WESCAM’s MX™-Series - multi-sensor and multi-spectral imaging and targeting systems

WESCAM’s MX™-Series of multi-sensor and multi-spectral imaging and targeting systems operate with outstanding stabilization and world leading range-performance. The MX-Series provides clear sighting capabilities across the visible and infrared spectrum. WESCAM’s imaging and targeting solutions are designed for all operational requirements - ranging in size from 8 to 25 inches in diameter to provide clean, stabilized full-motion Intel in support of:

  • Low-altitude tactical surveillance & targeting missions
  • Medium-altitude covert intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting missions
  • High-altitude, ultra long-range persistent surveillance and targeting missions

WESCAM serves all segments of the airborne imaging market with turrets operating from fixed-wing, rotor-wing, UAV and aerostat platforms.  WESCAM’s MX™-Series incorporates over 40 years of design and stabilization experience into each system. Recent developments and adaptations in WESCAM’s technology over the years have enabled exceptional imaging capabilities and operational performance in systems for the ground market.

More than 4200 WESCAM turrets have been fielded since 1997. These units are operational in defense and security forces in over 70 countries.

WESCAM’s Imaging Systems

WESCAM’s imaging systems have the best stabilization and geo-location performance available in the global market.  In particular, WESCAM’s airborne turrets have a 4 or 5-axis design which ensures superior stabilization and performance levels.  MX-Series systems can be configured with high magnification optics, high-definition EO & IR cameras and multiple lasers.

WESCAM continues to provide the highest value to their customers by incorporating technologies that are easy-to-use and improve sensor operator effectiveness. Recent feature enhancements include technologies that help you to see more, operate easier & analyze with confidence. Now MX airborne systems can be configured with Higher Sensitivity Color Cameras, Step Zoom Spotters, HD SWIR, HD Low-light, Advanced Video Tracker, embedded Moving Target Indicator, Pseudo-Color IR. Learn more & see comparison videos here:

MatriX System Solutions

WESCAM’s MatriX™ ISR system kits for fixed- and rotary-wing platforms

WESCAM’s MatriX™ ISR system solutions kits for fixed- and rotary-wing platforms combine a series of best-in-class Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies that provide an advanced level of ISR mission capabilities in airborne platforms that have traditionally conducted missions without them. The kits offer a low-cost, low-risk approach to extending the mission portfolio of defense and security customers who need to add ISR capability to an existing platform with the ability to easily revert to the platform’s original state, as required.

MatriX solutions kits have been engineered for many platforms including the UH-60 utility Black Hawk and C-130 cargo carrier.  The kits include an MX™-Series surveillance or designating turret configured for ISR operations and a removable operator console workstation configured with a mission computer featuring sensor management, automation and video analytic software, a stores management system, moving-map, monitors, recorders, seating and a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with hand controllers and joysticks.  Learn more.

WESCAM’s Land Systems - Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Systems

WESCAM’s series of land systems can be integrated onto any type of vehicle or fixed-site surveillance post. Configured to meet end-user requirement and budgets, the modular payload architecture of our MX-RSTA and MX-GCS enables scalable system solutions and the flexibility to support modular block upgrade requirements. 

  • MX-RSTA – 4-axis multi-role Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition system for use by land warfighters
  • MX-GCS – 2-axis Independent Sighting System ideal for medium and large caliber land-combat vehicles.

WESCAM's Maritime Systems - full-motion video intelligence

WESCAM’s maritime solutions have been the ‘eyes’ of key vessels for over 12 years and have been engineered with over 40 years of stabilization and design experience. By detecting hostile intent at tactically significant ranges, WESCAM’s MX-10MS not only captures but seamlessly communicates full-motion video intelligence by integrating with leading maritime mission systems. The wireless delivery of details, including the location and capability of both friendly and opposing forces, enables 21st century threats to be verified and neutralized. WESCAM’s MX-10MS is configured to meet the challenges of maritime and coastal domain awareness, from both manned and unmanned vessels afloat or ashore. Through rough seas and poor visibility, rely on WESCAM to oversee your mission profile.

Reliable Worldwide Support

WESCAM continues to invest heavily not only in product development, but also in customer care. The following support infrastructure is in place to support WESCAM’s customers

WESCAM Authorized Service Centers (WASCs) WESCAM has partnered with leading service providers around the world to create strategically located service centers around the world. WASC’s provide support solutions to ensure operational availability remains high.

Field Service Representatives (FSRs)  WESCAM FSRs are factory-trained technicians, experienced in performing diagnostics and repairs anywhere in the world. Available for dispatch within 24 hours from the closest WASC location, FSRs respond rapidly to customer calls for onsite repairs.

MX-Raid  Through either a satellite or internet connection, any MX-System can interface with MX-RAid, a leading diagnostic tool that performs checks, calibrations, firmware updates and logs errors from the field. This service reduces delays in determining and repairing system faults, eliminates no-fault-found return, significantly reduces response times and reduces downtime for the end user.

åTraining Products and Courses

WESCAM offers fully-integrated training programs and interactive simulation products to ensure customers are fully optimizing their MX-Series system.

MX-Sim - Empowering users with the knowledge and confidence needed to operate their MX system to its full potential, the MX-Sim simulates the complete operations of an MX-Series imaging and targeting system. Designed to match a customer’s exact configuration, the MX-Sim reduces the expensive flying time required to train personnel.

Training - WESCAM’s comprehensive training solution has been designed to expand the customers overall operational and maintenance knowledge. Training offerings range from in-class instructor-led courses to in-flight and in-vehicle training, and eLearning product training courses. Classes are offered at WESCAM’s state-of-the-art training center, the customer’s location and any WESCAM Authorized Service Center.


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