The O’Gara Group - Sensor Systems Division

The Sensor Systems Division of The O'Gara Group designs and manufactures enhanced technology products that provide Special Operations, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and other specialized users with improved situational awareness in both night and day operations.

  • Intensified Night Vision Systems
  • Sensor Fusion Systems
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) and Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) Systems
  • A full range of Head / Helmet Mounting Accessories
  • Combat ID Systems
  • Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (TTL) Beacons
  • Digital and Fused Night Vision Devices for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance)
  • Laser Illuminators and Pointers

Low Profile Night Vision Goggle - AN/PVS-21


Low profile design with a total depth of just over 3 inches, unequaled for aggressive night operations, such as, rapid terrain traversal, weapons employment, parachuting, close-quarter battle, and vehicle operations. See-through optics design eliminates tunnel vision and enables smooth, natural transition from dark to light, defeats blinding glare and improves operations during ambient light surges. Cup-less eyepieces enhance situational awareness with improved peripheral vision, the low profile also results in a larger field of regard.

  • Low Profile design enables aggressive night mobility
  • Unique "see-through" beamcombiner system capitalises on both intensified and normal (unintensified) vision
  • See-through capability permits seamless ops when encountering bright light conditions
  • 40° FOV Dual Tube System
  • Sensor Fusion capability with integrated Heads Up Display
  • Rugged design features water proof construction up to 10m
  • IR-LEDs enable zero ambient light operations
  • Use of conventional batteries (Single AA battery - 1.5V Alkaline - 3.6V Lithium)
  • Less than 8 cm deep
  • Low movement arm compared to conventional NV equipment
  • Profile and improved centre of gravity enhance capabilities in confined spaces and permits aggressive use in rough terrain
  • Compatibility with existing head straps and helmet mounting systems (NATO standard)
  • Significantly enhances ease of use with weapons

Low Profile Night Vision Monocular

 The Model 2740 Low Profile Night Vision Monocular is the monocular version of the AN/PVS-21 Low Profile Night Vision Goggle and maintains all the same powerful features, including Sensor Fusion capability. Left and right versions available.


  • Low profile design significantly enhances night mobility
  • See-through optics instantly transition to bright light
  • Enhanced situational awareness with sensor integration
  • Battle proven. The most rugged system available
  • Large un-intensified field of view
  • Improved depth perception and close-in field of regard
  • Eliminates vertigo and tunnel vision of conventional systems
  • Reduced centre of gravity for comfortable, extended wear

Accessories including Helmet Mounting options and Head Harness

 The Head Harness is a proven design for helmet-less Night Vision and Day Viewer applications, provides for full equipment security and operator comfort. The STS (Sensor Technology Systems) Stowage Mount is specifically designed for use with the LPNVG (AN/PVS-21), LPNVM(Monocular), or Day-viewer and integrates into the standard NATO helmet mount.


The mount has adjustment mechanisms which easily permit up/down and fore/aft positioning of the attached device.  In addition, the fixed mount provides a course tilt adjustment to center the attached device for proper eye alignment.  Finite tilt adjustments are made using the tilt mechanism found on the Low Profile Night Vision Goggle, Low Profile Night Vision Monocular, or Day-viewer. The viewing device can be quickly removed from the Fixed Mount and the mount is also easily dismounted from the helmet receiver. Stowing of the goggle or monocular is simply achieved by rotating the PVS-21 upward out of the line of sight.

Conformal Enhanced Heads Up Display – Sensor Fusion

Every AN/PVS-21 is CEHUD capable, (as shown above) providing operators with the only night vision goggle available today with integrated sensor fusion for night and day operations. Displays input from virtually any composite video or analog SVGA source in hi-res color or black and white, including real time downlinks, FLIR, wearable PC, thermal imaging, weapon sites, and vehicle systems.


This enables seamless information overlay, providing operators real time and heads up command of their surroundings and tasks at hand. Capable of wireless reception of detached or distant information sources with optional transmitter/receiver systems. Display module adds only 30gms of weight to the goggle; personnel retain excellent maneuverability even during the most rigorous situations. Battery pack designed to fit protection vests or and comfortably worn on user.

