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Tough conditions, from combat zones to working in the most extreme environments, demand rugged, reliable equipment which can operate at maximum efficiency – whatever the location. Stonehaven Engineering have been acknowledged leaders in this field for almost two decades. We offer a range of tailor-made, custom-built products for the defence and other industries to meet the most challenging specifications – from container-built laboratories for Antarctica to rapid-deployment field camp, ablutions, laundries, medical support and accommodation for battlefield support in the desert.

Stonehaven is a flexible, progressive company. Our skills in the design, construction and fit out of rugged modular containers for the defence industry can be applied to many other projects, however large or small.

Our success has grown from our ability to produce the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our reputation is further enhanced by our ability to deliver to schedule, with rapid reaction times. With many projects, we measure design, production and delivery times in hours and days – not weeks and months.

Every project we handle is tackled with the same high degree of efficiency, innovation and flexibility. Every client receives the support they seek in finding the right solutions. This is the hallmark of our leadership in our field of engineering.

About Stonehaven Engineering Limited


Stonehaven Engineering Limited was founded in 1991. The Scottish Registered, private limited company was created to meet the requirements for a flexible, specialist service to the defence and other industries. One of our very first projects was to design and construct refrigerated containers for use at the British Army camp at Belize airport in Central America.

These were specifically designed and built as a temporary freezer/chill store to meet the extremes of temperature found in Central America. It is a measure of the unit’s robustness that the stores are still in use today – almost twenty years after it was delivered and installed as a temporary stop-gap.

This led to the British Antarctic Survey’s choice of Stonehaven Engineering as the best company to provide custom-built laboratories which could be easily shipped and installed at their site in some of the most extreme conditions to be found anywhere in the world.

We have built on these early successes, tackling a very wide range of projects and successfully achieving some of the most demanding specifications and design, build and fit out delivery schedules.

Stonehaven Military Modular Containers

Our acknowledged expertise in the design and construction of tailor-made military modular containers has made Stonehaven Engineering the first choice for a range of clients including the Ministry of Defence.

These containers are designed in close co-operation with both our clients and component suppliers, working as a team to meet the highest specifications across a very wide number of applications in both hazardous and safe areas.

These highly versatile, easily deployable ISO and varied size containers can be fitted out for the widest possible spectrum of uses across the globe.

Typical applications include:

Military Accommodation Units, Containers and Shelters

Accommodation shelter with on board power generation, mapping area, sleeping and eating facilities.


Temperature Controlled Refrigeration / Freezer Containers

Temperature controlled dual function refrigeration / freezer containers with multi-use adaptable stowage racking and pallet lashing, rugged military use, operable via on-board plant engine or alternative electric operation as deployment demands.


Modular Linked Containerised Complex

Modular linked containerised complex of crew room, command post briefing area with kitchen, toilet facilities and changing area.


Temperature Controlled Hazardous Goods Storage

Hazardous goods storage area with temperature controlled conditioning and monitoring / charting system, within a 20ft ISO footprint with ramp access, internal bunding and chemical resistant materials.


Other Typical applications include:

• Laboratories • Medical units
• Showers and toilets • Kitchens
• Refrigeration units, chill and freeze • Ambient units
• Laundries• Locker rooms
• Sleeping accommodation • Battery charging facilities
• Transportable parts stores • Plant rooms
• Safe shelters • Radar and communications offices
• Command posts • Recreation and mess rooms

These are just some examples – it is not an exhaustive list. We are constantly called in to design and build containers and other assemblies like tented, rapid erection ablution facilities for temporary deployment for different uses and our design team are always on hand to face fresh challenges – and always find the right solution. At the right price and on time.

“We engineer to suit every individual application, meet each client’s specifications and provide solutions for each project’s requirements – however demanding.”

Engineering Skills in Field Camp and
Temporary Deployable Accommodation – TDA.

The Stonehaven Engineering team has all the necessary engineering and project management skills to see complex camp infrastructure contracts through from start to finish – down to the smallest detail. Our TDA products are currently in service in many regions across the world, including Bosnia and Kosova, Iraq and other Middle East countries and Afghanistan.

Products & Applications Include:

• Purpose-built ISO containers
• Military shelters
• Integrated hook-lift container systems
• Expeditionary camp infrastructure
• High specification mobile units

Fully built-in services available to provide:

• Ablutions
• Catering
• Laundry
• Washing
• Ambient storage
• Frozen storage
• Water and power distribution

On site testing

The rough-and-tumble of action in the defence field and extreme environments leaves no room for weaknesses in equipment. We know that from years of experience and carry out the most rigorous testing programmes and procedures to ensure that our equipment can be installed rapidly and works efficiently and effectively – whatever the location and whatever the scenario.

Every component and unit we produce undergoes the fullest range of tests at Stonehaven before commissioning, despatch and delivery.

And, for peace of mind, a full test manual is provided with every one of our products so that the customer can carry out their own tests following identical procedures to ensure that the unit will do its job as and when it is needed.

Military Rapid Deployment Shelter Design Expertise

Our design team use the latest CAD systems at the design stage to ensure that every product will meet its individual requirements. It’s a completely flexible service which can tackle projects ranging from rapid deployment shelters for desert conditions to converting a surplus fuel tanker into a mobile police command post.

The designs take into account a very wide range of factors governing the unit’s use including ambience, temperature, humidity, weather conditions, air conditioning, heating, internal drainage and the storage with recycling of water.

Containers can be designed for transport by sea, land or air, with the option of fixed, mobile or re-locatable usage. Versatility is built into many of our product designs so that the same unit can be re-located from high temperature environments like the Middle East to the Falkland Islands with no modification.

Designs also take into account local power sources to ensure that once the unit it set up on location, it can interface with the defined power source immediately.

Defence is a dynamic, rapidly changing industry, and our innovatory approach makes it possible for us to respond to these changes swiftly. For example, we have met the growing demand for DROPS – Demountable Rack Off-loading Pick-up Systems products - and produced containers for this application.

These are specifically designed for rapid deployment so they can be loaded and unloaded in a matter of minutes and put into service immediately. A number of Stonehaven DROPS units have seen service in the recent Iraq conflict and the desert operations which followed.

The Best Components

We source the best available components with a proven record of reliability. These range from major items like refrigeration units and heavy-duty washing machines to the smallest details – down to the best taps and showerheads for use in shower facilities for combat conditions. Tenders include comprehensive spares packages.

By choosing and working with the best suppliers, we ensure that clients benefit from our suppliers’ worldwide product support networks.

Meeting the Specification

Our containers and other assemblies can be designed to meet the highest specification standards of fire ratings, acoustic levels, radio frequency interference (RFI),and pressurised for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical contaminations (NBC).

On Site Construction

Each container or assembly is constructed and fitted out at our Stonehaven facility.The construction techniques and materials used for the main ‘outer shell’ of our containers can vary from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium skin, armour plating, glass reinforced plastic, composite or sandwich panels. All units are generally constructed to withstand the varying climatic and environmental conditions which can occur in multi-location operations.


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