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Simms International plc is a leading provider of DRAM and NAND Flash technology for the corporate and industrial markets in the UK. 

The memory market is widely considered to be one of the most challenging in the I.T sector; it is constantly evolving and highly competitive. Since inception in 1990 our devotion to this niche has led to us shipping in excess of 50 million units to businesses predominately but not exclusively in the UK.


The solutions we offer can be found in various applications ranging from complex electronic systems for industry to more traditional computing platforms for business.   

Our focus is on providing the best expertise, service and support related to the memory technologies that we offer; it is what helps our partners to expand their competitive advantage and sets us apart from the competition. 

Our mission is simple,

To be the UK’s most trusted and respected memory provider. To do this we have established a culture which supports and empowers our team members and we are committed to being dynamic, focussed and specialists in everything we do.  

Technology Experts

Simms has been providing memory and data storage technology into the defence sector for over 25 years at all levels of the supply chain. We are a trusted source of impartial technical advice for the products we stock. We know this technology and supply industrial grade items which are often customised to customer requirements. We can assist and advise every step of the way with dedicated account management and unrivalled product technical knowledge.

Simms are experts in SSD, PCMCIA, SD, mSATA, slimSATA, M.2, Dimm, SODIMM, DOM, embedded storage, and encrypted storage solutions. We offer technology from only the best global manufacturers and offer a product portfolio unrivalled from other distributors.

Customer Understanding

Our customers are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM’s) and System Integrator’s/Designers. We understand their expertise lie in creating innovative technology solutions designed to address specific industry challenges. Delivered by improving an existing solution in regards to cost, functionality and technology advancement. Or the introduction of pioneering methods that will highlight a gap in the market and address customer / industry challenges that were previously unknown.

At  Simms we get to know our customers intimately so we understand their goals and help them achieve success. It is this understanding over 25 years that has helped form and continues to shape our capabilities.

Technology & Services 

Simms provides customers with an end to end service. The very nature of NAND Flash requires a knowledge and assistance to be provided to customers to ensure they have the right product at the right price. In many instances NAND Flash sales cannot be seen as an off the shelf sale.

We at Simms understand the Technologies of the Memory and Storage Sector and make it our  business to provide the services around the product that ensure the customer is fully satisfied with the end result.

Controlled BOM (Bill Of Materials)

To ensure that once tests are completed, the customer can be sure that each new delivery will have exactly the same component and build.

Obsolescence Management

Many customers, especially in Industrial, need to have complete control over the products they use in their systems. There is usually an obligation on them to provide a Bill of Materials of the finished system along with all test reports and Certification. Deviation through changes in parts will mean that tests and certification will need to be carried out again at great cost in time and expense. By working with our partners we can ensure that we help design in parts with the longest life times, provide advance notice of changes so that customers can make last time buys with the help of Simms and also to find the right replacement part.

Failure Analysis

Failures are a fact of life and whilst we aim to supply parts that have a good record in quality failures can still occur. In many applications it is imperative to understand why parts fail to determine whether there is a risk to other users of a customer equipment and also to the reputation of the customer. In Strategic case we can work with customers and partners to understand the fault, the reason and also what can be done to ensure the fault is alleviated. We can then work with the customer, to come up with a course of action.


We can provide Services to make it easier for our customers to build their products.

Project Registration

Simms will register our customers projects to have the required support from the Partner company as well as ensuring a smooth operation for products that have been customised as above.

Technical Support

Through our experienced Technical team, we can help to identify issues which can occur due to incompatibility, failures induced by customers systems and also failure of parts. Simms has equipment that can be used to accelerate the time taken to find solutions, without fully depending on the vendor partners. Services such as Content Upload, Change of Settings, Identification, Labelling, conformal coating and also firmware fixing can all be carried out by Simms.

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