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ProTel Solutions is a leading UK Telecoms company providing a range of commercial off the shelf (COTS) and modified off the shelf (MOTS) products for deployment in the Defence and National Security arena. For robust mission critical system solutions, ProTel solutions supply products ranging from Fibre Optic media converters, high speed Fibre optic transmission equipment, Serial & I/O connectivity solutions, Optical fibre installation systems and radio. Many of these systems are already deployed with Military and Government agencies globally. Technologies supported include SDH, PDH, *WDM, x-21, RS232, RS422, Ethernet 10/100/1000, ProTel can tailor solutions to meet our customers requiring delivering bespoke turnkey solutions.

ProTel Solutions offers tailored professional services and telecoms networking equipment as a distributor/VAR. ProTel has a wealth of engineering expertise to a deliver the most effective and technically optimised solution.

We specialise in optical transmission, Ethernet in the first mile, rugged solutions and niche products to give a total end to end systems integration service.

In today’s ever demanding network environment all ProTel’s equipment’s are chosen to be best in class; to offer network resilience, scalability, Quality of Service and network security.

ProTel Solutions has a proven track record of understanding your engineering requirements and designing networks for service providers, broadband metropolitan, first mile fibre-to-the-X and Enterprise LAN applications. Some of the technologies that ProTel Solutions support are:

• Metro Ethernet Forum Certified fibre in the first mile.
• Next Generation Network Ethernet over SDH access.
• Metro Ethernet layer 2 aggregation.
• CWDM Metro Networks
• DWDM Core Networks

Product Suite – ProTel

Omnitron – media converters

Omnitron’s products provide reliable and flexible fibre access connectivity solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises who are driving fibre to the network’s edge to deliver advanced services, bandwidth and security.

Whether your network is an Enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) or a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) connecting Central Offices (CO) to Customer Premises (CPE), chances are that your network integrates fibre and copper, 10Mbps with Fast Ethernet, Gigabit fibre and copper, multimode and single-mode fibre.

Omnitron manufactures manageable and unmanaged fibre media converters, switches, star and multiplexer concentrators, repeaters, and transceivers for 10, 100, 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, T1/E1, T3(DS3)/E3, OC3, OC12, Serial RS-232, RS-422/485, X 21 Token Ring and AS/400 networks.

Professional Services

ProTel Solutions can offer peace of mind with all products and solutions with their professional services. ProTel Solutions Professional Services can be customized to your particular needs. Internal expertise resource is assigned to achieve your requirements first time.

The focus is on a high quality service for product delivery and support. Professional services are sub divided into the following sub categories:

  • Technical Training
  • Consultancy
  • Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Network Installation

MiniFlex – Rugged fibre optic cable

ProTel Solutions along with MiniFlex offers a range of ruggedized jumper cables and patch cords using its 3mm OFPT as the jacket. These jumper cables come terminated with the main industry standard connectors and can be supplied with customised connectors on request.

We also supply a small-sized optical fibre drop-cable for use in the external, local access infrastructure. This is a power-carrying version of this drop-cable which has capacity to feed low voltage direct current (LVDC) to remote fibre optic transceivers etc.

TuffNut Cables

This is ideal for applications requiring performances, durability and protection. The crush resisting, bend-limiting features are inherent characteristics of our sheathing.

Powered Optical Fibre Cables (POFC)

A small, power carrying cable for use in local access infrastructure, it has the capacity to feed low voltage direct current to remote fibre optic transceivers, etc.

Optical Fibre Drop-Cable (OFDC)

A small sized cable for use in local access infrastructure. This self-supporting cable can be used as a general purpose product across a variety of routing systems.

QuickPush Drop Cable

QuickPush Drop-Cable is a new concept in pre-terminated optical drop cables for use in connecting the subscriber to the network access terminal.

Mist – four camera, video to mobile solution

MIST on Demand II combines video surveillance and mobile PDA phone technologies, letting you see live streaming video of your CCTV security cameras on your mobile PDA phone. This allows you to see what’s happening when it’s happening.

Live Streaming Video – The “Real Power” to view live streaming video anytime/anywhere

MIST on Demand II solution gives you the real power to enhance communications - you can see via live video from your PDA what is happening at any location, anytime, day or night. This results in less travel time, allows you time to conduct other business and be more productive and efficient. MIST on Demand II lets you see your monitored locations even when you are not there making this a true, cost effect video surveillance solution.

Safety and Protection All at Once

MIST on Demand II alerts save you time and money. The ability to dial in from your PDA to check to see if there are problems offers you peace of mind when you are away. You can call security or the police immediately again saving time, money and maybe even lives.

MoD offers comprehensive safety and protection of you and your assets.

Olixir – Rugged hard drives

Olixir Technologies – Rugged, Transportable External Hard Drives & Backup / Disaster Recovery Solutions.

ProTel Solutions distributes a complete range of Olixir Mobile DataVault solutions ranging from stand-alone rugged external hard drives to larger storage solutions and removable disk-based backup and disaster recovery systems. Solutions can also be easily customised to meet your specific requirements.

All solutions come with a 3-year warranty that even covers accidental drops, something no other manufacturer will cover.



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