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Digital RF offers complete counter terrorist and surveillance  systems, bespoke to a client’s need including the latest  technology, training and field support.

Its staff and supporting engineers have worked together for  some 40 years in designing RF systems.

Digital RF is a UK Company which Designs and Manufactures all  its own products in the UK including; Software, Digital FPGA processing, Modulation and Frequency converters, Power Amplifiers, Detectors, Antennas and more. Maintaining full  control of design and manufacture enables Digital RF to fully  support its customers for the entire product range.

The Company
Digital RF was established in 2003 to design and build jammers to supply into the security market with the growing use of IEDs.

The company has continued to grow, supplying into conflict areas such as Iraq and Pakistan, as well as many other countries across the globe.

Digital RF maintain a policy of keeping all key design skills within the company. The company staff and supporting staff comprise of RF design engineers, software engineers, mechanical designer, system engineers, project manager, test  and assembly staff.

The  Products

Wide-band Jammers:


In the Company’s support of counter terrorist systems it manufactures a range of high power HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave jammers which have been designed by the company.

These include:

VIP Protection Jammers

The Black Shadow VIP Protection Jamming system can be fitted to most vehicles for a mobile convoy protection or placed in an area of Threat or in a building.


Each Jamming Module within Black Shadow radiates multiple programmable jamming carriers that can instantaneously jam selected frequency bands.

Portable Briefcase or Backpack Jammers

These specialist jammers incorporate the latest jamming technology in a compact integrated system is able to be equipped with a wide range of frequency jamming modules. In a compact system they contain Jammer modules, antennas, battery, power supply and optional remote control.
Both these are ideally deployed to protect VIP’s, Military/Security staff or EOD teams from RCIEDs.


There are currently over 300 Black Shadow Jammers sold into Military, NATO and Civil Defence organisation over the world.

GSM Detect, Block and Counter Measures

In today’s society having tools to detector, jam and monitor mobile phone communications are essential in the prevention of terrorism. Digital RF have developed a range of products to equip security personnel with the latest technology in Mobile phone counter measures.


Preventing the use of mobile phones and communications devices in Prisons and Secure Facilities is an important part of security and crime prevention.

Digital RFs jamming technology has been deployed to detect, jam and monitor mobile phone activity in these institutions under the name Cell-block.

Utilising the Blackshadow technology a comprehensive system of jamming, frequency monitoring, ethernet control, detector activity logging and GSM network status is provided to the user.

Network Guard

Digital RFʼs Cell-Monitor provides rapid notification of any rogue BTS attempting to covertly listen to mobile phones. Cell-Monitor is the essential tool to independently monitor the BTS activity around sensitive buildings / offices. By continuously scanning all available networks rogue BTS activity can be seen instantly and the position of the rogue BTS source located on a map.


Taking both RF and Digital technology to the next level Digital RF have developed an IMSI / IMEI grabber to locate and identify target phones and enable access.

Network Mapping System

Cell-seeker is the essential tool to independently monitor or map multiple mobile networks.

By continuously scanning all available networks and recording the GPS position an RF ‘finger print’ of the environment is recorded.


Chameleon is a digital phone system which allows designated users to use their own mobile phone to call each other and make & receive external calls while preventing all other people in the coverage area of the jammer.

Hornet – Explosives Trace Detector

The Digital RF Hornet provides the next generation technology for counter terrorism.

Using established Laser Scanning techniques the Hornet can detect explosive traces or drugs over long distances. Able to detect explosives traces on  vehicles, packages and Suicide Bombers, the Hornet is an essential tool for modern Security operations including: Boarder Control, Check Points and Peace Keeping Forces.

The Digital RF Hornet can be provided vehicle mounted or on a portable tripod.

The Hornet extends the capability and range of human operation in various challenging security situations.

Other Activities:

MDS – Magnetic Detection System

MDS is a comprehensive automatic detection system for entrance security control.
Comprising of a speed ramp and barrier fitted at the entrance of a building or car park it will detect any magnetic material, such as a magnetic bomb / RCIED or Tracking device attached to the vehicle chassis.
While the vehicle travels over the system the vehicle is automatically scanned and the barrier entrance synchronized to allow or deny entry.

Microwave Links

The company is also active in promoting the use of fixed and mobile COFDM digital radio transmission systems for transmission of video from inside to outside a building or from a street threat to a mobile control centre.

Blackshadow Jammer Globally….

Due to the confidential nature of the systems supplied by Digital RF it is not possible to be   specific about all projects however the following is a list of some countries in which jammers   have been deployed and some applications.

UK - Government
THAILAND – RTAF and Police
CHILIE - Security Forces
NIGERIA - Government
DUBAI - Police
and more......


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