Since 1984, NANUKTM/Plasticase has been designing and building waterproof protective cases for a variety of users in North America, in Europe and more than 45 Countries around the world.  Specialized in injection molded cases using the best-in-class technology and top-quality material, NANUK elevates the protective case industry.

Known as the world’s best protective cases, NANUK is designed to survive in the harshest of conditions and built to safeguard critical equipment where failure is not an option.  NANUK indestructible cases keep weapons and gear secure, and safeguard sensitive instruments from the repeated blows, drops and shocks that happen in the field.

Made from crushproof NK-7 resin certified to withstand extreme impact and continuous vibration, each case is built to bear the brunt of combat vehicle rides and rescue stretcher falls, ensuring its precious contents work without fail.

Spring loaded and one-hand retractable handles on our cases ease your equipment’s arrival on the frontline, and our patented PowerClawTM latches allow an open and shut case that speeds response time. NANUK latches use compressive force to clamp each case tight, so they stay shut no matter what.

NANUK military cases are lightweight and light on their feet, with strong team carry handles and durable, smooth polyurethane wheels that swiftly glide over the most punishing terrain.

A platoon of solutions

Designed for Military Specs NANUK offers a full spectrum of protective cases purpose built for weapons, sensitive equipment, lifesaving medical devices, military supplies and soldier systems storage.  All designed to meet the most demanding military specifications.

  • Rifle & pistol cases
  • Ammunition transport
  • Medical devices
  • Deployment kits
  • Communications systems
  • Electronic parts
  • Supply containers
  • Footlockers


We don’t do economy protection and we don’t cut corners. Our quality is infallible, just like the men and women who serve their country. When the stakes are high, low end cases aren’t worth the risk of failure.

It's one thing to make the claim that NANUK protective cases are built tough. It's another to actually show how. The following tests were performed by an independent lab. After rigorous analysis, CERTIFICATION was awarded to all NANUK cases in each product line.

  • ASTM D-4169 DC-18 DROP TEST
  • ASTM D-4169 DC-18 RAINFALL
  • MIL-C-4150J - 26 DROPS WITH 130 LB AT+60°C and -20°C (975 series)
  • MIL-STD-810G – IMMERSION (975 series)

Custom services

Custom foam interiors

The military has a lot of moving parts. We keep them organized by offering custom foam services.  Custom foam interiors ensure that essential parts a restored securely and accessed easily. They ensure that there is no shifting of your equipment during transport within our tough protective cases, which could lead to scratches or damage. Furthermore, custom foam ensures that all surface areas receive the proper support within our durable protective cases, regardless of irregular equipment geometry.

Custom integrated panels

Not just a watertight case: our case interior specialists can help you incorporate your electronic instruments into NANUK watertight cases. With our integrated panel kit system, you can take full advantage of our OEM housing solution. Simply provide us with your equipment specifications and we will develop an innovative portable unit tailored specifically to your needs.

OEM integration

Need to add cooling ports or water-resistant electrical connectors to the outside of your case?  NANUK’s team of designers have the creativity and experience to develop innovative solutions for your mobile workstation requirements.  We will analyze your needs and provide expert advice starting from initial design concepts through to production and final assembly.

Custom colors

NANUK™ protective cases are available in up to 10 colors. Color options range from emergency orange to olive drab allowing you to blend in or stand out, whatever the task entails. If your application requires a custom color to match your logo or brand, our design team can develop the exact color you need based on a color swatch or sample. We know how important it is for your brand to stand out. A NANUK™ case in a custom color may be the perfect solution.

Ethical & Responsible Practices

We strictly adhere to all national regulations and ethical codes of conduct.  NANUK does not source materials or sell products to Embargoed and Sanctioned countries.

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