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Established in 1972, MS Instruments is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of ballistic instrumentation and live-fire training equipment for ground and air training. Working with the expertise of our wholly owned subsidiary, Wiltshire Ballistic Services (WBS), we can provide proven, rugged and well-built products for most internal and external applications. Used by governments, Armed Forces and manufacturing companies worldwide, when combined with our leading edge software, our instrumentation delivers flexible and individually tailored solutions.

Live Fire Ground Target Training


Our equipment can be used indoors or out and is rugged, reliable, highly accurate, flexible, easy to use and configure, and can run different training combinations simultaneously. The system produces instantaneous results wirelessly to the firer or instructor on a firing point monitor, enabling rapid analysis and improvement of performance. This information is also available at a central range controller for analysis by the Range Officer or stored for future use. Our systems are in service throughout the world in a variety of different environments. The system uses acoustic scoring technology, meaning there are no false recordings from stones and debris. Larger scale versions are available for tank gunnery training using heavy duty targets and lifters and like their smaller counterparts can be made to pop-up and down, fall when hit and move on rails.

Live Fire Air to Ground Target Training


We also supply systems for training and assessing the performance of a pilot in the air-to-ground strafing and bombing role. Using Windows®-based software, the strafe system records details of the pilot, aircraft type and registration, stores type and attack profile. It produces instantaneous results that are relayed back to the control tower which can then be passed onto the pilot and recorded for later detailed analysis. Like the ground training system, it uses acoustic technology to reduce false triggers. The bombing system is semi-automatic and consists of two sighting quadrants that are used to triangulate the fall of the bomb. An operator logs the angular measurement which is then sent by UHF link to the tower where the software displays the bomb position on screen to be relayed to the pilot. Both systems have been designed to be real-to-life and have been in service with the Royal Air Force for well over 15 years.

Ballistic Instrumentation

Projectile Velocity Measuring System (PVMS)


Our comprehensive range of instrumentation can be used to measure all the ballistic parameters of subsonic and supersonic projectiles. Our sensors can be connected either by cable or wirelessly to a single Range Processor, be it a standard PC or laptop. By using GPS to locate every event, in both time and space, the information recorded is extremely accurate. The company provides its own BallisticsDB software giving full control and diagnostics of the connected equipment as well as data warehousing and statistical analysis capabilities. The system is Windows®-based for ease of operation. Our Projectile Velocity Measuring System (PVMS) can measure velocities extremely accurately to within 0.02% in bright or low light conditions and has been sold around the world. We can provide all the equipment required to create an entire test range to customer requirements.

Automated Flight Follower (AFF) System


Where normal ballistic instrumentation is not enough, and for a more detailed analysis of the flight of a projectile, MS Instruments has developed a fully Automated Flight Follower system (AFF).
This was developed to meet the high speed imaging needs of modern ammunition designers and manufacturers.  The system allows the user to see quickly any flaws within the ammunition that would otherwise be invisible, saving time and further costly trials. The images produced are so detailed that you can actually see the supersonic shock wave being created by the projectile.

The system uses a high speed camera (the model of which can be specified by the customer) and computer controlled rotating mirror programmed to rotate at the correct speed such that the camera will follow the projectile in flight. The dedicated analysis software is able to record velocity, drag correction, trigger delay and is also able to calculate and show even minor yaw and pitch variations.

Forensic Weapon Testing and Analysis


MS Instruments’ equipment can be used for forensic investigations to identify weapon or ammunition performance in forensic cases and to train officers in recognising shot patterns. We provide equipment for ballistic gel analysis for both evidence gathering purposes and the study and demonstration of the effects of a projectile on body tissue. We also supply the software to deliver accurate analytical results, and the necessary equipment to make up ballistic gel to exacting standards. Our projectile velocity measurement systems (PVMS) and strawboard imager can assist in weapon and ammunition identification and for gathering information on characterisation of fragment size, energy and distribution. Information gathered can help determine lethality of a projectile and provide crucial evidence in a case.

Our forensic equipment is in service with police forces and forensic laboratories throughout the UK.

Nimbus Non-Lethal Vehicle Protection System


Nimbus comprises a series of covertly fitted pyrotechnic devices that are fired from within the vehicle to distract, disorientate and deprive attackers of any advantage. Using smoke, sound and airburst units, the system gives the edge back to the inhabitants of the vehicle. Completely controlled from within the vehicle, it provides an effective countermeasure by creating  a dense smoke screen, while sound and flash-bang units disorientate the attacker(s),  scattering any shots fired. These units can be deployed individually, as a single bank on either side or all at once. Nimbus can also incorporate a tracker that can alert the home base or mobile phone device that the system has been fired, giving an exact location anywhere in the world, enabling appropriate action to be taken.

Ballistic Testing

Our wholly owned subsidiary, Wiltshire Ballistic Services (WBS), has been undertaking ballistic trials in its dedicated ballistic test facility for almost 30 years. It offers a secure indoor firing range and is completely independent from any armour or weapons manufacturer.

Further information can be found on the WBS page here -


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