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SCHROTH Safety Products provides customized solutions for occupant protection in military ground vehicles, airplanes and helicopters of all varieties as well as motorsport and OEM automotive applications. With over 60 years’ experience in occupant protection, SCHROTH is one of the recognized leaders in seatbelt and seating products for military applications.

Modern safety systems require integration across complex platforms, which often call for customized solutions. Throughout the product lifecycle, from R&D through to prototype construction right up to series production, we control all processes according to state-of-the-art technology and carry out intensive testing and crash simulations for quality assurance purposes in coordination with the customer’s requirements.

SCHROTH Specializes in:

Seat Belt and Harness Systems

SCHROTH Military Harness Systems have been designed to meet or exceed the user requirements of the UK, US and European Militaries. SCHROTH Military Harness Systems are designed to be easy to use, with consistent configurations and features that provides maximum protection, rapid entry and egress, adjustability and comfort for a wide range of occupants while seated in forward, rearward or side facing seated positions.

SCHROTH has accumulated a wide range of hardware and restraint solutions for countless applications meeting world-wide standards and regulations. Regardless of your requirement, SCHROTH can most likely supply your solution.

  • Water Activated Buckles (WAB)
  • Multi Point Harness Systems for Field Stretchers
  • Production and Program Management capabilities for Prototypes to Mass Production

Seating Systems for Military Ground Vehicles
(Mine Blast and Static Utility Systems)

SCHROTH’s lightweight utility troop seat systems offer an ITAR-Free, COTS (commercial off the shelf), low-profile, space-saving solution for a wide variety of vehicle installations. The mine blast and utility seating comes complete with an integrated ECE/FMVSS compliant lightweight 4-point harness restraint.

SCHROTH seating offers the ideal systems for commercial and military personnel and troop transport configurations.

  • Military, civil (police, border patrol, peacekeeping, disaster relief) and commercial

Gunner Restraints / Top Cover Harnesses / Standing Positions

SCRHOTH has multiple designs to meet various vehicle applications.

SCRHOTH’s Gunner Restraint Systems (GRS) have been fitted to over 160,000 vehicles for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots world-wide.

Inflatable / Military Airbag Technology

SCHROTH has developed and delivered four-point restraints with integrated airbag systems for 125 German Boxer Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) vehicles.

The SCHROTH inflatable restraint system offers numerous innovative features including shoulder harnesses fitted with belt-integrated airbags.

In the event of a crash, sensors measure the resulting acceleration and trigger the gas generators that produce micro pyrotechnical charges allowing the airbags to be deployed within a fraction of a second.

Although airbags have been in commercial vehicles for years, there are very few applications of airbag technology for a production ground vehicle developed specifically for military applications.

This inflatable restraint brings state-of-the-art protection by integrating the airbag into the shoulder harness and providing protection for side-facing occupants.

Soft Ballistic Protection Solutions
(Military Vests and Armoring)

SCHROTH ballistic protection provides customized survivability solutions for police forces and military personnel. Designs based on our technical experts’ proven ballistic know-how and long-standing experience, SCHROTH body armor increases survivability while our range of carrier systems offers the highest possible level of comfort and wearability. Features of SCHROTH body armor solutions include the most advanced ballistic materials available, innovative technology, high ballistic performance, low surface weight, and innovative comfort features.

SCHROTH body armor is available in a wide variety of soft and hard ballistic configurations and can be customized to meet any ballistic standard or specific requirement.
SCHROTH body armor solutions are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards.


SCHROTH body armor solutions can be designed to meet the major international ballistic standards:

  • Germany: SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4
  • UK: HG1/A, HG1, HG2, SG1, RF1
  • Russia: GOST Class 1, 2, 2a, 3, 4,5, 6

Other international ballistic standards can be met upon request.
All major international standards for stab protection can be met.


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