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Si ATM is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. It delivers advanced ATC and ATM services and products and is completely focused on activities in the area of Air Traffic Control Systems and Simulators.

Business concept

"To use our advanced, extensive know-how and well-proven methodology to deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art ATM products achieving low-risk implementations while meeting customer expectations"


Si ATM was established in 1981. It was founded by key personnel from the Swedish ATM industry with extensive previous experience in the area of Air Traffic Management. The experience came from the participation in the development of the highly sophisticated systems ATCAS and TERCAS, ATC systems produced in Sweden at the end of the 1970s, and were installed in Sweden and Russia.

Initially, we worked as consultants in ATM projects, including upgrades and modernisation's for the Swedish CAA on our home market and for other CAA's around the world. Having worked for decades with everything from ATC hardware to operator applications, we launched our own ATM concept in 1993. It is a set of building blocks which facilitates step-by-step substitution of obsolete technology, thus allowing systems to be upgraded to state-of-the-art without any dramatic changes at any stage.

Customer-requested applications are combined with ready-made COTS software modules for radar presentation, flight data processing and other required ATM functions. Our familiarity with the whole chain of information processing, from small components to the controller's decision, enables us to implement the system step by step without affecting ongoing operations.

We are fully committed to meet the requirements set on the most advanced ATM-system available today. We are prepared to offer our products and services as main supplier or subcontractor.

Operational Air Traffic Control Systems

Si ATM's activities are focused completely on Air Traffic Management related products and services. The company holds extensive experience in Air Traffic Management and Control. Si ATM delivers the following advanced operational ATM products all verified and in operational use:

•Si ATMSys, an Air Traffic Control system for En-route, Approach and Tower Control including:

  • Radar data processing including a MRT for up to 10 radar stations
  • Handling, processing and presentation of multilateration data, MLAT
  • Automatic flightplan data processing, FDP with route analysis and trajectory prediction
  • Controller HMI incuding paperless/stripless functions
  • Safety nets including Short Term Conflict Alert, STCA, Medium term conflict detection, MTCD, Minimum Safe Altitude Warning, MSAW and Area Penetration Warning, APW
  • Monitoring aids, MONA with conformance monitoring
  • Radar bypass system for emergency situations
  • OLDI, On Line Data Interchange
  • Recording and playback functions
  • Monitoring and control functions
  • Technically advanced redundancy concept with several levels
  • Interface to A-SMGCS systems
  • Predeparture clearance, PDC by means data link
  • Strip printing

•Si SDPS, a stand-alone surveillance data processing system with sophisticated centralised multi sensor tracker.
•Si FDPS, a highly adaptable stand-alone fl ight plan data processing system to flexible fit into varying ATM environment.
•STCA, a short term conflict alert system developed in accordance with Eurocontrol’s recommendations.

Radar Data Processing, RDPS

Target data from PSR and SSR radar stations, Mode-S, Multi-lateration data and ADS data are processed by means of an advanced centralised true multi-sensor tracker. It is a fully automatic system, which comprises automatic initiation, tracking and termination of tracks. The output from the RDPS are system tracks.

Flight Plan Data Processing, FDPS

The following functionality is included in the Si FDPS:

•Reception and sending of ATS and weather messages via the AFTN,either manually or automatically.
•Fully automatic flight plan data processing with route analysis and trajectory prediction
•Reception and sending of data for CNS/ATM functions
•Support for CPDLC, e.g. departure clearance delivery by means of data link
•Support for Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA)
•Paperless and strip less controller HMI
•Strip printing functionality if requested
•Presentation of CNS/ATM based surveillance data
•Presentation of flight plan tracks
•On Line Data Interchange (OLDI) and AIDC
•Monitoring aids with conformance monitoring and reminder handling
•Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD)
•Data exchange with external systems; e.g. FIDS, Billing system, adjacent FIRs, Meteorological system, Tower systems etc.

Short Term Conflict Alert

The STCA function is a controller-alerting function which should alert before any pilot-alerting functions. It receives tracks from the multi radar tracking system. The track data consist of lateral and vertical position and speed/heading. In addition the turn rate is used. The resulting conflict alerts are sent for presentation to the controllers.Knowledge of aircraft position and status (for example, the aircraft is departing) is used for selecting alerting parameters.

Medium Term Conflict Detection

Medium Term Conflict Detection, subsequently referred to as MTCD, is a set of functions which assist controllers in monitoring the air situation continuously, by detecting potential conflicts and airspace penetrations, based on the predicted flight trajectories, and providing timely information to enable the affected controllers to assess and, if necessary, resolve the situation by taking deliberate, corrective action.

Additionally, MTCD provides a facility for handling tentative flight trajectories, enabling controllers to assess the potential affects of an intended action (a reroute, cleared level change or ordered speed input) which will result in a change to the existing trajectory for a flight.

Air Traffic Control Simulator Systems and Test tools

Si ATM's activities are focused completely on Air Traffic Management related products and services. The company holds extensive experience in Air Traffic Simulators.

Si ATM delivers the following advanced simulator systems and test tools.

  • •Si ATCSim, a high fidelity simulator for advanced ATC training.
  • Si ATMSim contains two segments, one simulator segment, the same for all implementations, and one operational segment, that provides the environment for the ATC Controllers/Trainees adopted to the current customer. Independent execution of multiple exercises in the same or different airspaces are possible.

•BasSim, an ATC simulator for basic operational training.

•TSim, a 3-D Tower simulator for Gate_to_Gate training.

The TSim has all functionality contained in the Si ATCSim upgraded with simulation of a Tower environment including a 3D visualisation presentation of aircraft and viehcle movements. It is possible to run Gate-To-Gate simualtions.

•CNSATMProt, a test and prototyping tool for CNS/ATM functions.
•OLDISimSys, a test and monitoring system for OLDI communication including:

  • Testing of OLDI connections in new ACC systems during operational evaluation
  • OLDI testing in Test and Development environment
  • Monitoring of connections
  • Testing of OLDI partners
  • TRAS, an automatic tool for analysis and evaluation of radar infra-structures and tracker systems. The system has two major modes:
  • Recording and Analysis
  • Recording is done in real-time, i.e. Reception of plot data and production of system track data.
  • Analysis is performed on recorded data.

Quality Assurance

Si ATM fully recognizes the significance of an organized Quality Assurance (QA) activity for successful design, production and operation of complicated automated electronic systems. Si ATM is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and has a quality system well adapted to the development, production and operation of complex computerised systems such as ATM systems. Our ISO 9001:2000 Certificate is available on request.


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