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CommsAudit are manufactures of specialist electronic systems.  The company focus covers Defence, National Security and Civil Communications.

CommsAudit provide products and expertise for radio monitoring, radio Direction Finding (DF), and communications systems. CommsAudit has over 25 years experience of delivering high performance RF systems and equipment.

Key products include: Antennas , Antenna Distribution Ssystems (ADS), receivers, Direction Finding, software and complex RF systems.  Systems include SPECTRA – HF/V-UHF radio monitoring system.

CommsAudit are proactive, running internally funded R&D programs in very-wideband RF tuner development, N-channel radio Direction Finding, and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) design.



CommsAudit provide specialist antennas – including HF Direction Finding antennas, Ultra-Wideband UWB V/-UHF antennas, and specialist radio Direction Finding antennas.  CommsAudit also provide dedicated masthead amplifiers, filters, sequencers, and other specialized equipment.

Antenna Distribution Systems (ADS)


CommsAudit provide high performance specialist Antenna Distribution Systems for communications and radio monitoring systems.  Often overlooked by system integrators, the Aantenna Distribution System forms a critical part of all communications, and radio monitoring systems.  CommsAudit manufacture an extensive range of VLF / LF / MF / HF / VHF and UHF products.  Applications include ATC, radio monitoring, ship-shore broadcast communications, and satellite communications.

  • High Dynamic Range
  • Proven Technology
  • Extensive BITE and remote management capability

CommsAudit have developed an HF limiter for use in extreme co-site transmitter / receiver situations – where isolation between transmit antennas and receive antennas is insufficient – ideally suited to ship borne systems.

Antenna Multicouplers


CommsAudit manufacture antenna Multicouplers for receiver systems. A multicoupler is a device to enable multiple receivers to be connected to a single antenna. CommsAudit provide multicouplers to operate from 10kHz – 3GHz. Specialist phase-matching between outputs and units is available for specialist applications.

Switch Matrix - Antenna Switching Unit – ASU


A switch matrix (also called antenna switching unit – ASU) is used to connect multiple antennas to multiple receivers. The switch matrix allows any antenna to be assigned to any given receiver. CommsAudit provide full fan-out non-blocking switch matrix systems. A non-blocking matrix allows any receiver to use any antenna under all switch conditions. A switch matrix system can be 2 inputs, 4 outputs – up to multi-rack systems comprising 100s of inputs and outputs.


CommsAudit is a market leader in solid-state RF switch matrix systems.

HF Receivers


The world leading CommsAudit CA7704 and CA7708 family of HF receivers (HFRX) offer outstanding performance under the harshest of spectrum conditions – they are ideally suited to radio monitoring and Direction Finding systems. CommsAudit supply receivers capable of operating in a phase coherent mode for high performance N-channel direction finding.

For HF communications systems, the CA7701-HFRX offers Voice Over IP (VOIP) functionality for modern HF voice communications systems.

Products include specialized wideband receivers for V/UHF radio monitoring and Direction Finding from 20MHz-6GHz.

HF Preselectors


CommsAudit provide preselectors for radio monitoring systems. Typically, a preselector is added to a receiver system to improve performance by rejecting un-wanted out-of-band interfering signals. Particularly, system performance is improved by reducing the effect of 2nd order intermodulation distortion products.

CommsAudit provide a preselector for HF receiver systems – for ‘wideband’ systems.

Direction Finding (DF)

CommsAudit supply specialist equipment for radio Direction Finding.  Key products include: the CA7708 HF Receiver which is ideally suited for N-Channel HF Direction Finding (HFDF), V/UHF antenna sequencers, beamformers, and specialist antennas.

CommsAudit continue to run R&D programs for N-Channel Direction Finding.

Radio Monitoring and
Direction Finding Software

CommsAudit provide software for controlling and operating hardware for radio monitoring and Direction Finding.  CommsAudit’s GIST software is an operator interface and backend server system designed to operate as a stand-alone system, or as part of a larger networked infrastructure.


CommsAudit provide remote management software for maintenance and day-to-day operation of CommsAudit equipment.  The management tools allow system status monitoring, BITE checks and other maintainer functions.

SPECTRA – Radio Monitoring System


SPECTRA is CommsAudit’s flagship radio monitoring system.  Designed as a multi-role radio monitoring system, it is suitable for strategic fixed site intelligence roles, or mobile Force-Protection for Situational Awareness. SPECTRA provides a versatile and scalable capability.

The SPECTRA system operates from 2MHz-3GHz, with optional extended range from 10kHz-7.5GHz. The system uses multiple dedicated receivers for survey and hand-off, therefore adaptable to suit mission requirements.

SPECTRA can be used with Direction Finding equipment for HF-V/UHF to provide additional capability.

SPECTRA can be upgraded with wideband receivers for missions requiring wideband signal analysis. SPECTRA can operate as a standalone system, or as part of a larger network infrastructure. SPECTRA  is ideally suited to spectrum monitoring applications.

Specialized RF Electronics Manufacturing Facility


Communications Audit has an extensive and capable manufacturing facility for production of specialized RF electronics.  CommsAudit’s manufacturing facility is capable of making small prototype batch runs – through to volume manufacture.

RF Test and Measurement Equipment


CommsAudit have an extensive stock of RF Test and Measurement equipment spanning 10Hz – 26.5GHz.  CommsAudit provide Automatic Test Equipment to customers for field and site maintenance purposes.  Computer controlled, automatic test systems ensure critical systems are operating correctly and on specification.  CommsAudit provide ‘fly-away’ test suites to perform on-site testing of RF systems.


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