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Founded 50 years ago, Bertin Technologies is a worldwide leader company in the development of new technologies and equipment for military and first responders applications.
In 2011, Bertin Corp, the US subsidiary based in Rockville MD, was created to provide and develop innovative products for Defense Teams in America.
Prestigious customers across the Defense industry have already trusted in Bertin Technologies' expertise and products, like the CEA, DGA, EADS, Thales, Nexter…

Bertin Technologies is specialized in CBRN systems and IRS equipment.

CBRN Systems – Chemical Detection and Biological Detection

Dedicated to Civil Security and Armed Forces Teams around the world, Bertin Technologies offers a full range of CBRN systems and identification equipment.

Second Sight® MS: Gas Detection System

Second Sight® MS gas detection system enables detection and visualisation of gas clouds up to 5 kilometres in order to detect chemical warfare agents with high sensitivity and efficiency. This provides a real-time warning with a low rate of false positives to quickly react to chemical attack.

For more information please visit Second Sight website!
Phone: +33 139 306 160

Coriolis® Recon: Biological Air Sampler

Coriolis Recon® is a portable and ruggedized air sampling equipment for biocontamination control quickly deployed in case of the suspiction of biological attack. Dedicated to base surveillance and critical area monitoring (official buildings, mass gathering events), it has been designed to collect large concentrations of aerosols in the breathable range of 0.5 to 10 µm (up to 6 hours of collection with the long time monitoring option).

For more information please visit Coriolis Recon website!
Phone: +33 139 306 160

Kim®: In Field Biological Analyser

Kim® is a biological warfare agent identification equipment for rapid and efficient toxins, viruses and bacteria detection. Easy-to-use and quickly deployable, the on-site analysis equipment provides soldiers an early warning of biological hazards in case of biological attack or terrorist assault in just a few minutes.

For more information please visit Kim website!
Phone: +33 139 306 160

Intelligence, Recognition and Surveillance Equipment

Bertin Technologies develops UAVs for urban environment surveillance and offers infrared and visible optical sensors for surveillance and critical area protection. The company provides also innovative systems for detection, recognition and pursuit of targets.

Hovereye-Ex: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
with Infrared Imaging for Security Applications

HoverEye® EX unmanned aerial vehicles offers vertical take-off and landing for use in tight spaces. The vehicle enables moving target detection and tracking using high-level image processing. It carries a ground station and a visible or IR camera for daytime or nighttime surveillance.
For more information please visit Hovereye Ex website!

Vigisight®: Real-time Image Processing Module

Vigisight® automatic image processing module gives detection, recognition and tracking of targets at long distance. With any day or night camera equipped with analog (PAL/NTSC) or digital (IP) video output, it can be used for different security applications: surveillance of camps, harbour surroundings, blue and green borders; Reconnaissance patrol vehicle, UAV or UGV…

For more information please visit Vigisight website!

Military Systems Development

Bertin Technologies also offers advanced military systems development, services and support. This includes building test beds for a range of equipment and the development of new military technology.

The company also offers pre-implementation studies and modelling services on a consultancy basis for the security, defence and aerospace sectors.

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