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Xplore Technologies is a global leader and recognized pioneer in the rugged mobile computing industry with more than 15 years of dedicated focus on developing and deploying fully-rugged wireless tablet systems. Our products have been engineered to meet our customers’ demands for reliable, fully-rugged mobility solutions that deliver superior performance and functionality, and can withstand the most extreme operating environments.  We deliver the most comprehensive and rugged tablet computing solutions in the industry.  Headquartered in the “Silicon Hills” of Austin, Texas, Xplore Technologies has spent more than a decade on research, development and product generation improvements culminating in the 2011 launch of the 5th generation system in the iX104C5™ product family.


The daily challenges faced by our clients in the field and on the front lines were the driving force behind Xplore’s “Voice of the Customer” product development methodology, which drives the engineering, testing and production of critical wireless, performance and expansion capabilities. Since inception, the company has sold approximately one hundred thousand systems globally across a breadth of industries and is a recognized leader and trusted source in the rugged tablet computing industry.

Xplore Technologies Corp. is a publicly-traded company (NASDAQ:XPLR).

Innovative Rugged Mobility Tablet PC Solutions


As demand for the tablet PC has surged, so too has the need for rugged mobility solutions with technology advances that allow greater reach into extreme environments. Xplore customers need mobile computing tools that match tough on-the-job requirements, whether those jobs take them deep underground, high above power lines or to the front line.
Driving rain, blowing sand and dust, temperature extremes, constant vibration, accidental system drops onto hard surfaces – Xplore tablets can go wherever users need to be, providing scalable performance, enhanced connectivity, flexible input methods, true portability and product lifecycles that match program and performance needs.
Xplore’s iX104C5 family of fully-rugged tablet PCs, vehicle/situational docking stations, enabling accessories, and peripherals deliver comprehensive solutions to meet the exacting needs of industrial, commercial and government customers.

XPLORE’s iX104C5 Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable Tablet PC

Innovative Rugged Tablet For The Real World


Today, more than ever, mobile computing systems are relied upon by an increasingly diverse group of vertical professionals, military and security personnel to do their jobs. Xplore’s customers work in the toughest conditions and trust their tablet computers to be as rugged as they are. Beyond rugged, users demand scalable performance, enhanced connectivity, flexible input methods, true portability and product lifecycles that match their program and deployment needs. Xplore’s iX104C5 delivers with industry-leading ruggedness, performance data protection, meaningful innovation and longer-managed lifecycles.
Xplore’s 5th generation rugged offering enhances user productivity and safety by enabling work in the harshest conditions and by providing reliable operation while mobile in a standing position, vehicle or fork truck-mounted, or at a service desk. IT and program managers enjoy peace of mind in trusting their Xplore systems will operate when and where they need them, with advanced integrated technologies from industry leaders such as Intel® and Microsoft®.

Setting a New Rugged Tablet Computing Standard

  • PROVEN RUGGED IN THE REAL WORLD – Industry’s Most Rugged Tablet PC
  • XTREME PERFORMANCE – Industry’s Best Performance Platform for Today and Tomorrow
  • FIELD-PROVEN DESIGN – Best Sunlight-Readable Dual-Mode Display
  • TOTAL CONTROL OF OWNERSHIP – Long Lifecycles, Superior Management Capabilities

XPLORE: Proven Rugged In The Real World


Industry’s most rugged tablet PC

  • Independently-tested to MIL-STD-810G, IEC IP67 ingress rating (10-cell battery), and Hazloc standards
  • High-density, hardened magnesium alloy chassis with contoured bumper protection system
  • Integrated piston gaskets on all user-accessible doors
  • 3H hardened display protects against breakage and scratching
  • 3rd party tested: 4' drop to concrete with system on; 7' operating drop to non-yielding surface
  • Xplore’s Cool Touch thermal system, inclusive of multiple thermistors, regulate heating and cooling in extreme temperatures
  • Exceptional data protection – Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, with dual SSD RAID (0,1) option

Military, public safety, field service and other front-line workers depend on their mobile computing systems to complete job tasks, execute mission plans and, in some cases, save lives. System uptime, continued deployed operation and data protection is paramount. Xplore’s iX104C5 is the gold standard in rugged tablet computing, delivering the highest degree of ruggedness in its class. Inspired by first-hand experience and input from utility and telecomm field service workers, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies, the iX104C5 can adapt to changing mission requirements and withstand harsh conditions.

Key Rugged Features Include:

  • A drop specification that is more in line with real-life use conditions: 4', operating to concrete (a hard surface) 26x; 7' operating to plywood over concrete
  • A unique piston sealing technology enables a higher level of ingress protection (IP-67 with 10-cell battery) from driving rain/snow, blowing dust/sand, and potential immersion in water
  • An innovative data protection system utilizes a custom-engineered drive carrier, Solid State drive storage with dual SSD drive option, RAID (0,1) and JBOD array configurations which include advanced high-performance and durable solid state

XPLORE: Xtreme Performance

Industry ’s Best Performance Platform for Today and Tomorrow

  • Intel® Core™ i7-620UE mobile processor, HD integrated Intel® graphics with dynamic frequency
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology
  • Up to 8 GB of fast DDR3 memory (Windows® 7, 64-bit OS)
  • Multi-modal wireless options, including Intel® Centrino® Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gobi™ 3000 Broadband
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) for enhanced performance and durability
  • Dedicated Fast Track GPS II – 2m and sub-1m models (optional)

The iX104C5 raises the bar for performance in the fully-rugged computing market by providing the most advanced performance platform in its class.
The iX104C5 is equipped with Intel®’s latest Core™ i7-620UE mobile processor, featuring the Intel® QM57 Express chipset, Turbo Boost Technology and integrated high-definition graphics with dynamic frequency.
This powerful mobile dual-core, hyper-threading processor with 4 MB of Smart L2 cache and up to 8 GB2
(Windows® 7, 64-bit OS) of DDR3 system memory supports higher-end applications like GIS mapping and mission planning that require real-time capabilities, fast processing and superior graphics performance to render images.
Multi-modal, integrated wireless options provide communications when and where customers need it.


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