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Ovation Systems Ltd (OSL), based near Oxford, UK specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products for the police military and other government law enforcement agencies around the world.

Over the past 20 years the company has gained an excellent reputation in the law enforcement market and has won a number of awards, most notably, in April 2008, the company was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation and a further Queen's Award for International Trade 2009.   

Rugged, High Performance Covert Video Surveillance Products

Ovation Systems highly experienced team of degree-qualified design engineers are dedicated to the design, development and support of the product range. The company has invested in the latest CAD design tools for both electronic and mechanical design, ensuring the fastest possible development times. This wealth and depth of engineering capability has enabled Ovation Systems to stay at the forefront of digital video processing technology for almost two decades.

With customers such as the police and military, the company is dedicated to ensuring the highest possible product quality and reliability. All PCBs are built to the highest standards and most products are housed in rugged, hard-anodized milled aluminum enclosures. Even before entering production, all systems are thoroughly qualified for performance over extended temperature ranges in our environmental test chambers.

Video Scrambling and Video Encryption
for Securing Police and Military Wireless Links from Interception


Ovation Systems provides a full range of advanced video scrambling and video encryption products for securing police and military wireless surveillance links from interception.  Ovation's leading encryption system, ViewLock-II, has been optimised to operate with demanding transmission environments and uses highly secure line cut and rotate video encryption with programmable encryption keys to provide outstanding protection of video surveillance transmissions.  The range of video encryption systems also includes micro-ViewLock-II, which is a miniature version of ViewLock-II and is ideal for ultra covert and body-worn applications.

Video Stabilisation


One common problem with high-zoom surveillance camera installations is movement caused by wind and vibration.  Ovation Systems' StableEyes improves the operational appearance of high-zoom cameras by using ultra-fast video motion analysis technology to remove shake and leave the operator with a clear and steady video. StableEyes is ideal for a range of applications such as town centre monitoring (CCTV), long-range covert surveillance, mobile recording and video post-processing.

Covert and Rugged MPEG-2 Digital Video Recorders
for Covert Body-worn and Mobile Recording


FlashBack-2 range of miniature rugged and compact digital video recorders utilises the highly efficient MPEG-2 compression technology to deliver high quality video and audio recording directly to a single or dual compact flash (CF) memory card. When ready, the CF card can be removed and viewed on a PC or media player and then archived to DVD using standard software applications.  FlashBack-2 contains no moving parts and is able to operate with extreme levels of shock, vibration and temperature.  With its ruggedness, coupled with very small dimensions, FlashBack-2 is ideal for covert, body-worn and mobile recording applications.

Miniature Covert H.264 Digital Recorders


FlashBack-3 range of miniature covert digital recorders uses the effective H.264 video compression format and typically offers over 1 hour of record time per GB at full resolution, longer when using its configurable time-lapse modes.  FlashBack-3 can be operated over an IP network for easy streaming of live images and configuration of the unit.  With images direct to your laptop, FlashBack-3 offers a secure and effective security solution when working on remote and challenging locations.   FlashBack-3 is available with either single or dual SD slots.  With its small dimensions the single is ideal for body-worn surveillance operations.

Rugged, Watertight Video and Audio Recorder
for Remote and Hostile Environments

FlashBack-3 Rugged has all the key features of the standard FlashBack-3 DVR /streamer in a rugged watertight housing specifically designed for covert video surveillance in remote and hostile environments.  The unit is fully watertight, utilising the highly regarded Ficher 104 series of hermetically sealed connectors, and is designed to operate from -20 to +65°C (-4 to +150°F) when fitted with a suitable solid state disk drive.

Evidentially Secure Time-lapse DVD Recording

AfterBurner-2 has all the capabilities of the original, Queen's Award winning AfterBurner time-lapse DVD recorder with some major new features.  The new enhanced product now features an internal video quad allowing up to 4 cameras to be recorded to DVD coupled with zoned motion detection on all inputs.  The Ethernet and USB-2 ports enhance connectivity with a simple web page interface for easy remote control and configuration of the unit.  It is easy to view snapshots of video input to ensure the cameras are functioning at the remote site and to remotely monitor camera inputs and download events and files of interest whilst recording. AfterBurner-2 has an internal or optionally removable, hard drive that can be up to 1 TB capacity, providing potentially months of video and audio recording.


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