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BBI Detection is part of the BBI Group, a leading provider of rapid, point of care systems for a range of applications. BBI Detection is a world leader in the development and manufacture of rapid tests to detect explosives and biothreat agents. Our unique access to high quality antibodies means that the performance of our products is assured, and our innovative sampling device -
IMASS - provides a simple and fast route to accurate results.

With secure facilities in the US and UK, and over 25 years’ experience in the development of assays, we are ideally placed to serve the needs of military and first responder markets worldwide. Additionally, our access to high quality biothreat antibodies and a full spectrum of sampling technologies gives us the ability to offer a direct route to effective assays.

IMASS™ – A unique detection platform for
military and 1st responders

BBI Detection has developed an “Integrated Multiplex Assay and Sampling System” – IMASS™, to sample and identify biothreats or explosives in white powder or liquid incidents. The IMASS™ platform provides the ability to rapidly sample powders liquids or surfaces using the integrated sampling sponge, once the sampling has been completed and the device is run, the sample is transferred simultaneously to all of the integrated assay strips. The IMASS™ was specifically designed with simplistic functionality and a robust ergonomic design to give end users the quickest and most reliable hand held assay and sampling system available.


The IMASS™ is available in a Biothreat Detection format and an Explosive Detection Format.


Advantages over current systems used include:

  • Integrated Sampling and Assessment
  • Ease of use (particularly when wearing full protective equipment
  • Results in minutes
  • Increase in sampling area
  • Robustness
  • Sample retention and recovery
  • Device can be decontaminated after sampling
  • Low training burden
  • No power requirements


Biothreat Detection IMASS™

The Biothreat Detection IMASS™ device provides a crucial advance in rapid testing, particularly for ‘white powder’ incidents. The device is used to directly sample powders, surfaces or liquids using an integrated sponge, then eight immunoassay strips are run simultaneously from the sample giving results for eight biothreat agents in 15 minutes. Its robust design* means that the IMASS™ device is straightforward to run and to read, even while wearing full protective equipment.
*Licensed from the UK Secretary of State for Defence



  • Detects Anthrax
  • Detects Ricin and other toxins
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use in full protective equipment
  • Can sample surfaces, powders or liquids
  • No power requirements

CodeAgent Detected ANXBacillus anthracis (Anthrax)RICRicin ToxinBTXBotulinum Toxin A/BTULFrancisella tularensisPLAYersina pestis (Plague)BRUBrucella sppBTKBurkholderia mallei (Glanders)SEBStaphylococcal Enterotoxin B


Explosive Detection IMASS™

The Explosive Detection IMASS™ provides a crucial advance in rapid explosive detection for military, police, border and other first responders. The device is used to directly sample surfaces, solids and liquids using an integrated sponge. A number of test strips are then run simultaneously from the sample, giving visual results for military explosives and multiple homemade explosive components in 3 minutes. Its unique rugged design* means that the IMASS™ device is straightforward to run and to read, even while in full protective equipment.
*Licensed from the UK Secretary of State for Defence



  • Detects Military Explosives: TNT/RDX/PETN and their derivatives such as Semtex, C3, C4 and HMX
  • Detects Homemade Explosive Components: Ammonium, Nitrate and Sugar
  • Results in 3 minutes
  • Easy to use in full protective equipment
  • No power requirement
  • Can sample surfaces, solids and liquids

CodeExplosive Component DetectedTTNTRRDX/RDX derivativesPPETN/PETN derivativesAAmmoniumNNitrateSSugar

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BBI Detection™ and IMASS™ are trademarks of BBI Detection Ltd.
The IMASS™ device is manufactured and sold under licence from the UK Secretary of State
for Defence. Pat. No. GB2460956 and US12/999,064. Pat. Pend: EP09766120.1
The development of the explosive detection IMASS™ device was funded by the UK Ministry of Defence as part of a Dstl R&D project

Dry and Liquid Explosive Test Kits and Narcotic test Kits

BBI Detection also distributes a unique product portfolio of simple to use, rapid and low cost solutions for the presumptive identification of potential threat items in a variety of scenarios such as screening at secure checkpoints or the assessment of suspect powders or materials in clandestine labs.


  • The Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) is a single use colorimetric-based test kit for the presumptive identification of military grade explosives and precursors used in manufacture of improvised explosives
  • The ECAC certified Liquid Explosive Test Kit (LETK) is a colorimetric-based test kit for detecting liquid explosive residues found in liquids, aerosols, gels and creams and is designed for presumptive identification of concealable liquid threat materials.
  • The Narcotics Test Kits (NTK) and Cannabis Test Kit (CTK) are a rapid, simple, and reliable technology designed for identification of Drugs of Abuse by first responders and frontline personnel.




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