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MoD Fuel Infrastructure

Adler and Allan has been working on MoD fuel infrastructure for over 20 years, servicing, maintaining and refurbishing mission critical assets, including; BFIs, MTFIs, heating & generator tanks, pipelines and other fuel infrastructure assets.

Our world-class fuel infrastructure services and innovative solutions to the Defence sector take into account the compliance, safety and mission critical requirements of an operational base, whilst saving on costs and with minimal to no loss of operational down time.

Specialising in hazardous area and electrical installs, we have a team of VAREC and NICEIC approved, as well as DNV and CompEx accredited electrical engineers who will design and maintain systems, whilst providing value for money and reducing operational downtime.

Defence fuel storage

We are fully conversant with the numerous regulations concerning the design, installation maintenance, inspection and testing of electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres including MoD specific JSP317, JSP 375, JSP 482 Chapter 8 and ESTC 6 requirements.

At Adler and Allan we have built a reputation through our collaborative approach, and today we are proud to be:

  •  ‘Tier One’ preferred MoD supplier and a recognised USVF supplier
  •  The largest fuel infrastructure maintenance provider in the UK to the USVF
  • Vetted and security cleared to work on most MoD sites

Our services include:

Fuel infrastructure design 

  • Fabrication of bespoke-build steel oil tanks
  • Installation of oil tanks and pipework 
  • Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI’s) 
  • Motor Transport Fuel Installations (MTFI’s)

Fuel infrastructure maintenance

  • 24/7 365 planned preventative maintenance (PPM)
  • POL services
  • Interceptor / Separator installation and maintenance
  • Oil storage surveys and maintenance
  • Fuel compliance testing
  • Fuel uplifts and transfers
  • Tank testing including EEMUA accredited non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Automatic pump, gauge, valve, bulk meter and alarm servicing
  • Fuel filtration systems
  • Extend asset life with AdlerCoat™ polyurea coating
  • Cathodic corrosion protection

Emergency response and fuel deliveries

• 24/7 365 emergency fuel deliveries

• Containment and clean-up of fuel, oil and chemicals spills on land and in the marine environment

• Hazardous waste / contaminated land disposal

• Pollution prevention / spill control risk assessments

• Accredited spill response training and exercises

• Spill kits, pollution control equipment and maintenance


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