NOVA - Multi-Spectral Combat ID Beacon

The Nova is a multi-spectral combat ID beacon for covertly marking blue force personnel and vehicles. It includes broadband thermal, NIR and white LED emitters. When operated in thermal mode, it emits no visible signature and is undetectable by conventional night vision equipment.


The Nova has an optical output of approximately 480 mW in the mid-wave IR band (3 to 5 micron), 104 mW in the long-wave IR band (8 to 12 micron), 450 mW in the NIR band (850 nm), and 80 lumens in the visible spectrum. The beacon's wide divergence and high power ensures high visibility to air or ground mounted thermal imaging systems and night vision devices. The self-contained unit can be easily configured for use on a helmet, MOLLE vest, pack, or vehicle.

  • Positive ID of blue force personnel and vehicles from ground based and airborne thermal imagers, targeting systems, and NVGs
  • Covert - When operated in thermal mode the Nova is undetectable by all visible and NIR cameras and image intensified night vision devices
  • Six emitter locations can be populated with any combination of emitters
  • Multiple Nova beacons can be synchronized to flash in unison

Star Thermal IFF Beacon

The Star Beacon is a thermal combat ID beacon for covertly marking blue force personnel and vehicles. It emits no visible signature and is undetectable by conventional night vision equipment. The Star Beacon has an output of approximately 2300 mW in the mid-wave IR band (3 to 5 micron) and/or 400 mW in the long-wave IR band (8 to 12 microns).


The beacon emits in a full hemispherical pattern for high visibility to air or ground mounted thermal imaging systems. The emitter head, battery pack, and mount system can be easily configured for use on a helmet, vehicle, MOLLE vest, or pack.

  • Positive ID of blue force assets from both ground and airborne thermal imaging systems
  • 1 km visibility to cooled LWIR imagers - 10 km visibility in MWIR with common imagers
  • Invisible to Gen III image intensifiers
  • Small and low profile - available with mounts for helmets, MOLLE vests, and vehicles
  • Multiple star beacons can be synchronized to flash in unison
  • Full hemispherical divergence from the horizon to zenith

Military Laser Illuminator and Pointer - Cyclops III

The Cyclops III is a compact handheld laser pointer and illuminator. With over 1 watt of optical power in the 852 nm version, it is the most powerful handheld NIR laser pointer on the market. The beam is adjustable from a collimated spot to a 4.5 degree flood. It is available in several wavelengths including 852, 1064, and 1550 nm. Weapon mount versions of the Cyclops III are also available.


  • Point out targets day and night at ranges over 5 km. Laser beam is visible for over 35 km
  • Compact design easily fits in the palm of your hand, ammo pouch, or vest pocket
  • CW and pulse modes - small spot size, divergence < 0.5 mrad
  • Also functions as a long range IR illuminator with a high power and uniform illumination beam - greatly extends the effective range of night vision devices

About The O’Gara Group - Other Divisions
The O’Gara Training & Services Division provides comprehensive anti-terrorism, force protection, and tactical training for the military, as well as federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. O’Gara delivers world class training at any client’s location and currently operates cutting edge tactical training facilities in Montross VA, Alton VA, and Barksdale TX. Each facility features unique terrain, capabilities, and amenities. World-class instructors provide advanced driver’s training, force protection, convoy operations, close quarters battle, marksmanship and advanced sniper training for both short and long range weapons. Each facility provides comprehensive security training which exceeds most requirements for military and security training.

The O’Gara’s Mobile Systems Division is a global provider of discretely armored civilian vehicles. We possess the capability to design and integrate armor solutions into commercially available vehicles. Additionally O’Gara retains the competency to integrate suspension, electrical, trim modifications and through life support in order to deliver an all inclusive vehicle solution. The O’Gara Group’s recent addition of Protection Devices Inc. (PDI) to their Mobile Security Division complements their existing product portfolio. The heritage business in San Antonio, Texas currently manufactures Department of State specified vehicles consisting of the Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Express Van and the Toyota Land Cruiser 76-Series.


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