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mb-microtec ag is the world’s leading manufacturer of Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS).  The family owned company with approx. 60 plus employees is situated in the village of Niederwangen; on the outskirts of the Swiss Capital of Berne.

Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS)

mb-microtec ag specialises in the development testing, manufacturing and supply of GTLS in various sizes and shapes for use in numerous products within the civilian, military and OEM industries.
The company provides GTLS to a large number of OEM worldwide for use in their products which includes products such as Watches, Compass, Map-Readers, Route Markers, Arch Markers and Gun sights.
The company also assists in the development and manufacture of products to customer specification, as well as acting as consultants for issues involving licencing, the safe handling, disposal and re cycling of Tritium.


GLTS are glass forms in various shapes, sizes and colors produced from borosilicate glass (Pyrex) the smallest being just 0.5mm in diameter and 1.6mm in length which are coated internally with phosphorescent material and then filled with tritium gas. The forms are extremely safe, are hermetically sealed and are not affected by water, oil and most other corrosive materials.

Tritium was discovered in 1934 by Ernest Rutherford, ML Oliphant and Paul Harteck, tritium (T, or H3) is the third isotope of hydrogen. It is unstable and disintegrates whilst sending out beta radiation (electrons) and has a half-life time of 12.3 years. During this transition, each atom emits just one electron, which leaves the core with a maximum energy of approx. 18 KeV. The energy is very low compared with other radioactive isotopes, which means the electron is unable to penetrate the human skin and can be stopped easily by a sheet of paper. This makes it extremely safe when used in combination with our GTLS. As the Tritium is in a gaseous form and lighter than air, should a GTLS break the gas disperses to the atmosphere at over 3m/sec


Trigalight® Technology

mb-microtec ag manufactures trigalights in a number of different shapes sizes and colours . A trigalight is a self-activated cold light source, requiring neither power supply nor wiring, formed from borosilicate glass, internally coated with one of a range of phosphors and filled with Tritium gas. Trigalight products are intrinsically safe, and are unaffected by water, oil and most corrosive materials. Additionally trigalights are also:

  • Filament free are highly resistant to shock, temperature and vibration
  • Maintenance free and intrinsically safe
  • Chemically inert
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) proof
  • Long in service life, guaranteed to glow for at least 10 years

Trigalight® Tactical Insert®

trigalight inserts are metal sleeved, sapphire crystal protected trigalights.
The so called tactical inserts find wide application within the gun sight illumination sector.


Their absolutely outstanding reliability which requires no external power source and they have even greater benefits when it comes to after sales costs, compactness and durability. All tactical inserts are tested to withstand extreme shock and weather conditions and come with a 10 year illumination warranty.
Tactical inserts can be used at temperatures ranging from -94 deg. to 250 deg. Fahrenheit, not only for a short period but for several years if needed.

Trigalight® Lynx System®

Optical Gun Sighting Systems

The patented combination of fibre optics and trigalight GTLS makes it possible. The lynx systems is always ready require no other power or energy source, or warm up time and never needs to be adjusted for brightness. Based on simple physic, one of the most reliable optical gun sighting systems ever invented.
The fibre optics collects the surrounding light and guides it to the end of the fibre where it shows up as an illuminated ring (red or green depending on the fibre colour).


As soon as there is not enough surrounding light the trigalight® GTLS starts to glow and shows up as a green dot on the sight.  This process happens in real time with absolutely no time delay.

There are no buttons, wheels, knobs, batteries or wires needed ... just a standard place and forget metal mount, as comes with every iron sight. You can holster or store your gun knowing that whenever you will need it again, your gun sight will be instantly ready for duty.

GTLS Technology - Traser® Watches

mg-microtec ag are proud to be the manufactures of the first ever watch containing the GTLS technology. Traser produce a large variety of watches variety including watches designed for Divers, Military, Police or Special Forces sector which are produced and tested according to the strict US MIL- G- 46374G.


As the watches contain the GTLS technology they are always ready to go and require no added light or energy source to make them glow which means you can see your watch anytime, anyplace and in any light conditions. The watches are also available as a so called “private label watch” giving you the opportunity to design your own unique personalized watches for your Unit, Company, Regiment or Corp. Please contact us at

Other Products Using Trigalights®

GTLS Map Readers and Compasses

Our GTLS are used by a number of different watch manufactures worldwide, As well as watches our GTLS can be found in Map readers, Compasses,  Defile markers, Bivy zip Markers, Kit Markers and Emergency Exit sign to name just a few. Further information can be found at



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