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The Aqua Lung Military & Professional (M&P) division focuses on key user groups: Military, Public Safety & Commercial divers, Water Safety Rescue & SAR personnel and Aviation.  Our product categories include military rebreathers, open circuit regulators, BC’s drywear, diving helmets and a complete range of dive accessories including instruments, knives and fins.  Aqua Lung has a trusted name and a global reputation for reliability and performance. Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd has been part of the Aqua Lung family since 1997.


Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd (Apeks) was first founded in 1973 to manufacture scuba diving equipment.  By the Mid 1990’s Apeks had development the first cold water regulator to pass EN250 tests, the TX range.  This range is still in use today and is looked at as a solid working regulator, currently in use by military’s around the world, including the British MOD.  Since then Apeks has continued to develop regulators that are world class and a leading brand for technical and commercial diving.  In 1997, Apeks was acquired by Aqua Lung Int, founded by Jacques Cousteau, who is considered the founder of SCUBA diving.  Apeks has, throughout its time been the leading brand in SCUBA diving equipment, both for recreational, technical and professional use.


Apeks has its design and manufacturing centre in Blackburn so the design, developing, testing and manufacturing of its own equipment is UK based and under one roof.  This enables Apeks to tightly control the quality and design of its products.  This also give Apeks an almost unique ability to customise it’s designs to the end users technical requirements. In 2018 Apeks sold over 60,000 regulators worldwide.  This manufacturing plant has been quality accredited ISO9001 for over 19 years and is accredited to ISO14000 environmental standard.  

Apeks now currently manufactures some of the highest specification regulators on the market, including its MTX range of extreme cold-water regulators and Low Magnetic Regulators conforming to STANAG 2897.

Apeks not only produces equipment for the diving industry, but using its specialised knowledge of compressed air reduction and control systems it also specialises in Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS), used for aviation and its products are used throughout many other industries that use compressed air products.

The design departments technical capabilities include, working within all ISO9001 requirements, utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), using FMEA assessment and documentation techniques, underwater breathing testing facilities, has on site Rapid Prototyping Machine and Engineering Machining capabilities

Apeks has been involved in several tenders for the MOD including its current open circuit diving system, providing Passenger Short Term Air Supply System (PSTASS) units for aviation and providing PSTASS spares and support.  Throughout these contracts Apeks has become known for its friendly approach to the contracts and when needed provided quick design services to meet the operational changes required by the MOD.


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