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Microporous Insulation in Peacekeeping

The Microtherm Group has been the leading global provider of microporous insulation solutions for more than 40 years. They are the originators of many of the insulation system concepts in use today and they have built a reputation for absolute reliability and technical competence.

Microtherm® insulation systems are used in aerospace, outer space, and by the armed forces in peacekeeping duties. The insulation is also used world-wide in all hot processing such as steel and non-ferrous metals manufacture, glass making, and all furnace applications. Other uses include traditional as well as renewable power generation, petrochem, passive fire protection, transport and domestic appliances. It is the preferred insulation for hot fuel cell systems, balance-of-plant, and reformers.

Microtherm – The Most Efficient Heat Shielding

Lightweight Microtherm® insulation is used wherever tight thermal control must be maintained. Older applications include sensitive guidance systems on the Taurus cruise missile, the parachute release heat shield on the Sepecat Jaguar, and insulation to thermal batteries are examples where the thinnest insulation must be used.

One terrestrial application involves engine insulation to minimise thermal signature on a 33 tonne 8x8 Multi Role Armoured Vehicle built by a major European manufacturer. Unfortunately Confidentiality Agreements prohibit reference to the majority of current applications.

Microtherm – The Most Compact Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Systems

Microtherm® is the most efficient high temperature insulation on the market and totally non-combustible. It is used in the thinnest passive fire protection systems available for steel, aluminium, and composite war ships. The Type 45 destroyer has Microtherm® fire protected bulkheads. It is widely used in Aerospace applications such as the combined personnel fire shield and instrument protection in the Typhoon Eurofighter. A Microtherm® PFP system can be pre-shaped for fast assembly.

Microtherm – The Most Compact Event Recorders

Microtherm pioneered high temperature insulation solutions for aerospace and military applications.

We have conceived many of the designs in use today in applications such as flight data recorders. Current applications include the Eurocopter Tiger and the Sikorsky Balckhawk helicopters. This expertise in protection of data storage now extends into all forms of transport including the latest lightweight ships voyage data recorders.

Microtherm – Exhaust Protection on Land and Sea

Thin Microtherm® flexible insulation panels offer the perfect solution for exhaust insulation in locations with cramped and restricted access. Applications as varied as the Challenger II tank and an offshore navy patrol vessel have benefited from the installation of a compact Microtherm® insulation system.

Microtherm® Versatility

Not all microporous insulation is equal. Microtherm® microporous products can be used for continuous operation at full immersion temperatures of 1000 oC (1832 oF) and Microtherm® Super A is suitable for use up to 1200 oC (2192 oF). What really makes Microtherm® special is its resistance to shrinkage at maximum temperatures coupled with the lowest thermal conductivity. It can be used at these high temperatures continuously without degradation and it is equally suitable for use right down to cryogenic temperatures. It is not affected by thermal shock, it has very good resistance to compression, and when fitted correctly it is unaffected by impact and operational vibration. It is dimensionally stable and will suffer no deterioration in normal use over prolonged periods of operational use.

Microtherm – The Very Best Support and Service

Working with the full resources of Research & Development scientists, Technical Services Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers, our Applications Team offer comprehensive design, development and testing support throughout major projects.

  • Problem analysis supported by thermography (IR photography).
  • Thermal calculations including full 3D transient analysis.
  • Product design and development including materials testing.
  • System design including optimised incorporation into an assembly.
  • Performance testing – extensive “in-house” performance testing facilities, including a fire test laboratory, plus liaison for external testing at internationally recognised laboratories.
  • Performance verification.
  • Installation support and coordination.

The Microtherm Group is the industry market leader through a combination of the best products supported by the best service.

Why use anything but the best?


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