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Products are provided as vehicle attachments which are optimised for specific combat engineering roles and can be configured to support the most challenging operational demands. Specific tasks include breaching mine fields, protecting against improvised explosive devices, earth moving and gap crossing.

Pearson Engineering’s ’common interface’ systems act as the connection between the vehicles and our attachments; front-end equipment (FEE) can be quickly attached, released, interchanged, or jettisoned in an emergency. Deploying a range of different FEE on the existing host vehicle reduces the requirement to invest in multiple bespoke vehicles. This creates a critical advantage for end users by increasing force capability without increasing force structure and manpower.

Pearson Engineering provides robust solutions for seamless operation in challenging environments. Our field support representatives are available to deliver technical and responsive aftercare whenever it is required. We offer a worldwide seven days a week on-call assistance in support of our military equipment and systems.


Battlefield Mobility Products

Products meet military requirements for survivability and mobility; they are battle proven and have undergone extensive field tests to ensure their suitability to operations.

Combat Dozer Blades (CDB)
The Combat Dozer Blade (CDB) enables vehicles to move earth, rubble and obstacles rapidly, creating a clear route for operations. Key features include preparing defensive positions, filling anti-tank ditches, preparing ground for launching bridges and breaching defensive earthworks.

Earth Anchor Blades
The Earth Anchor Blade (EAB) holds a vehicle static, allowing a platform for winching operations in a wide range of ground conditions. It is engineered to withstand anchoring forces and maintains the centre of gravity close to the vehicle structure to ensure stability. The EAB can be fitted using a common interface kit which allows the task equipment to be quickly interchanged and jettisoned increasing the operational capability of the host vehicle.

Excavator Manipulator Arms (EMA)
Excavator Manipulator Arms (EMA) enables a vehicle to dig, demolish structures, remove obstacles and fill trenches to create a clear route. The system comprises a boom, arm and bucket and a stabilising dozer blade; the EMA is a self-contained product which includes its own engine, batteries, and fuel system. They can be used for light dozing operations, for excavating and filling trenches, craters or ditches.


Mine Breaching and Clearing Products

Counter-Mine Ploughs
When enduring the ongoing threats of landmines, initiated explosive devices (IEDs) and cluster munitions, our products deliver safe and effective clearance of explosive devices.

The Full Width Mine Plough delivers the ability to produce a safe and mine-free cleared lane for following vehicles. It clears concealed or buried mines found within the path of the full width of the vehicle, by bringing them to the surface and moving them wide and clear of the vehicle.

The Track Width Mine Plough is designed to give the vehicle the ability to rapidly force a passage through a mined obstacle by creating a cleared path for it tracks to follow. It uses two sets of tines to create a cleared path for its tracks to follow.

Obstacle Marker System (OMS)
The Obstacle Marker System enables a host vehicle to clearly mark out hazardous areas such as the edges of a minefield breached lane or the boundaries of routes.

The system is mounted onto the vehicle and fires marker poles into the ground at controlled intervals. The dispenser unit enables marker poles to be fired pneumatically, either manually or automatically, into a variety of surfaces from sand and soil to asphalt and concrete at either timed or distance-based intervals.

Surface Clearance Devices
There are two types of Surface Clearance Device. Pearson Engineering’s V-blade is designed to move surface laid mines and ordnance from roads, tracks and rough terrain to provide a cleared route or area; the angled blade is used to clear obstacles from a route. Individual segments of a full width blade follow the ground contours to move threats.

Mine Rollers
Pearson Engineering’s counter-IED rollers protect vehicles from buried mines and pressure-fused IEDs, by countering the presence of threats on an intended route. Rollers are vehicle attachments which apply a downward pressure on the road to replicate the effects of a passing vehicle. As the roller is placed sufficiently ahead of the vehicle wheels, this will safely detonate a pressure fused IED before the vehicle reaches the threat.

Mine rollers are vehicle agnostic, they can be optimised for use on heavy tracked, medium tracked, medium wheeled or MRAP vehicles to meet the specific needs of the end-user.


Defence Manufacturing Services

Based at Armstrong Works in Newcastle upon Tyne, Defence Manufacturing Services from Pearson Engineering provides full manufacture, assembly, integration & test services for armoured vehicles, defence assets and structures. Our skilled employees work in our 16,000m2 of reconfigurable Assembly, Integration and Test space; this service is supported by over-head cranes, electrical and compressed air services, vehicle inspection pits, test facilities and exhaust extraction systems.

Our Engineers are highly trained and deliver high-specification, complex engineering products, often against demanding programme requirements and deadlines.

The Armstrong Works is the site of manufacture for the current British Army heavy armoured fleet. Our facility provides a single location for fabrication, welding, machining and sub-assembly areas and workshops capable of activities classified as Secret.


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