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Radio Tactics is a specialist innovator of high-tech digital intelligence, Mobile Data Device Forensics and evidence gathering equipment used globally by military, law enforcement, governments, and intelligence agencies.

Our exploitation devices provide security focused organisations with ability to interrogate mobile phones, GPS & portable digital devices, providing real-time capture of intelligence and evidence.


Radio Tactics is a supplier to the majority of UK Home Office Police Forces, as well as the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, the British Transport Police, Royal Military Police, various other government departments and the Ministry of Defence. Globally, Radio Tactics has replicated the success achieved within the UK, supplying a wide range of organisations internationally. Radio Tactics also works with the financial services industry and corporate fraud investigation departments across the globe.

With offices in the UK, USA, Australia and partners throughout the world, Radio Tactics provides dedicated technical assistance and offers comprehensive support and advice.

Data Extraction From Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Satellite Navigation, GPS Devices, SIM and Media Cards

Mobile digital devices are increasingly being used at every level of hostile and criminal activity for accessing, storing and sharing information and for navigation. They have become the tools of choice for terrorists and insurgents planning to carry out attacks as well as being used for tactical command and controlling communications. As a consequence Data Extraction from Mobile Phones is now an increasingly important source of intelligence to security and intelligence focused agencies.


Immediate tactical decision-making and pre-defined actions by providing identifiable intelligence at the point sources are encountered.

Mobile Device Data Extraction

In order to gather and analyse intelligence from electronic devices, traditional forces utilise specialist analysts.  Frontline personnel have to make on the spot, selective decisions about which potential sources of intelligence should be seized for analysis.  Radio Tactics believe that forces should be able to make full use of all sources of potential intelligence through giving frontline operators the capability to gather intelligence, both overtly and covertly, from mobile electronic devices.   Specialist analysts can then determine the value of the intelligence that has been gathered. 


Radio Tactics also believe that Mobile Device Data Extraction tools should be capable of being integrated into the modern electronic battlefield allowing the intelligence to be consumed by intelligence systems and resulting actions to be passed back to frontline operators in real-time.

Athena from Radio Tactics is the only tool in the market that can accomplish all of these needs.

Rich Intelligence From Digital Mobile Devices
Evidence Gathering Solutions

Athena is able to retrieve Call Logs, SMS, MMS, Email, Contacts, Calendar and positioning information from over 3000 SIM/GSM/CDMA/GPS devices and acquire file system data including deleted information from internal and external memory sources; including the full range of memory card and USB flash media. 

Data can be acquired using multiple connection methods including cable, Infra-red and Bluetooth.  Athena provides unparalleled support for GSM devices encountered during operations worldwide including RIUM and Chinese grey market and counterfeit phones. 

Athena also recovers positioning information including waypoints, tracks and routes from a wide range of GPS and Satellite navigation devices. .

Multiple Data Acquisition Storage

Athena is ready for extensive frontline operations and is capable of storing multiple device acquisitions on its internal solid state hard drive.


Acquisitions are secured from intelligence leakage using AES encryption, security key device and deletion to DOD standards.

Rugged Frontline Capability

Athena has been specifically designed for use by frontline military and intelligence users and is not a repackaged commercial or law enforcement product.  Athena is supplied on a rugged ultra mobile terminal which is fan-less, dust and water resistant (MIL-STD-810F) and IP65 certified 6 foot drop rating.

The full weight of the Athena terminal is 1.06kg.

The Athena terminal can be packaged to the requirements of both frontline military and covert intelligence users. 

More than just Cellex – A Total Intelligence Gathering Solution

Designed for the needs of frontline operators.

Visual interface ideal for pressurised situations

The Athena user interface is designed with the explicit needs of frontline and covert users in mind; minimal complexity, instant recognition of key information and rapid navigation. 

Athena utilises a touch screen interface that can be used without a stylus, mouse or keyboard and when conditions required, gloves. 

Scrolling is reduced to a minimum and information organised hierarchically, reducing the number of button presses required. 

 Information is displayed in a visual form using imagery allowing instant recognition when operating under pressure. 

The detect feature and mission configuration automatically detect devices, allowing decisions as to which types of intelligence are of value to be made by analysts in pre-mission time. 

Acquisitions can be viewed immediately using the preview feature and critical intelligence identified instantly using watch lists.

A low light feature is included for use during night operations.

Total Intelligence Gathering Solution

Unlike other Cellex solutions on the market, Athena offers more than just mobile device data acquisition.  Athena addresses the need to limit weight and the number of devices carried during operations.


The Athena terminal includes an onboard camera that can be used to record still and full motion video for capturing information about the device, persons of interest and the general environment.

The onboard GPS automatically records the position of the Athena terminal during acquisition and can be used to record positions of interest encountered during the mission. 

Notes can be added to acquisitions and positioning information in order to gather a complete picture.

Rapid and Interruptible Data Acquisition Suitable For Both Covert and Overt Operations

Athena’s unique ability to leave no trace of acquisition on the target device makes it ideal for covert operations.  This overcomes the danger of detection as the status of messages can remain unchanged by the acquisition process, preventing targets detecting that devices have been acquired during close observation operations.


Rapid acquisition allows users to decide what types of data are of value during time critical operations reducing the time taken to acquire data from the target device.
Athena is fully interruptible so can be disconnected at any point during an acquisition but will still retain the data already acquired allowing user to cut and run if there is danger of discovery.

Identifiable Intelligence and Pre-definable Action

Athena is more than just an acquisition tool .  Actionable intelligence can be placed into watch lists deployed on the Athena terminal.  Watch lists and actions can be determined in pre-mission time using Analysis Suite.   When intelligence is encountered that matches the watch list the acquisition is automatically red flagged and intelligence highlighted in the preview so that tactical actions can be taken immediately.


Through Life Sustainment 

To ensure Athena’s technological capabilities remain as robust as its terminal, Radio Tactics have a support team dedicated to helping to manage the ongoing deployment of cellex capability.  We are fully aware of the operational risks involved in software updating so can ensure this happens in a controlled and effective manner.   NATO coded peripherals such as cables can also be supplied to easily process them through the procurement system, as can project managing upgrades, potentially via secure ftp sites or via disk if internet access is limited.


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