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Night Vision Lighting

Oxley specialise in the design and development of LED and night vision lighting systems for military land, sea and air platforms worldwide. With a wealth of experience in providing quality solutions, Oxley innovative products are well regarded for their robust, reliable and high specification characteristics that are designed to meet the harshest operating environments.

Key products include LED night vision lighting systems and components for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, NVG Friendly™ and Infra-red Covert vehicle lighting, LED area lighting for tents and shelters and Naval lighting.

Oxley offer a vast range of NVG compatible lighting upgrades that are based upon the cost effective premise of modifying existing equipment. Offerings range from individual components and safety test improvements to highly advanced and comprehensive fleet wide upgrades and modifications that serve to enhance the platform’s capabilities.

Night Vision Cockpit Upgrades

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of aircraft lighting systems, Oxley upgrades and components are designed for both day and night operations with the company involved in the UK’s first ever NVG compatible cockpit conversion for the UK Ministry of Defence and coining the term NVG Friendly™.
Modification facilities are provided for all existing indicator and illuminated switch caps and Oxley provide filtered bezels for self-illuminated optical and LCD displays.

Oxley has a range of MIL-STD-3009 NVG compatible components available and also offer a full night vision cockpit upgrade service.

• Equipment modifications
• Optical filters
• Bridges
• Bezels
• Panel lamps
• Type III caps
• T1 LED bulb replacements
• Edge lit panels
• Indicators

Dual Mode External Aircraft Lighting

Oxley deliver advanced night vision compatible, rugged LED based lighting systems for increased defence air capability through major equipment programmes in the UK, Europe, US and many other overseas customers.

For technology enhancements or to convert aircraft for use with NVGs, Oxley has a range of cost effective replacements or modifications for existing external lighting that are FAR/JAR compliant. Customised and off-the-shelf solutions for dual mode lighting, enabling day and night flight operations are available for all external positions. Oxley are able to offer individual lights for specific purpose or entire aircraft upgrade of external lighting for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

External light positions available include:

• Navigation lighting
• Tail position
• Formation
• Anti-collision
• Landing
• Taxi
• Fuel Probe
• Strobe
• Electronic control units

Oxley’s status as a world leader in night vision lighting for aircraft is demonstrated by substantial achievements over the past 20 years.  A selection of the platforms that Oxley has supplied NVIS lighting for, are listed below:

US Navy, A-6E    UAE, Puma   US Navy, EA-6B
UK RAF, Tornado   FAM, Bell-212   USAF, F-117 
UAE, Super Puma   US Navy, F-14A/D  USAF, MH-53
RAF Jaguar      USAF, F-16C/D   USAF, C-130 
CAF, CF-18      US Army, UH-60  RAF, Harrier
US Army, UH-1H   SAC S-92   Bell Textron, ARH 
US Air Force, C-17   UK BAE HERTI UAV  UH-60
S-92     S-76    H-92

Military Vehicle Lighting & IR Driving Lights

Rugged LED vehicle lighting for challenging military operations where durability, reliability and space is critical is a key specialism for Oxley. Offering a wide range of high spec LED lighting to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in both retrofit and new build projects, Oxley lighting is robust, rugged and designed with the military user in mind. With properties such as EMC protection, high mean time between failure (MTBF) and high sealing, our comprehensive range of internal and external lighting for military vehicles is offered in normal visible, NVG compatible, NVG Friendly™, Covert and Dual Mode technology.

Our experience in night vision compatible vehicle upgrades extends to the provision of interior cabin lighting with the incorporation of dual mode technology enabling users to switch from NVG Friendly™ day mode to covert night mode at the flick of a switch.

External lighting:

• Infra-red (IR) covert front headlight
• Infra-red (IR) covert rear convoy with brake light
• Dual mode NVG Friendly™ and covert front and rear position lights
• Dual mode NVG Friendly™ and covert rear brake light

Internal lighting:

• Visible and night vision option for
o Mini floodlights
o Area lighting
o LED Indicators

Military Tent and Shelter Lighting

Oxley LED lighting systems for military tents and shelters offer a range of high specification solutions for soft and hard-walled shelters such as ground stations, communications centres, command posts, field storage containers and military field hospitals.

Special features such as dimming control, warm or cold white and custom mounting fixtures along with the low profile, cost effective and energy efficient characteristics make Oxley LED lighting far superior to traditional fluorescent lighting.

Key features:

• Provides up to three light functions in one housing – main, blackout and emergency
• In blackout mode, the main white light is instantly replaced by low level lighting in either red, green or blue
• Lights are Oxley NVG Friendly™ ensuring the light output has no adverse effect on the performance of NVG’s
• Withstands shock, vibration and extreme temperatures
• Fully RoSH compliant solutions are available
• DEF STAN 59-411 compliant, Oxley shelter lighting offers high levels of EMC protection for land based applications CLASS A and B
• CE marked

Advanced EMI Protection

A world leader in the design and development of high quality EMI filters for defence and aerospace markets, improving equipment reliability and enhancing platform capability, Oxley are renowned for their industry expertise, in-house capabilities and the ability to produce a superior range of customised and off-the-shelf solutions.

With a total capability in EMI filters, Oxley facilities include design, programme management, prototype, ceramic production, machine, plating, assembly and automated test facilities.
Oxley high specification EMI filters are lightweight, reliable and cost effective. Proven in service across the world, they are designed to outlast the life of the application.

Filter solutions include:

• Single line filters
• Multi-line filters
• Filter array assemblies
• Filtered connector modules
• Planar capacitors

Where there is a need for transient voltage suppression (TVS), for example to meet the requirements of RTCA DO 160, Oxley are able to provide solutions to cover a range of transient and power handling requirements. These elements can be integrated into both single and multi-line filters providing a high density integrated package.



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