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Cargostore Worldwide is the UK’s leading supplier of ISO shipping containers for domestic and international projects. With offices in London, Abu Dhabi, Holland and depots across the globe we provide a seamless and fast service with the flexibility to meet any client requirement.

Cargostore maintains one of the largest ranges of specialist container types, as well as a large portfolio of ISO certified storage and shipping containers. We can also offer bespoke container conversions and modifications to many of our container types. We supply projects in aid and stability, community development and general logistics, and can deliver to remote and austere locations globally.

Our standard ISO container types include but are not limited to standard dry cargo units, pallet-wide bulkers, side-access and double-door units, open tops, hazardous, flat racks, ISO tanks and temperature-controlled refrigerated (reefer) units.

With offices globally and staff that collectively speak over 13 languages, Cargostore provides the very best in customer service for clients worldwide. With constant availability, faster delivery and local representatives the Cargostore motto of 'Global Reach, Local Touch' makes buying, renting and modifying ISO shipping containers a quick and simple process.


The TwinDeck

CSC plated and ISO certified for the storage and transportation of dry cargo, with an additional deck which doubles the floor space. The extra deck allows the user to divide contents easily and to fit an increased amount with less stacking.

The 20ft TwinDeck also comes with an additional swing side door to make loading and unloading cargo easy.

The BlizzardStore

The BizzardStore is our largest and most flexible refrigerated storage solution. This energy efficient cold store joins multiple 20ft or 40ft specially made modular reefers together to create one giant, energy efficient storage space.

Upsize or downsize easily by increasing or decreasing the number of interconnected containers.

Bicon, Tricon and Quadcon Units 

These specialised containers join together to form a 20ft TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit) which are CSC plated, allowing them to be transported by standard Intermodal means and separated at their final destination, enabling them to be easily moved around the field of operation. Bicons are divided into two units, Tricons into three, and Quadcons into four.

Additional features such as shelving, and cabinets are available to utilise maximum storage space and ease of access to cargo.

Secure Storage Container

The Secure Storage Container is a specialised product with several additional security features to keep contents safe, including internal and external doors as well as a visual and audible alarm. Available in 10 and 20ft.

Expandable Container

A standard ISO sized unit which can be expanded fully to create a larger room. The standard ISO dimensions allow the unit to be shipped by all Intermodal means of transportation and then expanded on site.

Refrigerated Containers and Gensets

Reliable and trusted solution for temperature-controlled foodstuffs, Cargostore Refrigerated ISO Containers can be used as standalone units powered by our Clip-On Generators, our Containerised Smart Energy Systems, or can be directly connected to the grid. We can also supply dual temperature reefer containers.

The Clip-On Generator is a simple and efficient power solution for Reefer Containers when they are remote from an external power source. They are mounted to the container chassis using the corner castings.

Accommodation Units 

Durable and stackable with doors, windows, insulation and other interior features to house inhabitants comfortably. Easy integration between units to upsize and downsize, to cater for different amounts of people.


Cargostore has depot and office locations throughout the UK, Europe, North America, East Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver globally including to remote locations.

Our aim is to provide a simple and seamless service, to achieve this we provide operational support throughout the weekend and 24/7 phone support. Customers are also able to download container certificates 24/7 from our online Client Portal.

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