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Survitec Group is the world’s premier survival technology company. We protect your defence investment, every minute of every mission, providing unparalleled protection and life support, enhancing performance in the most extreme circumstances. With over 90 years experience and expertise supplying leading defence and aerospace companies and military end users, our mission is to deliver the best value safety and survival solutions from concept through to certification.

Through an extensive product range including Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE), Life Rafts, Life Preservers, Inflatable Boats, Air Beam Shelters and Submarine Escape Systems, the Survitec Group’s ethos of continually pioneering new technologies into the market place ensures we remain at the forefront of safety and survival technology.

Liferafts for Large Military Vessels

Survitec is the number one choice liferaft supplier for some of the biggest military organisations worldwide.  We manufacture a large range of liferafts for a number of different military applications, including maritime and aviation operations.  Our vast range of liferafts ensures we can always find a product to match any of our customers’ requirements.  From large military vessels to liferafts specifically designed for fixed/rotary wing and fast jet aircrafts, we offer an extensive range of off-the shelf products, or alternatively can partner with our customers to provide customised solutions where required.  Available in a number of different sizes, our collection of fully accredited liferafts has accumulated years of valuable in-service experience with a number of the world’s air forces and government agencies.


We also offer a single seat liferaft uniquely designed for single person occupancy for when minimal weight and stowage are critical for aircraft operation. The fully packed liferaft is so compact it can be stowed in confined areas such as a cockpit, or alternatively can be worn attached to the user during flight ensuring easy accessibility during aircraft evacuation. We are the sole supplier of the Single Seat Liferaft (RFD LRU23P) to the US Navy NACES program and we are currently actively developing solutions for the next generation of fighter and trainer aircraft, including JSF, EF2000 (Typhoon), JPATS and T-38.

Military Personnel Life Preservers

Life Preservers are possibly one of the most important pieces of equipment for military personnel when travelling on any vessel or aircraft.  Survitec have a long heritage in the manufacture of life preservers, with a specialist range suitable for a number of different mission types, from maritime naval operations, to modern war fighter pilots and front and rear crew in attack helicopters. 


Each life preserver has been designed specifically to optimise user performance and readiness. This includes specialist life preservers with complete armoured torso protection, designed for fast jets to fully optimise pilot/cockpit integration during ejection, with unique environmental fabrics for protection from cold water immersion and extreme heat and with a fully inflatable compact, lightweight design compete with parachute.
Our range of life preservers are currently in service in a large number of the world's naval fleets and airforces on various platforms such as the Chinook, Apache, Puma, Hawk, Harrier and Tornado.

Anti-G Suits - Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE)

Survitec is the world leading supplier of Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE), designing and supplying the latest generation PFE for the JSF F-35 and Eurofighter Typhoon. Our market leading range of PFE is a fully integrated yet modular clothing system designed to improve pilot performance and operational effectiveness.


Our PFE offers low burden, ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions with integrity and quality assurance proven by in-service performance.

Made to accommodate a number of mission scenarios, our PFE includes fully integrated CBRN solutions for pilots who may be exposed to a NBC threat.

Immersion Suits and Thermal Protection

We offer an unrivalled Immersion suit and environmental protection portfolio that provides exceptional protection against exposure for all military personnel during land operations conducted in extreme weather and aircrew evacuation and immersion situations over land and sea. 

Available for a number of different mission types including fixed and rotary wing, and fast jet applications, our environmental protection and immersion suits offer full body protection from hazardous conditions, such as fire or extreme cold. 

Designed to be compatible with a range of existing combat clothing, our range of suits have been adopted by a number of international Air forces, Navies, Coastguards and Marine and Aviation organisations.

Rapid Deployment Air Beam Shelters

Survitec Group has been manufacturing air beam shelters since 1985 and remains the supplier of choice for international military and disaster relief organisations.  Available in a large number of sizes and configurations our shelters have been tried and tested in the most extreme environments including the Iran and Algeria earthquakes in 2003, the Far East Tsunami relief operations in 2004, the Pakistan earthquake in 2005, and more recently the Haiti earthquake in 2010. 


We offer shelters for a large range of purposes including command & control, billeting, catering and accommodation, decontamination and medical treatment.  We also offer a range of inflatable CBRN tents for collective protection of people against NBC threats.  These tents combine rapid deployment with optimized fabric designed for maximum protection.

Inflatable, Semi Rigid and Customised Boats

Survitec pioneered the design and manufacture of Rescue Boats in 1931, making them the safest, most popular and widely used Rescue Boats in the international survival market. Designed for commercial and military applications and with broad adaptability we offer our customers inflatable, semi rigid and customised boat solutions.


Our products meet the highest safety regulations in the industry and all of our rescue boats meet current SOLAS approvals.

Hyperbaric Medical Chambers

The SOS Hyperlite is a non-metallic fully portable hyperbaric stretcher and treatment system that is fully approved and currently in use by the US military for fixed wing aircraft.  Used to administer critical medical treatment from remote locations, the Hyperlite is suitable across a variety of platforms including battlefield medicine, submarine escape and rescue, military diving and high altitude operations. 

The only system of its kind in the world, the SOS Hyperbaric portable stretcher and treatment facility can be used to combat decompression and altitude sickness, arterial gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, blast trauma, blood loss anemia and biological/chemical/HAZMAT exposure.


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