPRO+ systems. More than 63,500 of these original QUIETPRO systems have entered service with a variety of Government user groups in 15 countries worldwide.

QP400 allows the user to enhance their natural hearing so that they can hear sounds that cannot be heard with their ears alone. It also enables the user hear sounds around them ensuring that retain their localized situational awareness. Vital for their personal safety and security.

QP400 continuously adapts to the noise environment, always providing the correct level of protection, but never over protecting. The QUIETPRO® is developed to only attenuate what is absolutely necessary and only for as long as the protection is needed. When the dangerous noise is no longer present, QUIETPRO® immediately restores full hearing capability.

QUIETPRO® is designed to allow for intelligible communication in high noise environments up to 110-115dB. QUIETPRO® attenuation > 40 dB for Impulsive noise protection. Overall passive attenuation of the foam tips - SNR 34dB (EN352-2).

QP400 incorporates digital Active Noise Reduction (ANR) that provides further attenuation for low frequency noises in additional to that provided by the foam ear tips. This highly stable digital ANR system automatically activates (only when required) and cancels out the rumbling of the low frequency noise from sources such as armoured vehicles (tracked and wheeled), large engines, boats, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

QUIETPRO® has undergone many extensive and rigorous evaluation and assessment programs by independent test and validation organizations in Europe, Australia and the United States. With the exception of impulse noise testing above 160dB (explosions), testing has been conducted on human beings to assure accurate and realistically reliably results.

Soldier Hearing Protection


QP400 automatically performs a FIT TEST of the in-ear headset to ensure that a good level of hearing protection and clear two-way communications are obtained. This feature provides the user with confidence that a high level of protection is being achieved.

QP400 can be configured to connect multiple radio and communication systems. Up to 4 separate communication channels.

QP400 can connect a variety of headset types, including; the QUIETPRO in-ear high noise headset, circumaural ‘muff’ headset, on-ear / single sided headset and less overt headsets. The user is able to choose the headset and adapt the QP400 to meet their requirements or personal preference.

QP400 provides the user with an intuitive MENU function with voice feedback provided through the headset. This enables the user to control the modes and operation of the QUIETPRO system to meet their requirements and preferences. This voice feedback can be provided in different languages.

The QP400 has been designed to facilitate rapid mount-dismount transitions with mobility platforms, while maintaining continuous connectivity to the communications network.

QUIETPRO In-ear Military Headset


The new QUIETPRO in-ear headset is now available with a custom moulded ear tip or the comfort improved ear tip PROTIP. The PROTIP provides a very high level of attenuation of noise (independently tested), with a significant improvement in user comfort. Consequentially, the headset can be worn continuously for extended periods of time.

The QP400 has been designed with the capacity to introduce new features and capability enhancements through software modifications only.

Overview of the QP400

The QP400 retains the core processing architecture and mathematical algorithms of the battle proven QUIETPRO® and QUIETPRO+ products. In excess of 63,500 of these original products have been delivered to customers worldwide.

The feedback and experience gained from this extensive base of installed products has driven the fundament redesign of the product to achieve the QP400.

  • Redesigned the Control (processing) Unit. More tactile and simplified user controls.
  • Intuitive Menu system to control functions and modes of the system. Spoken voice feedback is provided to user through the headset – greatly reduces the time required to train on the operation of the system.
  • Comfort improved ear tips.
  • Placement of all cables and connectors on one side of the Control Unit to allow greater mounting options on the vest or load carriage system to suit the user.
  • Interchangeable headsets – user selectable depending upon mission or personal preference.
  • Compatibility with legacy in-service headsets using QP400 adapter cables.
  • User configurable Control Unit mounting options.
  • Increased number of communication channels from 2 to 4 (independent channels)
  • Automatic Configuration of system to communication device(s) connected.
  • Dedicated tactical radio and platform / mobility connection points, with high reliability, rapid disconnect connectors.
  • Reduced weight
  • Quick release connectors for easy connection/disconnect
  • Replaceable mounting brackets to provide full flexibility of mounting options

QUIETPRO System Components

  • Headset with two lightweight in-ear earpieces.
  • Control Unit with 3 PTT buttons (primary controls) and menu, confirm and volume buttons (secondary controls)
  • Interface cables for other audio devices such as vehicle intercoms and alternative tactical radios.
  • Optional wireless ‘dual’ PTT.
  • Optional wired one button chest PTT or one button finger PTT
  • Optional headset adapter cable to connect end customer legacy headsets to the QP400.
  • Y splitter cable to enable two separate radios to be connected to the radio communication connector


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