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For over 80 years L-3 Link Simulation & Training has provided flight simulation innovations. Today we remain a leading systems integrator supplying advanced simulation systems and training services for both U.S. and international military services.

L-3 Link provides turnkey aircrew training services, fixed-wing simulators, rotary wing trainers, unmanned aircraft crew training devices, networked simulation systems, advanced image generation and visual display systems, and a full range of training services.

Aircrew Training Systems

Working closely with our customers, we define training requirements, develop performance-based training objectives and arrive at an optimum mix of training media that combine to deliver cost-effective training solutions. From classroom instruction to computer-based training to high-fidelity simulation, L-3 Link provides a full range of leading edge products and services designed to produce mission ready aircrews.

Today, L-3 Link operates aircrew training systems in support of a variety of platforms including the B-2 bomber, E-3 AWACS, E-6B TACAMO, E-8 JSTARS, T-1A Jayhawk and C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft.

Fixed-Wing Simulators for F-22, F/A-18, F-16, and B-2

L-3 Link reduces new program risk, non-recurring costs and the time it takes to deliver customer-tailored training solutions by leveraging technologies across our broad IR&D efforts and extensive simulation program base. Our cost-effective, scalable range of fixed-wing simulation systems share a Common Training Solution Architecture™ that supports industry-leading technology insertion and reuse capabilities.

L-3 Link is building new and upgrading fielded simulators for the F-22, F/A-18, F-16, B-2, C-27J, T-1A and P-3C. In addition to being the sole provider of pilot training devices for the F-22 and B-2, L-3 Link has significant shares of the F/A-18 simulator and F-16 trainer markets worldwide.

P-3C Tactical Operational Readiness Trainers enable Orion aircrews to practice acquiring information from sensor systems and using this data and communications with other platforms in executing ISR, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare missions.

Rotary Wing Simulators

To support a full-range of rotary wing mission profiles, L-3 Link specializes in delivering training systems and support services that are marked by technology innovation, cost-effectiveness and full life cycle support. Our goal is to create training systems that provide realistic operational scenarios and prepare aircrews for mission success.

Today, L-3 Link serves as the prime contractor for the U.S. Army’s Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) program and as a major subcontractor on the service’s Flight School XXI training system program. In support of both of these helicopter training systems, L-3 Link is building and supporting simulators to train aircrews on the Army’s front line attack, reconnaissance, utility and cargo platforms. Twenty-three AVCATT systems have been delivered to date and L-3 Link is under contract or has delivered 35 training devices to the Flight School XXI program.

Unmanned Aircraft Simulation

L-3 Link is the prime contractor for the Predator Mission Aircrew Training Systems (PMATS), which provides pilot and sensor operator training for the U.S. Air Force’s Predator and Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

PMATS units, which provide immersive, high-fidelity simulation solutions for MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper crew training, are integrated with actual GCS hardware and software in addition to L-3 Link simulation software and visual systems.

Our platform agnostic unmanned aircraft system (UAS) simulation approach can be integrated with any ground control station hardware system. Combined with our ability to support collective manned and unmanned training, L-3 Link offers the broadest range of UAS training solutions designed to enhance aircrew mission performance and readiness.

L-3 Link also has teamed with the University of North Dakota to create the first non-military UAS Training Center to provide Predator and Reaper aircrew training. The training center, which opens in 2011, offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to produce qualified aircrews.  

Simulation Technology Advancements

L-3 Link’s HD World™ integrated simulation product line is designed to provide warfighters with more realistic and relevant training. HD World’s integrated product line includes:

• PC-based image generation (SimuView® HD)
• 360° dodecahedron visual display (SimuSphere® HD)
• high definition visual system databases
• physics-based processing technology
• night vision goggle simulation
• the ability to populate a combat/peacekeeping area with thousands of moving entities

HD World solutions are being used today on the F-16 Mission Training Center and PMATS programs, supporting highly interactive, interoperable and mission-capable training systems.

Air Traffic Control Training

The Link Simulation & Training Air Traffic Control Academy trains students to meet Federal Aviation Administration certification requirements for control tower operators. Students train for 10 months and receive academic, simulation and on-the-job training that includes directing live air traffic at a Link-operated air traffic control tower.

Training Services

L-3 Link provides a wide range of services in the development, operation and support of training programs. These training services include managing and operating training systems, using instructional systems design to develop effective training media, providing on-site simulator support, conducting simulator modifications and supporting military customers with simulation and training research expertise.


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