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Bondline is a leading supplier in Static Control Products.
We have been supplying the electronics industry for over 30 years.
During this period we have developed, as a company, in both size and expertise, in order to meet the ever increasing and complex needs of our customers.
We offer our customers a one stop shop for all their static control needs, from a simple ESD wrist band to specialist test meters.
We can also offer in- house training and ESD surveys for companies who need some expert advice with in their static safe areas.
Bondline has a work force which is dedicated to achieving the highest of standards, many of whom  have worked in the industry and Bondline specifically for many years. The loyalty of our staff leads to a wealth of knowledge which we are happy to pass on to our customers .

As previously touched on, we are able to supply many products, most of which, can be shipped next day from our well stocked warehouse.

Military Bespoke Packaging


Our forte as a company is that we are able to provide a specialist and individual service for bespoke packaging, from vacuum forming to packing boxes made of conductive fibreboard or coated cardboard with foam inserts etc.

This type of packaging is widely used in all industries from Aerospace, Medical. MOD and Electronics.

We also offer an extensive range of black conductive plastic boxes for packaging of electronic components etc.
As part of our packaging range, we offer all types of ESD bags, with a wide variety of sizes.

Bondline Surface Resistivity Test Instruments for the Military

Bondline have developed several new products over the last few years, two of which are the Floor Test Kit and the Solder Iron Test Instrument.

The first being a kit which specifically tests ESD floors. It can test that the floor is static safe also that the floor is actually grounding the operator. The kit is portable and very easy to use.

The second, an ESD soldering iron test instrument, is a simple but effective piece of equipment which ensures that whilst an operator is cleaning their solder iron tip the meter will also check the solder iron is grounded.

Bondline have their own brand of Surface Resistance Meters and Wrist Strap Testers which offer a simple but effective way of testing that surfaces e.g.mats and bench tops are static safe, and also that wrist straps and heel straps are working correctly.


We have many instruments and test kits which enable companies to test their Static Safe abilities.

Bondline ESD Garments and Gloves for the Military

Our ESD Garments are exclusive to Bondline. These lab coats are available in Blue or White and come in sizes from small to XXX large.
They are made from a poly cotton material which has a conductive fibre woven into the material giving them their ESD properties.
Bondline can offer a next day service on all sizes for all quantities; whether you are looking for just a few lab coats for a small test house, or a complete factory.


We also have a wide range of ESD gloves and overshoes which are suitable for all types of environments.

Bondline Anti- Static Spray for Military use

For all Static Control areas it is essential that handling and storage of static sensitive parts is taken seriously . Bearing  this is mind Bondline offer an extensive range of conductive polypropylene, storage, handling and picking boxes.

There is also a special frame system which when integrated with the boxes can offer an excellent card system which has been found to be ideal in all sectors of industry from  electro/mechanical , electronics to mines as well as in the manfacture of explosives.

Bondline Killstat Products

We offer a range of Killstat sprays and cleaners for use within an EPA.


These are an inexpensive and effective solution for long term static control.
The spays are water based and after drying they leave an ultra-thin static-dissipative layer which prevents the build-up of any static charges.
To complement this range we also provide a non-greasy ESD hand lotion.

Military Personnel Grounding and Field Service


An essential part of any EPA is to make sure all personnel are grounded, usually using a combination of wrist straps and heel straps.
Bondline can offer a wide variety of grounding straps, from clean room compatible to a basic disposable type, ideal for visitors and one time use applications.
If you have field service engineers, our portable static control workstation is ideal, it contains everything you need to ground an engineer in the field and comes in a handy carry wallet.

Military Ionizers

Bondline can offer a series of High Frequency Ionizers. These Ionizers offer a quick and efficient way to eliminate static.
You can find the complete range in our Bondline catalogue and on our the web site.

The Complete Package

As part of a One Stop Shop, Bondline can supply not only consumables but also Static Control Flooring, Benches, Chairs and many other products.

Our aim at Bondline  is to provide products of the highest standard, all our products comply with the requirements of BS EN 61340-5. Where applicable items are CE approved.


We are always developing new and innovative products to enhance the Bondline range, to keep up to date with us
Please check on our web site or follow us on twitter.


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