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Commanders require more than ever the ability to freely manoeuvre to places at the time of their choosing, to counter opponents during times of civil unrest, to assist citizens during natural disasters and to combat threats to national sovereignty. The challenges are complex and change in real time. It is precisely because of this that the Commander must have the inherent, in-stride resources available to adapt to uncertainty. These demands in turn place increased emphasis on the ability of armoured vehicles to be ‘modular’ in function and able to adapt their capabilities as missions evolve. This requires flexible and adaptable solutions within platform configuration constraints.


Pearson Engineering, a world-leading provider of Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Earth Moving and Assault Bridging Equipment for Armoured Fighting Vehicles has long since promoted this approach. Its range of Front End Equipment (FEE) attachments, each optimised for a particular combat engineering role, can be interchanged and configured quickly to support even the most challenging operational demands.

Through the application of Pearson Engineering tools, the Commander is given the flexibility to achieve his mission. He can task organise equipment to the mission requirement, from breaching to assault gap crossing, from obstacle reduction to route proving. This is a task centric approach, not a platform centric approach. Combat Vehicles can be quickly returned to their primary combat role once the task has been completed. This approach has been proven from the heaviest Main Battle Tank, Medium Weight Wheeled and Tracked Armoured Fighting Vehicle to the lighter weight MRAP vehicle.


An additional benefit is that Pearson Engineering products allow a customer to increase force capability and availability without increasing force structure and manpower. For example, a medium weight tracked vehicle originally brought into service to be a reconnaissance or command vehicle can be fitted with a PEL Bridge Launch Mechanism and Bridge that allows a formation to include organic gap crossing without having to rely on dedicated vehicles or call for higher echelon support. This approach is likely to lead to higher levels of mission success by providing the commander with a choice of available tools that can be quickly applied to the mission task requirements.

The Pearson Engineering approach to providing Assured Mobility also offers an economical method of force multiplication. With one common interface, FEE can be quickly attached and released or even jettisoned in an emergency. This ability to inter-change and deploy a range of different FEE on the same host platform, rather than multiple specially designed vehicles, can mean that fewer vehicles are required, a wide range of capabilities can be deployed quickly, tactical flexibility is enhanced, fewer spares are required and the logistical task is mitigated. This approach is a cost effective way of maximising a customer’s existing vehicle fleet for multiple roles.

Products include: Mine Plough, Surface Clearance Device, Excavator Manipulator Arm, Loader Bucket, Dozer Blade, Mine Roller, Bridge Launch Mechanism, Obstacle Marker System, Magnetic Signature Duplicator

The Pearson Engineering approach to Mine Clearance

MineWolf provides a range of manned and unmanned platforms for the clearance of explosive threats.

MineWolf products have proven superior performance in a variety of environments against landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Durability, reliability and survivability are inherent in the design and manufacture of both the platforms and their attachments.

The quality and unique multi-purpose nature of its clearance platforms enable mechanical solutions to be tailored for different applications according to customer requirements. The same platform can be used for mine clearance, counter-IED, runway clearance and general engineering tasks by using the appropriate attachment. This flexibility ensures the machines are able to fulfil operational requirements in any environment.


Pearson Engineering acquired all intellectual property, design and assets of the MineWolf Systems’ business, both in Germany and Switzerland in February 2016.

Pearson Engineering will combine its existing Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Route Opening and Proving, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridge Launching Equipment with MineWolf’s range of flail, tiller and robotic products to provide an enhanced range of defence solutions to our customers.


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