As a manufacturer of decontamination equipment, OWR has been setting the standards for CBRN defence and civil protection for more than 50 years. Using modern techniques and user-friendly application systems, OWR develops and builds efficient mobile decontamination solutions for its customers, offering them a complete service from product development to training and after sales service. With a full range of products ranging from small hand-held spray applicators such as the Cobra, to the containerised multi purpose decontamination systems such as the MPD 100i, OWR can offer a solution to fit the needs of the customer, and with a design team constantly developing new and innovative products, OWR is setting the standards for the future of decontamination and helping to provide a safer and more certain future for the world.

Compact Decontamination Equipment
COBRA Decontamination Spray Unit


The COBRA is a 0.4 ltrs decontamination spray unit used for emergency decontamination or disinfection. Giving a spray area of approximately 11m², the COBRA can be filled with any liquid decontamination or disinfection solution and has been developed in close cooperation with both military and civil customers as part of their personal protective equipment for CBRN operations. The hand held unit contains a patented pressure pump system with which the operator can quickly creates a pressure to allow the liquid to be sprayed. The COBRA has a metal stainless steel body and chemical resistant seals and requires no special preparation before use.

The COBRA comes either as a stand alone unit supplied with a carrying bag which clips to a belt, or can be incorporated into kit supplied in a robust plastic carry case.

Light, Transportable Thermal Fogging System - DECOFOG


The Decofog is a light, transportable thermal fogging system designed to apply decontamination solutions as a fog. It is simple to use, has no mechanical parts and can be set up for use in seconds. Based on “jet-engine technology” it uses hot air to vaporise a solution and turn it into a fog with particles of 1 to 4 microns. The Decofog is robust and been designed to be operator friendly with large grip handles. It is supplied standard with an operators harness and metal travel case. Using chemically resistant parts it is suitable for use with aggressive chemicals and needs little maintenance. The Decofog is used by multiple NATO countries and has the NATO Stock Number NSN 4230-01-499-5612.

Decontamination and Disinfection Fogging Device - FOGBOOSTER


The FOGBOOSTER is the new generation of decontamination and disinfection fogging devices. By using compressed air combined with an especially designed nozzle, decontamination or disinfection fluid is microscopically atomized to form particles on a micro-scale basis to produce a highly effective dry mist or fog. The FOGBOOSTER produces a micro-film mist which covers all surfaces and gets into all gaps and joints, detoxifying or decontaminating all surfaces. The Fogbooster is lightweight (approx 6 kg) quiet and highly mobile and can either use standard compressed air bottles or a compressor to run.

Fast Response Mobile Decontamination System - SMGD RACCOON


The SMGD has been designed as a fast response mobile decontamination system. Completely self contained with its own generator, diesel and decontamination solution tanks, it is a compact decontamination unit for the application of water-free decontaminants when decontaminating vehicles, large equipment, infrastructure, roads and high-value equipment. The system is based on a low pressure spraying system and comes complete with decon spray lances and an independent high pressure cleaning unit for pre-cleaning.


The generator of the SMGD creates enough power to run the decontamination system and provide external power for the independent sprayer and lights. Designed to be transported to the decontamination site on a pick-up, once un-loaded it can be easily moved easily by one person whilst still running. The unit is ready to use within 1 minute and needs only to be switched on.

Multi Purpose Decontamination System - DEDAS


The DEDAS is a universal mixing unit which can be programmed to mix all commercially known decontamination solutions. The patented low-pressure system allows the mixing of emulsions, foam and diluted solutions for decontamination purposes, in either small or large quantities. It has a capacity of up to 200l/min and can even be used with seawater. The DEDAS can be used as a stand-alone unit but is used as the heart of the OWR MPD 100 multi purpose decontamination system.

SURF-EX Decontamination Unit


The SURF-Ex is a decontamination unit which uses industrial vacuuming technology combined with a spray-extraction system to clean and decontaminate surfaces of CBRN, HazMat and explosive material. The SURF-Ex can be used to vacuum all types of dry hazardous dust without danger to the operator due to its comprehensive filtering and dust collection system. Its can also be used to clear up liquids and uses a spray-extraction system to decontaminate and clean surfaces of hazardous and dangerous chemicals. By using GD-6 with the spray extraction system, the surfaces of sensitive equipment can be decontaminated without risk. Using comprehensive selection of inter-changeable vacuuming and spray heads ensures that the SURF-EX can be used to tackle multiple decontamination tasks.

The SURF-EX was successfully demonstrated in Fukushima, Japan and was successfully used to clean vehicles, equipment and external surfaces of radiation.

Multi Purpose Decontamination Units - MPD

The Multi Purpose Decontamination Unit or MPD is a complete decontamination system Contained in a 20ft ISO container a standard unit can decontaminate 120 persons per hour, 20 light vehicles per hour, or 6000m² of terrain decontamination. Despite its large capacity, the MPD100 is a highly mobile unit containing 3000 ltrs of water and can be operated using 4 personnel.


The MPD 100 has recently been upgraded to include the UAM (Universal Application Module). The MPD 100i can apply ready mixed decontamination solution using low pressure technology and offers an enhanced decontamination capacity.

The decontamination solution GD-6 is a ready to use patented decontamination solution which is used to decontaminate chemical warfare agents. It is especially effective when used with OWR low pressure application technology, but can be used with any spray unit and fogging units.


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