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E-Reg Coatings Ltd is based in Burnley, East Lancashire, and has over 30 years experience in the finishing industry. Providing a complete service including the application of Military, Defence and Specialist paint finishes, as well as industrial powder coatings, we are committed to offering complete customer care and satisfaction. Specialising in Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) for over ten years.

Having earned full ISO 9001-2008 accreditation since September 2004, E-Reg Coatings Ltd has a policy of continuous improvement ensuring the best solutions and quality are given to all our clients, whether its large capacity production runs or small on off projects.

All work is processed to the exact specifications and tolerances detailed by our customers and we have a dedicated team to care for every aspect of our services, from initial enquiry and order processing to Inspection and quality assurance. We work closely on all projects with our clients who are based throughout the UK and overseas, ensuring that quality is to the highest standard and that delivery schedules are always met.

Committed to meeting customer needs and expectations, an environment has been established which encourages all employees to focus on, and pursue, continuous improvement in reliability, performance and the quality of products and services.

Examples of Specifications we currently work to:

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC)

These finishes are used extensively on military vehicles, communications systems, weaponry and all ancillary equipment. The coating produces a non-porous surface that impedes chemical, radioactive and biological contaminants from penetrating the paint and base materials. CARC resists chemical attack from the aggressive cleaning detergents used for decontamination of the equipment. Coatings offered can include IRR Properties and come in various colours and gloss levels.

US CARC Paint Systems


MIL-DTL-64159B Type II

Two component waterbourne polyurethane Infared Reflective and Chemical Agent Resistant Coating for Military equipment.

MIL-DTL-53039 Type II

Single component moisture cure aliphatic polyurethane which is a camouflage chemical agent resistant coating for military vehicles and equipment.
These coatings are available in the following FED-STD 595 colours:

  • Green 383, 34094
  • Black 37030
  • Brown 383, 30051
  • Tan 686A, 33446
  • Aircraft Green 34031
  • Aircraft Grey 36300

UK MOD CARC Paint Systems Include:

DEF-STAN 80-153 Defence Coating

A single pack, air drying finish with IRR properties used for service vehicles and ancillary equipment

  • Colour - Light Stone

DEF-STAN 80-166 Defence Coating


A two pack IRR paint system used for defence equipment which complies with DEF-STAN 00-23 and STANAG 2338

  • Colour - NATO Green and Black

We welcome enquiries for other paint systems and will strive to source materials wherever possible. Examples of some other paint systems we regularly use are:

DEF-STAN 208/209


Two pack polyurethane HS low VOC matt / gloss coatings for ground equipment and ancillary items. Satisfies requirements for IRR Camouflage and hydraulic fluid resistance.



This high solids epoxy topcoat is intended for use on the interior of military ground equipment.

  • Colours include: Flat Grey, Gloss white and Sea foam green.

DEF-STAN 80-122


Polyester high durability, IRR Powder coating in NATO Green and Tan.

Most paint systems are available upon request.

Quality Control

E-Reg Coatings Ltd holds full  ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and uses fully documented quality procedures. These procedures are adhered to at every stage to ensure all components are pre-treated, coated, inspected and packed in accordance with the customer’s specifications. Sample panels are processed to full spec, alongside components, which are then tested for paint thickness and adhesion, using fully calibrated equipment.


One of our most valuable assets is our highly skilled and experienced staff. Using their knowledge and expertise they apply a proactive approach to problem solving on the job. Some of our members of staff have over fifteen years experience working with military contracts and specialist specifications.


By using the most suitable plant, and using first rate materials, we are able to guarantee consistency and quality. We believe that by investing in our equipment, and our work force, we can provide a superior finished product which, in turn, results in satisfied customers and repeat business. Over the years we have heavily invested in plant and equipment to provide in-house facilities to cover all aspects of pre-treatment and processing required for the Military, Defence, Specialist and Industrial sectors.

Capacity and Plant

We currently deal with contracts ranging from one off jobs through to regular, large quantities of small components i.e. over 15,000 components per month.

Our plant consists of:

  • 3m x 3m Clean air room with water wash spray booth
  • 4m water wash spray booth
  • 3m water wash spray booth
  • 3 cubic meter Electric Oven
  • 5m x 3m x3m Gas fired oven
  • 5m double pass gas oven with online conveyor track
  • Alocrom pre-treatment plant 900mm x 900mm x 600mm
  • 2m x 1.2m Vapour De-greasing plant
  • Specialist Masking / De-masking facilities
  • 2 x Pad Print Machines
  • 2 ton Counter Balance Fork lift truck
  • Flat bed transport Collection / delivery facilities
  • Sister Company to E-Reg Sheetmetal Fabricators LTD


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