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Nedinsco is a Dutch high-tech company based in Venlo, and specialises in the global development of high-quality systems for the optical, mechanical and electronics markets. Nedinsco has focused on future-oriented solutions since 1921. Nedinsco supplies to a constantly growing group of customers in the defence, semiconductors, diagnostics and aerospace markets, customer focus is key.

Nedinsco complete product life-cycle

The benefits for the customer are clear, because Nedinsco takes responsibility for the complete product lifecycle: from the initial customer inquiry, product development, prototyping and series production right through to service and maintenance. Customers can call on Nedinsco for the complete product life-cycle, or alternatively for any part of it.

Nedinsco - Lower total cost of ownership

Our reliability, experience, high product quality and well-trained personnel provide the assurance of top-class end-products, with a first-time-right score of no less that 98%. The high end-product quality ensures a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is 30% lower than the market average. The long product lifetime is just one of the reasons for this positive TCO score.

Vision and solution

Innovation and quality are the essential drivers that result in a customer satisfaction score of 94%. Customers have a high level of confidence in Nedinsco’s know-how, innovative strength and ambition in the worlds of mechatronics, optomechanics and optronics. The strength of the company’s one-stop approach ensures that Nedinsco meets tomorrow’s customer demands today. Current processes can be updated at any time to meet new customer needs and wishes. Nedinsco has the solutions to fulfil customers’ visions and demands – now and in the future! 

Nedinsco - Land and naval defence market

Nedinsco’s wide range of high-quality products for the defence market is integrated in excellent equipment, used in land and naval systems. Next to the Dutch defence market, customers also include many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

Defence Optical Systems

Governments, defence ministries and OEMs in the top segment of the defence market regard Nedinsco as a reliable knowledge partner and optical systems developer. The company’s highend cameras, daylight and night vision solutions, sensor platforms, boresights and training systems, are all of the highest quality level.

Unique mechanical, optical, electronic and software competences

Nedinsco supplies the defence market with a complete range of products and services based on essential and unique mechanical, optical, electronic and software competences. In the defence world, Nedinsco is regarded as one of the leaders in the supply of high-quality, state-of-the-art systems with military certification. These systems are designed to meet customers’ most stringent demands, both today and tomorrow. All defence products are ruggedised and able to operate under the most extreme conditions.    

Custom-made products

Nedinsco’s unique strengths lie in the fact that its products extend from unique concepts and prototypes right through to series production and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). Nedinsco supplies an impressive range of solutions, including both series production and specific, custommade products. These are the results of close partnerships with satisfied, long-term customers, some of them extending back over decades.  

Taking care of customers, Nedinsco in-house expertise

Nedinsco has most of the required expertise directly available in-house. This provides a high level of flexibility, in which the one-stop approach and short lines of communication are the keys to fast product updates. The final result is shorter cycle times for total projects, with a low chance of ‘noise’ in communication between the parties. This eliminates any concerns that customers may have in relation to all optomechatronic solutions, with the ability to respond effectively if required at any stage of the process.


With state-of-the-art optical systems, Nedinsco guarantees the right technology and expertise at the highest level for the fast-moving national and international markets. That’s reassuring for tomorrow’s demanding professionals.


Nedinsco was founded in 1921 by Carl Zeiss Jena, which had then already been a world leader in precision optics for more than a century. The activities started in Vlissingen, but the company soon moved to Venlo. The new building in the province of Limburg was completed in 1928. The company has been privately owned since 1953.

Nedinsco Tower

With the start of the Nederlandse Instrumenten Compagnie (Nedinsco) in Venlo, Carl Zeiss Jena was able to design and produce high-quality optical equipment in the 1920s and 1930s. For example: rangefinders, periscopes, signal lamps, measurement and fire-control systems and medical equipment. Nedinsco moved into Venlo’s first skyscraper, popularly – and still today – known as the Nedinsco Tower. After World War II, the 34 metre tower was taken over by the former Nederlandse Beheersinstituut (Dutch State Management Institute). The surrounding factory buildings had been extensively damaged by the heavy bombing of the Maasbrug bridge in Venlo. Only the famous tower itself would survive the war, and still dominates the Venlo skyline today.

Trade Port West

Nedinsco was acquired by the entrepreneur G. Beusker in 1953. He rebuilt the factory, and specialised in optical, mechanical and electrical technologies. Electronics and software were later added to the company’s portfolio. A new factory was built in 2007 on the Trade Port West Venlo industry park, next to the A67 highway. The Beusker family remains the owner and sole shareholder of Nedinsco today. 

Our other markets

Semiconductor market

In the semiconductor market, Nedinsco specialises in optical systems, assemblies, alignment systems, and measurement and control equipment. Nedinsco’s development capability and high-quality engineering are recognised by renowned international companies.


Nedinsco develops and supplies optical systems, spectrometers, analytical equipment, photonic sensors and assemblies for the diagnostic market. Customers are active in the medical world, as well as in the forensic, surveying and materials research industries. The combination of diagnostics knowledge, the use of advanced technology systems, product knowledge and innovative skills results in long-term partnerships with satisfied customers.


Nedinsco is a leading supplier of high-quality optical and mechanical systems for the aerospace market, in particular for satellite building. 



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