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Since decades the Losberger Group has worked on design, development and manufacturing of an extensive and comprehensive range of tents and halls for our customers in the fields of special events, business, civil defense and military operations at the highest levels of quality, service and after-sales. Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems is the result of a merger of the companies TMB, Bachmann and Autoflug Inflatable Structures.
Losberger RDS is the military subsidiary of Losberger France SAS, former Walter SAS and has been successfully supplying products for the civilian emergency, disaster control, humanitarian relief, decontamination and military markets for over 20 years.

Our expertise in these sectors is a result of bespoke patented designs and the highest standards of manufacturing, well-trained and experienced craftsmen and the use of the finest quality of materials.  Most RDS structures are designed for military use and can be rapidly deployed to provide fast and effective protection to people and valuable equipment. In the event of an emergency or where there is a requirement for immediate deployment, Losberger Rapid Deployment Shelters can supply a variety of products that are suited for short or long term use.  Losberger RDS offers global solutions, from an initial design proposal, to supply, installation and maintenance.  Most of our products have a NATO stock number.

Fast Deployable Shelters (AMD)

The ultra-fast deployable AMD shelters are designed primarily to serve as maintenance shops, but perform equally well as meeting rooms or reception and conference areas. The AMD is packed on a trailer, a container platform or semi-trailer with a hydraulic self-erecting system.

The covered floor space is 60m², 120m², 250m² or 340m², depending on the model. Assembling an AMD is ultra-fast: for instance, the AMD 60 is deployed in less than 10 minutes by just one person.

Modular Shelter Systems (P16)

Modular shelters are primarily used as dry air storage, maintenance halls or serve as garages. Permanently or semi-permanently installed, they are anchored to a flat platform. They may also be installed and weighted down by steel/concrete blocks or water tanks.

Complete waterproofness makes it possible to control the interior humidity of the shelter. Access is made possible through 1 or 2 fully opening gable ends or via roll-up doors (4.50 m x 4.50 m).
These shelters can be transported in 20’ containers or on aircraft pallets.

Inflatable Tents (TAG NG 42)

The TAG inflatable NG tent is ready for use in just a few minutes thanks to its inflatable frame. The speed and ease of deployment make the TAG NG ideal as medical posts, command centers and emergency shelters for example. Its weatherproof and robust construction, along with a set of accessories, ensures the TAG NG's efficient use on any type of terrain and climatic condition. All tents can be carried by hand to the place of use. One or two persons using an electric inflator install the inflatable TAG NG tent in less than 5 minutes. Thanks to their modular design, the tents can be connected to each other in any direction (gable doors and side doors). The tent is made of durable fire and UV resistant PVC coated polyester fabric, using HF welding to construct the cover and floor into one enclosure.

Mobile Hospital/Field Hospital (Field Hospital TAG NG)

A first field hospital has been supplied to the Italian Red Cross of Lombardy in 2002. This hospital was configured out of tents ranging in size from 40 to 100 m², in compliance with the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Defense. The advantages were, above all, rapid deployment and modularity. A 42 m² tent can be erected by just 2 people in 3 to 5 minutes. The modularity of the structures allowed a suitable layout of the field wards and operation theatres depending on the circumstances of the location. The hospital has been used since for several missions and emergencies (Larino, Iraq, Sri Lanka). The cooperation with personnel of the Italian Red Cross of Lombardy who lived and worked in the structure was crucial for perfecting the product. Based on the feedback from the various field missions, the R&D and design department has focused all efforts on improving the tents on numerous details. The result of the cooperation with the Red Cross is the New 2007 Field Hospital. The next-generation pneumatic structures are perfect in modularity, durability and ease of maintenance. We supply inflatable field hospitals, whether or not in combination with (expendable) container for the OT, ICU and ablution for example, from a 2-bed medical post to a 150-bed and fully equipped turnkey solution.
Our inflatable field hospitals are in use by armies, emergency response units and humanitarian aid organizations around the world.

Inflatable Military CBRN Tents

Inflatable CBRN tents for collective protection of people against NBC threats.
These tents combine the rapid deployment of a TAG NG inflatable tent with a sealed NBC liner.

The living area inside the tent is over-pressured with filtered air. The entrance is fitted with an over-pressured air lock. The fabric NBC liner protects the persons inside against all toxic chemicals for a minimum of 24 hours.

Military Dome Shelters for Protection

Domes are dedicated to the protection and cover of sensitive equipment such as radars, missiles, vehicles or helicopters under extreme climate conditions. Composed of a galvanized steel frame and a heavy-duty PVC coated fabric caver, the domes are available in standards diameters of 9, 11, 13, 16 and 20 meters. The dome shelters can open extremely fast: operated by an electric gearbox, the opening and closing of the dome takes less than 3 seconds and is fitted with a manual safety system. Our specialized technicians provide worldwide service and support for all the systems we supply.



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