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Rapid Deployment are certainly the buzz words in all Military Forces presently, the capability to rapidly establish an airborne infrastructure is an essential part of strategies laid down by Joint Armed Forces worldwide.
The Mobile Visual Control Room (MVCR) or Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower is an integral part of any Joint Armed Forces Aerospace Surveillance and Battle Space Management System. The requirement of an operational airbase is essential to all operations in-theatre very early in any conflict and therefore the equipment used must reflect the requirements of urgency and the possible lack of lifting equipment or specialised vehicles for deployment.

Rapid Deployable ATC Towers

The trailer mounted system is designd specifically for rapid and simple deployment.


The Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems ATC tower is transportable by C-130, C-17 and has undertaken live trials with Chinook helicopter, and can be deployed by 2-4 personnel in an hour. All equipment needed to deploy is carried within the unit and there is no additional lifting equipment necessary.
Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems designed their tower to be trailer mounted so that it can be towed by various unspecified vehicles and removes the single point of failure of a truck-mounted system.

Mobile Elevating Towers

The tower elevates to 7m operator seated height and allows for 3 operators plus 1 supervisor position. The internal fit is designed specifically to meet the precise operational requirements of the end user but be flexible in terms of upgrades and/or additional equipment requirements to cope with local operating conditions.



Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems have specifically designed their mobile system for uncomplicated Rapid Deployment with a minimum of parts.
Whether it is to be used for military applications, a stand-by or disaster relief, it is important that the unit can be deployed quickly and efficiently.
The Systems all feature a new Automatic Levelling System and remotely controlled deployment that levels and deploys the cabin to full  height and locks it in position hydraulically in under 5 minutes.

  • The system has been designed to be deployed by 2-4 men in under an hour.
  • All equipment needed for deployment is stored within the cabin or trailer system – the unit is completely self contained.
  • No need for any special lifting or handling equipment to deploy
  • Towers can be run off mains or powered by a generator.
  • The Cabin is trailer mounted for reliability, ease of use and flexibility – the cabin can be removed in 15 minutes.
  • Multi-level towing positions to cope with variety of different towing vehicles.
  • Robust heavy duty trailer system with EBS that automatically adjusts the air suspension to ensure the system remains level when being towed.
  • The trailer has adjustable air suspension to increase or decrease ground clearance.
  • Simple deployment – ONLY FOUR BOLTS in the entire deployment so less to lose and less FOD.
  • C-130, C-17, IL-76 and Heavy Lift Helicopter transportable
  • Tower has 3 operating heights, elevating to a maximum of 7m operator seated height.
  • Up to 4 operator positions
  • Cabins fitted with fully plug and play integrated systems comprising usually of military or commercial air to ground communications, voice switching and recording, meteorological reporting, navigational equipment and ground to ground communications to customer specification.
  • 360 ° vision from all operator positions.
  • LED lights throughout including the stairs
  • High spec ATC double glazed glass.
  • Dual Air Conditioning Units
  • Ballistic protection and Bullet Proof Glass options
  • Operators can safely evacuate the cabin in under 20 seconds unlike some towers that require an elevator.
  • Tower meets all Safety Regulations including Working at Height and evacuation procedures.


All Terrain Truck Mounted ATC

MATC introduced their new 6x6 All Terrain Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower at the World ATM Congress in Madrid 4-6 March 2014.  Described as a “game changer in tactical military ATC operations” the 6 wheel drive Mercedes mounted system had a lot of interest. Designed in principal for Middle East and Asian operators, the unit is autonomous with an in-built generator, automatic levelling and an operator height of 7.5 metres and is delivered plug and play. It features an automatic tyre deflation and inflation system to cope with wheel slip on sand or wet conditions whilst maintaining a fast on-road speed enabling quick location and relocation. The cabin is the same as the trailer mounted unit.


Added to this MATC introduced a new Compact ATC Cabin that can be towed and positioned by any four wheel drive. This is aimed at smaller strips and airfields where elevation is not required, it is equipped to the same ATC standard as the other models and has an onboard generator and fuel tank.


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