Servicom are a leading Radio Communications Systems integrator.  Specialists in providing radio solutions with enhanced functionality, our capabilities in system design, service, creation of bespoke products and solutions act as key differentiators from our competitors.

Integrated Military Radio Communications

Servicom’s vast client portfolio includes the Ministry of Defence and their suppliers who utilise our vast product range and ability to provide bespoke solutions. The following products are just a small insight into our product range and service capabilities, please contact us for specific communication solution requirements. Servicom are an authorised dealer and service centre for all the major brands.

Encrypted Radio Solutions

Servicom provide high level encrypted communication solutions, when secure communications are vital. From back to back to repeater system solutions (fixed and mobile)Servicom gain a thorough understanding of the client’s needs with a thorough consultation process, recommending the solution that fits the clients operational and financial requirements.  From retro fit encryption boards to designed encrypted network solutions, Servicom deliver.

Digital Radio Systems including Mototrbo

Recognised as a digital radio specialist Servicom can provide digital radio products, accessories and solutions.  Products such as Motorola Mototrbo offer users increased functionality, with an increasing range of application packages available.  Mototrbo offers an IP57 product that is durable and resilient with features such as:

• Improved coverage over analogue
• Digital Encryption
• GPS capability
• Pre defined and free form text messaging
• Excellent background noise cancellation
• Emergency call, call interrupt and remote listen
A vast application range also allows for features such as alarm integration, control room applications, task management functionality. Servicom are recognised as a leading Mototrbo distributor and can also create bespoke solutions for military environments.

Radio over IP Solutions- Servicom’s GRIP (Global Reach IP)

Servicom’s Global Reach IP Solution enables radio users (UHF,VHF or HF)  to talk to each other across a dedicated link via the internet. Due to low bandwith requirements it excels where Satellite IP links are used, making it particularly suited for remote location communication.

Servicom’s  GRIP is an innovative, easy to install and comparatively low cost solution that broadens the capabilities of systems and opens new possibilities in radio communications . GRIP is utilised by clients including law enforcement agencies working in hostile and remote locations.

Available as a PC software or hardware solution GRIP enables Servicom customers to monitor and interact with hand held portable or mobile radios anywhere in the world without having to worry about compatibility issues surrounding frequencies or radio equipment type. Servicom’s GRIP, now we are talking global.

Deployable Radio Communication Solutions

With the requirement for instantly deployable, mobile communications comes the necessity for reliability and resilience in hostile environments. Servicom provide off the shelf and bespoke solutions for deployable communication solutions. From peli-case repeaters (rebro)  and mobile bag fits to wireless mesh solutions providing IP networks , Servicom can provide solutions tailored to the most demanding of environments.

The peli-case can contain mobile dispatchers or repeater base stations to provide a resilient deployable network, and can be configured to specific requirements.
The mobile bag fit is an example of a client driven solution providing covert and mobile despatch solutions......

Integrated Communication Solutions

Servicom represent a true one stop shop for communication solutions, with a portfolio that includes satellite communications (this includes terminals and airtime) , wireless networks, ruggedised laptops and most importantly the knowledge and capability of providing tailored communication solutions utilising innovative and effective methods. Further details can be found at


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