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KITCO Fiber Optics is a leading provider of fiber optic connectorization products and consulting services to the military and commercial communications industry. We specialize in the design and fabrication of fiber optic tools, tool kits and custom cable assemblies; producing private label kits for a number of major connector manufacturers and selling our own broad line of products; field services providing on-site termination, splicing, troubleshooting and testing support, and hands-on training and certification programs.

Fibre Optic Connectorization

We are considered to be fiber optic connectivity experts to the defense industry and for over 10 years have customized our products and services to meet strict military standards. We work with and support major defense contractors and government agencies such as General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, L3 Communications, AMSEC, SAIC, NASA, the U.S. Armed Forces and other U.S. Government agencies.

Field Services - KITCO Fiber Optics Field Service experts are highly qualified, industry-certified technicians with extensive field experience in a wide range of fiber optic applications.  We can provide turnkey services or support your workforce in all aspects of your fiber network implementation, from initial terminations through final system testing and certification.  Our skilled team can troubleshoot, terminate, splice (fusion and mechanical) and provide final system testing for a wide range of fiber optic applications from conventional to Blown Optical Fiber (BOF).   Additionally, our Field Service specialists are prepared to respond to any fiber optic requirement anytime, anywhere; rapidly providing the best connectivity solutions for overcoming system problems and delays.  Final system acceptance, troubleshooting, and inspection are the hallmarks of our superior reputation.

Our Department of Defense and commercial on-site Field Services capabilities include:

Military Services:

• Termination:  M28876, M29504, M83522, COTS SC, M38999, D38999 W/ MTRJ, Hermaphroditic, TFOCA and TFOCA II, Deutsche MC3MKII.
• Testing and Troubleshooting:  Link Loss testing, Optical Return Loss (ORL), Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and troubleshooting.
• Certification/License for BOF
• Fiber Optic Cable Mapping
• System Repair (I.E. Connector and Cable)
• Consulting to the MIL-STD-2042(B)
• C5RA, Fiber Optic Cable Plant Inspection
• Ship’s Operational Verification and Testing (SOVT) and records of FOCP (Fiber Optic Cable Plant)
• INSURV inspections
• Technical Support (ON-SITE)

Commercial Services:

• Termination: 3M, AMP, Lucent, Deutsche, Delphi Hermaphroditic, and 1145846.
• Testing and Troubleshooting:  Link Loss testing, Optical Return Loss (ORL), Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and troubleshooting.
• Certification/ License for BOF
• Fiber Optic Cable Mapping
• System Repair (I.E. Connector and Cable)
• Fusion and Mechanical Splicing

Training - KITCO Fiber Optics has provided training since 1992. We have trained over 10,000 students and have earned an outstanding reputation for both our commercial and military fiber optic training. Previous attendees of our courses have included employees from Verizon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Cox Communications, Northrop Grumman, Lucent Technologies, FedEx, NASA, Raytheon, Delphi Connection Systems, as well as the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Coast Guard (to name a few).

Not only do our classes provide our students with the best training available, we also offer valuable industry recognized certifications. Upon successful completion of applicable requirements, our commercial students earn 3M Factory, NetTest or Acterna Certification, as well as a KITCO certificate, confirming their skills and course participation. In addition, students have the option to obtain the Certified Fiber Optic Installer and Technician Certificates awarded in conjunction with the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA). Participants will also earn BICSI Continuing Education Credit (CEC) hours towards Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD), LAN Specialist, and/or Installation. Our shipboard course provides the opportunity for factory certification from Delphi Connection Systems.

Qualifications / Certifications

• Secret Clearance
• RCDD, Registered Communications Distribution Designer; BICSI
• TPM, Telecommunications Project Manager; TPMA
• CFOD, Certified Fiber Optics Designer; ETA
• CFOT, Certified Fiber Optics Technician; ETA
• CFOI, Certified Fiber Optics Installer; ETA
• SAE FAB, Aerospace Fiber Optics Fabricator; ETA
• Military Fiber Optics Connectors (Instructor Certified); Delphi Connection Systems
• OTDR (Instructor Certified); G.N. Nettest
• Fusion Splicer (Instructor Certified); Alcoa Fujikura
• Air Blown Fiber (Instructor Certified); General Cable Blown Fiber (BLO-LITE)
• Fiber Optics (Instructor Certified); 3M (All Connectors)
• Fiber Optics(Instructor Certified); AMP (ST, SC, MTRJ)
• Installation/ Splicing (Instructor Certified); Lucent Technologies
• Certified Military Fiber Optics Training Course; KITCO
• Certified Fiber Optic Technician Course; KITCO
• Aviation Fiber Optic Technician Course; KITCO
• Aerospace Fiber Optic Fabricator Course; KITCO

Military Cable Assemblies

KITCO technicians’ custom build a comprehensive line of cable assemblies for the DOD and its contractors. Our diverse capabilities include the ability to build many types of assemblies and rapidly respond to customer requirements, strictly adhering to MIL-STDS when specified. Working in a clean room setting, KITCO technicians terminate a wide variety of connectors on multiple types of fiber. We specialize in M28876, TFOCA, Hermaphroditic, ST, FC, SC, LC and FDDI connectors and are equipped to handle various ferrule sizes, core and cladding sizes, flat or domed polishes and singlemode or multimode applications.

Summary – KITCO Fiber Optics has been supporting the Department of Defense and Defense Industry for over ten years with fiber optic products and services that support land, air, and sea tactical systems with high data rate and security requirements.


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