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Established in 2003 and founded and run by retired members of the elite British Special Forces and Intelligence Agencies, CTR Services provides numerous security related services such as Close Protection/Training, Lone Worker Protection, Travel Security, Asset Protection, Due-Diligence, Security Management, Intelligence Services and Hostile Environments Training which all conform to the quality management technique ISO 9001 and British Standards. CTR Services are the UK's leading high-risk security and threat assessments approved contractor within the Telecommunications industry and we have a client base of the Fortune 100 companies along with hundreds of private clients. Our global network and infrastructure are backed by business and risk management consultants, lawyers and experienced job sector managers of which we have offices in Denmark, Egypt and Libya.

Security Services in Libya

Adwaa Libya under joint management is a leading private security provider specialising in operational security support, specialist security training and risk management. Providing an in country support network to our clients in order to support their operational objectives, our wealth of experience and local knowledge is paramount in promoting secure environments and operational effectiveness.


In line with our service support, we are able to provide relevant and professional training programmes to government, military and law enforcement agencies enabling Libya to meet the internationally recognized security qualification demands of its own future. Our commitment to qualified and certified training is complimented by the scope of training courses we can deliver and the experience gained in facilitating similar security related training contracts.

Adwaa Libya holds all the relevant licenses in order to operate legally within a security role and is supported by CTR Services Ltd in order to fully facilitate the service provision through training, specialist manpower and management of contracts and operational strategy specific to Libya.

Online Security Training Courses

As a hugely successful Close Protection training provider and other security related services, we designed an e-learning program for our own employees to enable them to upload and store their work, ready for portfolio creation and qualification assessment.


However, the Learning Management System (LMS) proved tremendously effective and is now used by other security professionals as a cost effective solution, providing qualifications respected and recognised globally for CPD, designed by experienced professional working instructors. For our range of online security courses such as security management, private investigators, anti-piracy and many other courses visit security training course secure minds.

Close Protection Services - London

CTR Services has been providing operational close protection services in the UK and specifically in London for over 9 years, with multi-national and personal clients.


Our clients have absorbed and respected our intelligent approach to the world of close protection and as such the staggering amount of tasks we conduct each year (2000+ Tasks) is a reflection of our services.

Hostile Environment Close Protection Training

Uniquely designed by CTR Services, this course Is designed to teach the delegate the procedures, drills and specific techniques needed in a hostile environment close protection role. These advanced teachings give our students/clients underpinning knowledge to work within hostile protective security environments.


The training itself is a full on, intensive course which requires certain prerequisite's for attendance and is aimed at ex-military resettlement soldiers, civilians with an interest in Close Protection and other security personnel that maybe want a career change. For more information about this specific course, please click here - Hostile Environment Close Protection Training.

Close Protection Training Programs

We were one of the first registered training providers of Close Protection Training for the SIA along with being a Quality Approved training provider for Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) and Skills for Security (SfS). We also developed the first foundation degree (FD) in protective security management.


Our training programs are above the national SIA standards, taught by experienced Professional Working Instructors (UKSF, RMPCP, Police & Intel). and because of this, our qualifications are recognised and respected globally and this is why over the past 5 years of training and qualifying Close Protection Operatives, over 75% of our students have secured work within the industry, some of which, take up positions in the CTR Services Team. Not only are our programs above the above the national SIA standards, we can also tailor make programs to suit your needs to suit the nature of the working environment you wish to be a part of. For more information about our close protection training programs.

Covert Surveillance Training

Drawing on our instructors years of experience working in the government, military and commercial sectors, CTR Services Covert Surveillance Training courses have been designed so that delegates are not only taught the theoretical aspects of surveillance, but instructed in the practical surveillance aspects also.


Due to the expertise of our instructors, we are known throughout the world as the leading professionals in surveillance training and have the client list which shows the quality of our surveillance and training. It is because of our knowledge and skills in the surveillance sector that we were able to design and implement a Level 3 surveillance training qualification, being the first training provider in the UK to offer this. As our skill sets, experience and knowledge continues to grow, so do our courses and we have since designed our Level 3 Hostile Intelligence Operators Course (HIOC) which combines covert surveillance training with live firearms drills and advanced techniques in order to enable operatives to confidently operate on foreign soil. There are many levels of surveillance you may wish to be involved in which is why CTR Services have developed tailor made training programs to best suit the needs of your working environment. For further information about our wide range of covert surveillance courses.

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