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Guartel Technologies Ltd is an established company which has built its' reputation on the design, development and manufacture of high quality, professional metal, mine and command wire detection equipment, for use in Counter IED, EOD, WIT & Search operations. Guartel conducts a continuous programme of R&D to meet current and emerging threats. The company is ISO 9001:2008 registered and is security cleared by UK MoD.

Key Counter IED and Search Products

Buried/Underground Cable Detectors - WD100

The WD100, buried/underground Cable Detector is the only commercially available detector specifically designed to detect surface laid and buried command wires used to initiate Command Wire Improvised Explosive Devices (CWIED).

Military Metal Detecting Probes - MD4

The military metal detecting probe MD4 is used by many NATO countries, it is rugged and simple to use The detection capabilities allow the operator to locate small targets and to gauge the depth and size of objects such as victim operated switches. MD4 is self calibrating with operator zeroing function.

Military Mine and Metal Detectors - MD8+

Ergonomic, simple to use high sensitivity military metal/mine detector, the MD8+ employs the latest digital technology and high speed pulse induction which allow the detection of the smallest metallic targets.

Rugged Hand Held Metal Detectors - HD7

The rugged hand held metal detector HD7, is simple to use and is weather resistant and can be utilized indoors or out doors. HD7 can be used for person search. personal area search and target confirmation. Alarm modes: silent vibrate, audio, visual/audio.

New Products – MD3000 Multi Role Metal Detection Kit, designed for use by police search teams and other investigative agencies, the MD3000 is a state of the art easy to use detector. The MD3000 has two inter-changeable search heads, a halo for general area search and a probe for use in undergrowth and narrow cavities.

Command Wire Detector - WD10

WD10 is a high performance passive command wire detector for use by CIED Search teams and IEDD operators. The detector is easy to use, having simple controls for power and pin-pointing a target.


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