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Quorum Logistic Support Limited (Quorum) provides a broad knowledge base covering all aspects of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and support related activities such as Safety, Risk and Project Management.

By strategic planning, identifying risks, and influencing design by the focused application of ILS, Quorum ensure that the designed system is usable, sustainable and meets the required capability during its intended service life in the most cost efficient and operationally effective manner.

Defence Safety Analysis and Management

Quorum has extensive expertise on a wide range of projects and provides tailored solutions that meet project requirements by combining academic qualifications with hands-on experience for safety assessments, safety case development and management.

Defence Risk Analysis and Management

Quorum provides risk management support to a number of defence and industrial clients, from preliminary bid phase to post contract-award. We have developed credible and robust risk management processes to meet the most challenging requirements.

Defence Project Management

In an increasingly complex business environment, many organisations require independent, specialist management expertise to help ensure the success of a project. Quorum has the expertise to assist in crucial decision-making processes, to avoid potential risks and pitfalls, and to provide the skills and resources required to manage the project through its life.

Defence ILS Consultancy

The ILS process aims to influence design during the development phase or assess impact of design on supportability by determining the support requirements and assessing the Whole Life Costs (WLC) with the objective of:

•Optimising costs;
•Maximising Supportability
•Ensuring Capability

Defence Logistic Support Analysis

The LSA tasks must be tailored to the level and depth that will have the greatest benefit on supportability.

Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM)

Quorum utilises the ARM methodology and, where appropriate, innovative approaches on each project by initially understanding the defined requirements, the scope of the activity and the deliverables. This ensures that the system support requirements are identified and analysed in a structured manner to influence design, reduce major cost drivers, improve supportability, reduce WLC and enhance Availability.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The TNA is a structured survey and analysis of training requirements arising as a result of new equipment procurement, doctrinal change, organisational change, or changes to legislation. Quorum is highly experienced in the conduct of TNA, both as a stand-alone activity or integrated within the overall ILS programme

Quorum provides reliable support for complex projects across very broad industry sectors, with clear benefits and measurable results to give any business that all-important winning edge. 

The range of consultancy services includes:

•ILS Management
•LSA (Logistic Support Analysis)
•SSP (Supply Support Planning)
•LCC (Life Cycle Costing)
•TNA (Training Needs Analysis)
•ILS/LSA Training Courses
•Technical Documentation
•Project Management
•Bid Proposal & Management
•Safety Analysis & Management
•Risk Analysis & Management
•ARM (Availability, Reliability & Maintainability
•Engineering Support Including
•Database development
•Test trials and acceptance planning
•Fleet surveys
•Repair facility survey


Some of our projects are as follows:

•FRES SV: Development of ISP, LSAP and R&M Plans including review of all related Element Plans. Development of reliability models for failure trends and assessment of reliability at equipment, system and platform levels;

•Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP): Providing R&M Support including planning, predictions, R&M Modelling, Case Development and planning for Reliability Growth Trials (RGT);

•Support Vehicle (SV): Responded to all ILS SOW requirements as ILS Prime Contractor for MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd on all aspects of ILS, AR&M, Safety Case Management, Risk Management, & provision of the V&V database;

Future Command and Liaison Vehicle (FCLV) - PANTHER: ILS Management, Development of CLS Solution, Development of ILS Plans, LSA Tailoring, Risk and Safety Management and the development of Microsoft Access based Risk and Safety Software tools;

•Engineer Tank System (ETS): LSA Management and Planning, Requirement Specifications, Reliability & Maintainability Predictions and modelling, Failure Trends, RGT and trials modelling;
•SV Recovery Vehicle: Full range of ILS activities for the recovery vehicles including population of an LSAR;

•DABINETT: ISTAR Project, preparation of Concept Phase ILS planning documentation for Initial Gate Approval;

•MAKEFAST (BISA): ITT Bid Response for the ILS Elements including generation of ISP, LSAP, R&M Plan and TNA Study Plan;

•Project P: ISTAR Cat A System as part of a consortia consisting of Raytheon US, IBM UK, GD-US, LogicaCMG, EDS and QinetiQ;

•Platform BISA (BOWMAN): ILS Management, Planning and Preparation of deliverables;

•Modernised Integrated Database (MIDB): ISTAR project, preparation of required ILS Documentation for ITT and Main Gate Approval within the CSIS IPT;

•Watchkeeper: Development of ILS documentation to meet contractual needs;

Large Capacity Aircraft Refuelling System (LCARS): Carried out detailed analysis and developed the necessary documentation to meet the ILS requirements including Safety Management Plan and Case;

•Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV) - BOXER: ILS/LSA Management & Planning, LSA tailoring, LSAR development, Maintainability Design Criteria, Supportability Assessment Report and Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA);

•Integrated Biological Detection System: ILS Co-ordination on behalf of DE&S covering the complete range of ILS activities.

Track Record and Achievements

We have a proven track record of delivery, on the SV programme there were 19 variants and 1000’s of design changes to meet emerging requirements including protection, BOWMAN installations and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) resulted in a constantly moving target with the only constants being the immovable LSD & ISD, both these dates were declared to time and to cost for a major Cat A programme.


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